About Us

We are the devoted fans of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77). We read, write and perform on social media as a form of entertainment.  We delve into the Star Wars movies, novels, reference books, comics, games and online content. Fans and professionals enjoy our performances.


SWAG 77 creates social media to portray and perform characters in upcoming entertainment media projects.

Why should I as an entertainment production corporation want to get involved with this?

After episodes are released and your fans visit your web and social media sites, they look for the characters on major social media platforms. The fans find our characters and engage us. We practice and prepared our engagement with them in full character voice to further their fan experience. During your broadcast breaks, our social media process is continues to interacts with the fans. We have a proven track record in our dedicated interactions and we have a risk management process to filter any social media risks. We are not fans, solely, we are your frontlines for your productions.

Inquire about our professional grade social media performances, today!

SWAG77 is a brand under The Ari | af | ya Universe (Ariafya LLC).

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