Community Guidelines For SWAG 77 Roleplay Performance Culture On Social Media

Community Guidelines For SWAG 77 Roleplay Performance Culture of Social MediaStar Wars Actors Guild 77

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The purpose of these community guidelines is a primer to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 culture of Social Media Roleplay Performance online. We use our proprietary Positive Star Wars Fandom method.

SWAG 77 Navigation Coordinates (Directories)

On Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ we have several accounts in our directory: The SWAG 77 NAV Coordinates (Twitter, and Tumblr)

Types of SWAG 77 accounts:

  1. Star Wars Lore, Trivia and Fandom accounts:
    1. The Cost of Star Wars Fandom
    2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Facts and Trivia
    3. Star Wars Sorority, Fem-Mando
    4. Star Wars Resistance
    5. Star Wars: The Mandalorian
  1. Educational, Production and Social Action accounts:
    1. Star Wars Performance University
    2. SWAG 77 Podcast
    3. Team Tano
    4. Thrawn In Star Wars
    1. These pages fall into four main categories:

Ensemble Canon Character RP Performance Accounts – from movie and TV shows: All 7 Star Wars movies and anthologies; Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Star Wars Rebels – Facebook Nav Coordinates; Twitter Ensemble; and Tumblr Nav Coordinates

Canon planet accounts – Lothal

Canon entity accounts – Galactic Empire

Original Character/Entity accounts:  Created by official Star Wars Actors Guild 77 EXPERT members as headcanon fan fictions – Senator Yemaja Lah.

B. General process of how SWAG 77 performs our roleplays

All official RP performances are scripted.

All official RP performances are by consensus with the dramatis personae

There are NO spontaneous RPs with random individuals, especially if we have never seen them before, regardless if they represent a Star Wars character.

Audience participants are only permitted to be “Conscience Accounts” upon approval by SWAG 77 and only during LIVE TWEET events. Keep abreast of our events on our Events Page on Facebook.

The mundane or MUN chooses to roleplay his or her muse with a random at his or her risk. No SWAG 77 stories and resources can be used to implement the roleplay. The MUN cannot tag another SWAG77 member for help for engaging in a spurious RP by an unknown individual.


Because SWAG 77 roleplays on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, there are guidelines for each different social media platform because of how these platforms codes are created. Non-members are not required to crossover. Most members are strongly encouraged to crossover and the support system SWAG 77 provides helps in the assistance with the management of the accounts.


We have guidelines for:


The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 performs stories on social media as a form of entertainment. We take what we do seriously. If you want to get involved in a positive way with lots of writing, reading, creating, performing, discussing and developing, then please join us!





This site disclaimer was last updated on: Monday, April 8, 2019

Should we update, amend or make any changes to this document, those changes will be prominently posted here.

New rules will be implemented and this guide will change without notice.

Everyone is welcome here. You do NOT have to be the most knowledgeable Star Wars fan in the galaxy, but we would prefer you to be a sentient, and to be as kind and open as we are.

We are fans of Star Wars because we want to express our SWAG 77, right?

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