The Dream

I had a dream that Star Wars RPers, fanfic writers and fan artists would come together under one banner to effect change on a large corporation to build creative content we felt proud of like we did when we first saw Star Wars. I thought it would be good and just for the fandom andContinue reading “The Dream”

Sabine Wren Bunny by The Little Rabbit Tree

We commissioned a Sabine Wren Bunny from The Little Rabbit Tree! Cutie Sab’ika is NOT cuddle-proof. You will want the cute vod with you. But be careful her paint nozzle right at you if you are an Imperial di’kut! That’s my homegirl!

SWAG77 Patreon: What You Need Is Discipline

SWAG77 Patreon: What You Need Is Discipline

Thrawn chuckles to himself, “It’s her pout. Why? Does it bother you? Ezra says it bothers him.”–

SWAG77 Patreon Fanfic: A scene from “Aliit Vucon’ocir” “Ni Chaab Gar.”

Thrawn savors her comment to a slight grin, then chuckles. “What do you know about erotic art, Sab’ika?”

SWAG77 Ain’t No Influencers. Right?

This post is about our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and various blogs: WE HAVE A LOT…  We have several social media accounts because seven years ago, social media platforms lacked today’s functionality. How many accounts? We are at 500 now. We do not use all of them. At any given moment, we are working onContinue reading “SWAG77 Ain’t No Influencers. Right?”

SWAG77 PERFORMANCE: The Face of Nature’s Cruelty

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been working on a storyline about: The Yuuzhan Vong found an ancient derelict Sith ship with kyber crystal pyramidal holocrons where living organisms can be inserted inside the crystal boosting its power. The Grysks were crushing the kyber crystals for food to eat. The Yuuzhan Vong fired onContinue reading “SWAG77 PERFORMANCE: The Face of Nature’s Cruelty”

Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

To a point, fan confusion on unifying truths in Star Wars cannot be created solely by a corporation. It’s beyond that. But we fans serve our rule to come together.

“They use their #HoloNetRelays to assassinate real news…They use their navicom stars and cantina singers and Canto Bight comedy shows and awards shows to repeat their narrative over and over again…All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream humanocentrism and specieism and xenocentric chauvinism.” Imperial Intelligence Director Isard (flipped source)

Earliest Sinjir v Thrawn

We did a #StarWarsRebels #RP on Twitter. Here’s a brief moment to it. Then we will “write around” the dialogue to give it more breadth and depth to see the viability of this story arc within the context of #SWR. Formally written WIP fanfic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/13324569/chapters/30497652Earliest Sinjir v Thrawn