Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

In People Magazine “Couch Surfing” Mr. Oyelowo who voices AGENT ALEXSANDR KALLUS in STAR WARS REBELS shares that Star Wars fans disappointment that he voices this ANIMATED character. The animated character appears differently than Mr. Oyelowo — ie The character is white and Mr Oyelowo is Black.


Of course that should NEVER matter. One is a very REAL PERSON, PROFESSIONAL AWARD WINNING ACTOR and the other is a fabricated animation in the mind of artists. What brought this character to life is Mr. Oyelowo’s creative voice performance. Nothing else brings any animated character than a professional voice actor’s performance. To deny his ability is to be racist and bigoted.

There is bigotry in Star Wars fandom. We saw it best with Ahmed who voiced and CG MoCAPped JAR JAR BINKS. The harassment he endured nearly caused him to commit suicide. Only until recently has he opened up to speak about it.

While it is not Disney’s or Lucasfilm’s fault at the hands of racist and bigoted fans, it has proven very difficult to quell ignorances and cognitive biases of some ugly sides of fandom.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been at the attacks by bigots since 2008. We have fended of bigots in ways at first that seems cruel, but when encountered, the sufferers begin to understand why we did what we did. From a small business standpoint, our acts are justified, because we cannot afford a large lawyer representation. Disney and Lucasfilm does not support our efforts. Their people were told lies about us and are fearful of our ire. But our ire was in place for our use until their own workers incurred utterly racist and bigoted attack for the last few years. All the while, our attacks are minimal.

We have our hate on our SENATOR YEMAJA pages.

So here is our small business auto block procedures:

Any post or comment that uses profanity without cause directed to us. We delete, sometimes report, and ban the attacker. Those attacks typically look like “what the f*ck is this sh*t” and use of hateful real life epithets like the N-word.

Massive number of posts when we have never interacted with you. Those attacks appear like more that 3-4 posts. We are not rated to deal with your stalker obsessions. We do not DM people we do not feel comfortable around.

Tag team attack. We don’t play that. Those attacks appear like @1, @2, @3-10 on a post that could be about art from a famous artist.

Telling us what to post — you don’t pay for our accounts, you don’t tell us how to post to it. Who died and made you gods? These attacks look like “you cannot say that. You can only post ____________”

Most of character accounts are in character. They will block on any attempts to learn who the MUNDANE is behind the account. These characters are stuck on social media, that is it. No more, no less. Forcing exposure is OUTING what SWAG77 is trying to do. If a user does not agree, move on, there are other accounts. We find irrational attacks, we will block. These attacks look like, “so you hate the [real life political issue today]?” to gain a confirmation of their beliefs than what we are doing — which is Star Wars.

It is our pages, our user names and involves what we are doing, and deciding to force us to admit something from long ago or unrelated to performance will get you blocked and we will move one. With that, we give you an in kind directive and you get snarky, you are ruining our ability to do business on our streams. Either you stay into the agreement or walk away. If you refuse — such as saying I can post what I want freedom of speech–we will block you. We do not go to anyone’s feeds intentionally to ruin their process, but for you to feel entitled to our posts and your not paying us, it is better for us to silence your bad behavior. What this attack looks like is the user intrudes into the conversation uninvited and speaks outside of the primary post, the user account request redirection and the attacker say “free speech, you should feel one over the other, that hasn’t been what I have expected–” the issue is it separates from the primary goal which is Star Wars online.

We do not sell your stuff. Overriding our ad links, will get you blocked. We have affiliates that we meet our business goals, like a fan table at Star Wars Celebration. When you interfere with our money, illegally, we just block since going after you legally cuts out of our budgets.

Refusal to read our blogs and not staying on topic. We are not only doing this for you. We are organized into a Star Wars fan group to portray our fandom respectfully. Just because you do not like one post is your decision. These attacks generally look like “I am going to UNLIKE this page because I hate XYZ Star Wars Established Canon Disney or otherwise” — you will be banned, your comment will be reported and/or erased. We do not care about your approach, it means you failed to read our blog notes on how we perform our MUSES and that we perform under a storyline arc. If you aren’t going to read and respect that, then we feel our accounts aren’t for your interactions.

Fan Art and Fanfics Will Not Get You A Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars Contract

(Originally posted on Tumblr 2018)

Your work will go unread, ignored and unseen. No one will steal your work to get famous because they “stole your idea” and presented it to Disney Lucasfilm.

No one will admire your old work.

Employees of Disney Lucasfilm do not look at work and they cannot even share their own work because it cannot be made public.

You are delusional if you think your idea supersedes the legally contracted ideas Disney Lucasfilm has that is out in the open or their non-disclosure agreements and in their bank vaults.

Stop being a narcissist.

As far as Disney Lucasfilm cares about your art or fanfic, it is theirs for the taking. They own the intellectual property, the copyrights and the trademarks on all images, subject-matter, and stories with the derivatives of the said work.

