Sabine Wren Bunny by The Little Rabbit Tree

We commissioned a Sabine Wren Bunny from The Little Rabbit Tree! Cutie Sab’ika is NOT cuddle-proof. You will want the cute vod with you. But be careful her paint nozzle right at you if you are an Imperial di’kut! That’s my homegirl!

Echoes In The Force EPISODE ALERT – STAR WARS ACTORS GUILD 77 RP PERFORMANCE. #FOLLOW ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SWAG_77/lists/echoes-in-the-force Synopsis: Mara’s nightmares worsen as the Force skews her beliefs as to what is real or not. It surges her power and strength in the Force. She must decide if she will allow energy of the ForceContinue reading

@SWAG_77 Star Wars RP Performance: The Abduction of Mandalorian Children

Get geeked out thinking that #Mandalorian Children were abducted for conscription by the Empire as either stormtroopers or if they were Force sensitive, they were made into something worse. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 examines if that story conflict is plausible. igotswag77:

In other news… New sources of Anthrakilide identified in the mountain tops of Lothal. Huge ground veins brings new Imperial Companies like, Danthe Enterprises to assist in the development of the planet Examples of mountain top removal requires a proprietary process that uses baradium. Anthrakilide is unrelated to Thorolide found on the planet of GorseContinue reading

This is Ashii Neurmanii, of HoloNet Realtime News 77. Grafitti and the illicit destruction of Imperial property out of spite by teenagers on Lothal suggests that the Rebels are brainwashing them for terrorist activities. The Loth-rats have nothing better to do but hurt people with a criminal element. We are glad that Agent Kallus (@AgentKallus77.tumblr.com)Continue reading