Grand Admiral Thrawn Does Have Peerage

Peerage is how titles are bestowed on to monarchs and ruling classes.

By the time Mitth’raw’nuruodo was alive there were rumors of his family circulating: how the Mitth Ruling Family’s reduced power in the Syndicure. That their new recruits are less capable as other Ruling Families, in ranking and political strength, there was something about Thrawn. He discovers his genetic heritage through his family’s art and possibly who is his family. Then, legal ramifications of his discovery as to strengthen Mitth Ruling Family’s rule and maintaining their genetic bloodlines, while introducing outsiders that can fortify the lines to never go extinction.

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Star Wars: Yuuzhan Vong Oogalith Masquers

Above is Legends Canon of Yuuzhan Vong Invasion Comic Series. The woman is Queen Nina Galifidrian, a shamed one Yuuzhan Vong woman in her Oogalith Masquer.


To MAKE the galaxy accept us, Yun Ne’Shel had the Master Shapers bless us with an OOGALITH MASQUER before cleansing our new home galaxy.

We aren’t colonists. We are CONQUERERS or  CONQUISTADORES… That’s a tough pill. (There’s a great irony to that  because the conquerers are a “WHAT IF” Meso-Americans CONQUERED rather than Spain?)

Having an Oogalith Masquer — slide onto a Yuuzhan  Vong was a VERY SENSUAL process. Wearing one for a VERY LONG TIME  eventually became itchy, and touch response is dulled on a Yuuzhan Vong’s skin.  There were times to let the oogalith masquer breathe–

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Thrawn and The Canted Circle


In Darth Plagueis novel, a description of the elite organization of power brokers that ruled the galaxy joined this “secret society fraternity” called The Canted Circle

A member held the utmost power and regard throughout the galaxy and practically became a part of the Star Wars equivalent of the “Illuminati.” Those in the Canted Circle decided who and what goes to war, which planets will be involved, and the level of Force use allowed. Mostly Sith were a part of this group, no Jedi —

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SWAG77 Patreon Meta: Do Chiss Share Personal Accomplishments And Pride Publicly?

Ponder this flipped comments created by SWAG77 to have Grand Admiral Thrawn saying it. The individual said this real-life comment publicly. The real-life individual who boasted about it creates an atmosphere of awkwardness. It’s nonsense. If Thrawn said this comment, what would people think? It is not a matter with which we agree or disagree, and it is a matter of why?

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After…The forbidden part


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After we lost Ezra and then Lothal was free from the Empire

After the Princess escaped from Scarif…

After my mother abdicated and asked me on Krowest…

After the Empire struck back at Mandalore when the leadership was on Hoth…

After I was literally one parsec away from The Unknown Regions in a ragtag Rebel fleet on the outskirts of the galaxy — oh, the desire to find him was strong that day…

After the final show down on the Endorian moon…

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Hawt new image of Thrawn X Sabine

Thrawn fought on many planets with oceans. Beachheads were where battles occur. While Sabine fought likewise, she also knew beaches were places to relax. When they found a planet in the Unknown Regions with a beach suitable for organic beings, humans and Chiss alike, they had to see it.  

It was enchanting. One thing led to another.

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Ti faccio una promessa…Sarò il tuo piú grande rimpianto…


(Originally from Naisefireworks)

A manip of artwork. Fair Use. For fanfic ALIIT VUCON’OCIR

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Work in progress (WIP)

From the back

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Here’s the song that will go along with the image and the text:

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My Interface With Biological Cognition Chrysalis Throne


After the Purrgil Space Whales placed the Chimaera on an unknown planet in the Unknown Region, there were two other 7th fleet star destroyers with Thrawn’s flagship. Somehow, the remaining crews found one another. Thrawn, being the highest in rank, was in charge of the crew. He had to save his crew first than to deal with Ezra Bridger’s actions directly. But something strange is afoot on this planet. Something unseen and undocumented by any civilization. The planet looks strange as if the mountaintops were removed, and the forests and jungles that grew there were alien to this planet that these plants were not native to any planet in the Chaos. 

What Thrawn deduces after he creates a scouting party, his security detail, the inventories from the starships, with available parts, is that his crew should explore the strange landscapes to see if any civilized beings had been there.

What they find is “dead” Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology along with three destroyed and buried Grysks ships. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn decides to explore the derelict ships further to find parts that can be adapted from the “dead” Grysk ships. But as far as the strange moss, fungi, and ooze that drools down and a switch from freshwater ponds to swamps where the debris lands into the ocean, the purrgil grunt, and their eyes glow as Ezra interprets what they mean. 

The Purrgil’s birthing grounds are destroyed by erosion with invasive species. They want Grand Admiral Thrawn to save them. What? Why?

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SWAG77 Patreon Review: Sabine Wren Supports Lil NasX and “Call me by your name, Loras…”


Sabine Wren must have agency.

Loras is the Mando’a (Mandalorian language) nickname Sabine Wren gave to Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo. He accepted it. Loras in Mando’a means “raw meat,” and the middle part of Thrawn’s name is “raw,” so Sabine saw Thrawn as meaty, and so she called him that.

Lil Nas X’s music video is “Call Me By Your Name.” Parents say Lil Nas X is peddling pedophilia because most of his fans are children. Lil Nas X’s responded–

Sabine Wren’s WordPress Character Account states her thoughts.