They also have the advertising and marketing strategies that far exceeds yours.

When Disney wants new ideas and polished ideas, they hire the best of the best through professional networks. Because they can. It is based on the collegiality of the work environment and the trust to do the job.

Your nasty comments and hate messaging are only taken into account when they decide to refer back to social media.

It does not matter about how many work hours you have put in, how hard you worked, or how expensive it cost you to create your said piece. It is your mentality that is foul when you failed to do your work for free out of sheer enjoyment. Then you demand remuneration for it from Disney Lucasfilm.

Disney has done their business for over 100 years. You are lucky they don’t sue you for racketeering and bog you down in court. Do you have lawyers that can go against Disney Corporate?

You are lucky they don’t send you a cease and desist order. There are several cases of Lucasfilm doing just that. Especially to presumptuous fan groups.

Lately, Disney Lucasfilm has relaxed its measures with the advent of social media. But you had better believe they will protect all their assets. Keep testing them.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is uninterested in discussing the corporate machinations with Tumblr users, anymore.

Good luck on your efforts.

Sometimes you have to trust the Force #StarWars & Fans

Ezras Crystal-1

Ezra space-1

It is hard to make the best decision when in pain. Not all decisions are easy ones. The hardest part of this roleplay performance business in the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is to have everyone from all walks of life on the same page through social media. The only thing that keeps them there is LOVE of Star Wars and its fans.

It is so precious and so fragile, that it must be nurtured in a way to…

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Sometimes you have to trust the Force #StarWars & Fans

Ezra space-1

It is hard to make the best decision when in pain. Not all decisions are easy ones. The hardest part of this roleplay performance business in the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is to have everyone from all walks of life on the same page through social media. The only thing that keeps them there is LOVE of Star Wars and its fans.

It is so precious and so fragile, that it must be nurtured in a way to keep up with all the powers that it will hold it together. Then it makes its own choices in life to where the person who cared for it must let it go other generations to enjoy.

We have seen tumultuous changes in Star Wars. But we have to trust the unknowable future that those leaders of this fine intellectual property will honor it, and yet, make it relevant and accessible to generations to come.  This takes vision. And that vision that the content creators of this inherited Star Wars requires the fans to trust them and that it is going to be okay and that they have a heart and will care about us.

These are the ideas we hold ourselves true to as fans that connect to each other. Fans who enjoy Star Wars and storytelling and roleplay performing on social media as entertainment.

We must agree or there will be nothing left. Why spend so much time destroying fans? Fandom for a movie culture is not a competition to the death.

It’s about feeling for others to help them and feel good about it. I think we can achieve this and be great. The costuming groups have showing great strides in the representations of Star Wars. I applaud them.

Then, we have to protect our own. I have my ideas that I set long time ago when I offered myself to Star Wars fandom. I have made some strides, and I have fallen more times than I have gotten up. But the bug of “creation” with Star Wars from my point of view has NEVER LEFT ME as a ~50 year old Black Woman that enjoys social media entertainment.

Sure, I can go back to scientific research. In fact my research paper was recently quoted in “Cell Metabolism”. But all of that changed for me long time ago. What I found inside of me I thought was exorcised out of me during my studies in secondary, graduate school and postdoctoral research. It was my creativity.

Star Wars found me, again and tapped my heart of the thrill and exhilaration of excitement just like it did when I saw the Tantive V flee from the Imperial Star Destroyer on a large projection screen at the Mission Valley Cinerama in San Diego, California in 1977.

Does that make me more of a fan? No. But I want to contribute to fandom. And the way I did it was to use my knowledge ingrained in me in the School of Creative and Performing Arts as a child on stage. Except now, I use social media.

No one should be stopped from roleplay performing on social media. Everyone can participate. And Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) is a group, like any other group out there, that roleplays and performs their characters. Many subjects are addressed. One of them is adult. We posted a cropped image of a man to model a news report like a “reality television show”. We used smartphone software to do this. We tagged it accordingly on Tumblr to see if anyone wanted to roleplay about it. What we got were unexpected comments from individuals that spew hatred and lies,  and rant against Disney and Star Wars online. It was as if Star Wars fandom is segregated. My parents fought against segregation in the 60s. I know what that looks like. Separate but not equal.

We felt that the modified image was not offensive. There are many images of Star Wars where there are scantily clad slaves girls or women as “Slave Leias” and these individuals never question that. Is it okay for women to be scantily clad but not men? It was that disparaging treatment between male and female form and we felt we had to defend that.

In any case, we felt that the entire conversation derailed and there was no point on furthering it and we left it at that.

But what is this latest incident saying about Star Wars and its online fan community?
It has to change. Those changes are going to cause growing pains. You cannot say you utterly hate the 2012 Disney purchase of Star Wars, and then say the TV show, Star Wars Rebels is bad because of that purchase. Then to harass the celebrities who have auditioned to voice the roles and invade their privacy on social media. It is disrespectful.

