From 11/24/2014: “IT GIRL” Sabine Wren of #StarWarsRebels Has @SWAG_77

“IT GIRL” Sabine Wren has SWAG77

SWAG77 PERFORMANCE: The Face of Nature’s Cruelty

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been working on a storyline about: The Yuuzhan Vong found an ancient derelict Sith ship with kyber crystal pyramidal holocrons where living organisms can be inserted inside the crystal boosting its power. The Grysks were crushing the kyber crystals for food to eat. The Yuuzhan Vong fired onContinue reading “SWAG77 PERFORMANCE: The Face of Nature’s Cruelty”

Official #StarWars Canon Characters Represented By Black Women That SWAG77 #RP Performs

We are pleased to announce the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) social media nodes (nav coordinates) to the official Star Wars canon characters represented by Black Women. Our performers have held a couple of these accounts on Tumblr (and elsewhere) for more than 2 years. We hope that Star Wars fans like, followContinue reading “Official #StarWars Canon Characters Represented By Black Women That SWAG77 #RP Performs”

@SWAG_77 Star Wars RP Performance: The Abduction of Mandalorian Children

Get geeked out thinking that #Mandalorian Children were abducted for conscription by the Empire as either stormtroopers or if they were Force sensitive, they were made into something worse. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 examines if that story conflict is plausible. igotswag77:

SWAG77 Roleplay Performance in 2014 -Test

In Star Wars Rebels animated TV show, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Sabine Wren never met face-to-face, though they knew about each other. Thrawn could determine more intelligence about Sabine and do an intense study of her art. Sabine only knew Thrawn through his notoriety of his military record and maybe a few rumors. She had no idea he had a collection of her art, until Minister Hydan asked her about it. Sabine blew that question off.

SWAG77 directly tested the feasibility of what if Thrawn met Sabine. Why should they meet is because it is all about art and it would become an interesting plot to examine. Later, SWAG77 decided to “ship” the two together and they would have several stories, plots and adventures.