If we are the problem to your Star Wars fandom ire, or I am the problem, then you address your concerns with me. However, I am only interested in the success of my business. I am not going to change. I am here to stay. Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is here to stay and my group is dedicated to our tenets.

These are: To tell Star Wars stories on social media. To read all the Star Wars literature. To write our own Star Wars stories that fit according to canon, continuity and timeline, and to perform on social media. We want to provide a strong, accurate and authentic portrayal of characters with respect to the content creators. We were asked to do what we do by Lucasfilm and we agreed. We appreciate their trust in us.

We are ready to start our fun for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015!

One focus of our roleplay performances will be #WhoIsFulcrum? We hope you enjoy it.

2014 Star Wars Celebration SWAG 77-1-1

Help fund us for a great cause keeping young people safe and engaged on social media.

The Force Will Be With You, Always,


Who is the Inquisitor? #StarWarsRebels #RP Headcanon

Completely fictional account Headcanon on the “Star Wars Rebel” television show Character “The Inquisitor”. Fair Use Creative Expression to promote writing and performing on social media. These are the suggested thoughts the Inquisitor may have and do not reflect the official character backstory of Lucasfilm in the television show. These are only the thoughts of the writer and therefore Fan Fiction.

Who is the Inquisitor? #StarWarsRebels #RP Headcanon

Who is the Inquisitor? #StarWarsRebels #RP Headcanon

Completely fictional accountHeadcanon on the “Star Wars Rebel” television show Character “The Inquisitor”. Fair Use Creative Expression to promote writing and performing on social media. These are the suggested thoughts the Inquisitor may have and do not reflect the official characterbackstory ofLucasfilm in the television show. These are only the thoughts of the writer and therefore Fan Fiction.…

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The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Prepares #StarWars #RP Characters With Care


Most of our members have “Original Characters” (OCs) we LOVE playing because we decide when we will kill them versus the writers of the shows. But OC’s have to prove themselves and not look like Mary Sues/Gary Stus with godmodding and tropes. That’s what makes them hard to maintain. Moreover, there are NO images and they’d have to be collected and the behavior has to be believable.
The fact that ALL roleplayers (RPs) who have OCs work very hard to do this sort of performances, which means that there are standards they follow and really work at that makes roleplay (RP) part of the fun. Most OCs are done very well.

However, Lucasfilm told SWAG 77 that we cannot have OCs, that we must follow the canon, continuity and timeline, i.e. Darth Vader does not have a wife during the “Dark Times” and ANH era, which means SWAG 77 does not RP him with a “wife”.

Moreover, that means new characters seen on TV have to be predicted as to what the writers have in store for us. For instance: “Fives“.

Why build blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. to respect the fandom when LFL does a “Game of Thrones” style death of their character? All the stories must be dismantled and the social media changed. For SWAG 77, it’s normal, par for the course. For us, we’re use to it. For the fans, it messes with their minds.

All this to say, SWAG 77’s predictions were wrong about the character “Fives”  and we’re fine with that. Sometimes our hypotheses are incorrect, we’ll move on.

Here’s the thing: This is why we ask ALL our RP members to do a THEMATIC character representations versus method character representation. A THEMATIC acting vs. METHOD acting.  Thematic acting is related to the overall story and where the characters fit into the story. Method acting is what actors do to put themselves into the role of the character to get at their thoughts. Technically, it is more of a percentage issue.

The problem with using the method acting is social media binds people’s psyches through the code and they delve too much personal energy for characters. Social media actors get too attached to our characters, especially when we build all these social media portals and platforms for them for interaction. Iconic characters are not an issue. Actors are hurt when the perform as the small secondary cast and their favorite character dies. Writers are trained to disconnect and have dispassionate control of their character’s interactions. Changes and edits are made collectively made for logical flow to story and worldbuild which is tied in with marketing and advertising. And the story writing group gets the approvals to move forward to storyboarding. Last minute script changes are made so that flow is logical. That is how it done IRL.

As for “FIVES” character: In story group meeting they probably wrangled with this issue. But they came to a resolution and this is the direction they chose. Our group doesn’t know why, but it probably has something to do with Star Wars Rebels and future episodes. It is the editing on the film floor kind of thing. It would have not made sense to keep moving forward in a “wind down” and build up to a new series. This is the COST OF STAR WARS FANDOM.

But oh well… Let’s keep moving forward. Will this incident affect your fandom and stop you from roleplaying online? Probably not. You love Star Wars, don’t you? Then show it, grieve if you have to, and keep it moving.

From SWAG 77 Headcanon Performances: Obi-Wan & Bo-Katan


Truth Enlightens And Your Heart Will Follow

Work in progress Headcanon. Chapter 1.