Star Wars Actors Guild 77 FAQs

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Star Wars Actors Guild 77 FAQs

Who is the Star Wars Actors Guild 77?

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) is a performance troupe of devoted fans of Star Wars movies, novels, reference books, comics, games, and online content. We are a transmedia organization that performs and portrays Star Wars characters. We write stories for creative content: books, novels, comics, television shows, and movies. We are like cosplayers or costumed performers, except we are on social media, and we perform as if we were in a play production online.

What does SWAG 77 do?

SWAG 77 creates social media to portray and perform characters in the latest Star Wars productions. But SWAG 77 is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars, its characters,  and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

Doesn’t Lucasfilm have that?

Star Wars, owned by the Walt Disney Entertainment Corporation and Lucasfilm, has several movies, television shows, animation, documentaries, and games. Public pages and websites on social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, etc. While major productions and business social media accounts are on Facebook and Twitter, such as the award-winning “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels,”; there are no specific character accounts, and the corporation does not perform brief story arcs on social media as entertainment like SWAG 77 does daily with rehearsals, writing groups for our story arcs, social media programming and immersed engagement with fans.

Other people do this, right?

Yes, other people roleplay and portray Star Wars characters on social media. But most groups are abusive toward excited fans. Other groups cheat by creating illegal social media accounts against the platform’s rules and “live through their characters” as sexual online fantasy. There is no continuity or timeline for the Star Wars content. This activity exacerbates a negative tone in fandom on social media that generates cyber harassment.

SWAG 77 uses standards and best practices for an optimal positive Star Wars fandom experience. SWAG 77 reads, writes, and performs Star Wars from created scripts, which follow the Writers Professional Association West (WPAw) guidelines. We have adapted our scripts for social media performance. SWAG 77 follows social media platform rules and policies, has a post-production process to create fan fiction for our audience to read. Our media marketing metrics are optimized to develop compelling performances to gain an inherent focus group from our audience. We respect the content creators and their products by reading information from the official Lucasfilm websites and social media accounts. We correspond with Lucasfilm, their celebrities, and VIPs with utmost courtesy, respect, and our interactions can be found on our website.

How come other people don’t do what you do?

We read, research, write and perform from our knowledge of the latest Star Wars canon, continuity, and timeline with robust, accurate, and authentic performances of our characters on social media. We create relevant fan art and concept art, attend conventions, and produce podcasts that interview Star Wars celebrities. Our activities keep young people safe, active, and engaged in social media by our “positive Star Wars fandom™ system.” Our methods translate to educational opportunities and work for military veterans.

Some individuals choose to pursue their Star Wars fandom differently. Some individuals are aggressive on social media and relay that angst toward other fans, and we have experienced it.  Social media platforms chose to ignore this behavior. SWAG 77 has created laboriously a risk management plan that buffers us from the bulk of the targeted attacks we sustain due to our beliefs of positive Star Wars fandom™ and collaboration with all fans and fan groups. We believe that any fan that loves Star Wars, new and experienced, is welcomed by us.

How is what you do different from roleplay?

Our social media process is labor-intensive. It is not spontaneous, unplanned, or random. We encourage our members to read, write and research from the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars content creators. We create scientific hypotheses that develop our characters to a plausible presentation to suspend the audience’s disbelief. In our productions, we perform our characters and story arcs that follow our conflict and plot premises. Our character portrayal accuracy and story exposition are 89% based on our system. This result occurs with no access to exclusive content and no affiliation with Disney or Lucasfilm. We have no disclosures with any other groups. Our process is highly effective in determining whether a script will relate to an audience before major television or movie production starts.

Why should I, as an entertainment production corporation, want to get involved with this?

After episodes air, fans look for the characters on major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. The fans find our characters, and they engage with them. They see us rehearse to engage with fans in the character’s voice to enhance the fan experience. When a movie or TV show takes a break, our social media continues to interact with the fans to keep the excitement. To minimize the conspiratorial mentalities, we think it is best to read the books, write fanfictions, create fan art, and attend conventions than being mired by online arguments that can get very toxic and affect fans’ mental health. We have a proven track record dedicated to interactions with Star Wars fans combined with risk management filters. Through positive Star Wars fandom™, we are the frontline on social media for franchises.

Why would you organize your group this way?

We have shown that when we develop screenplays and scripts for our social media campaigns, we find:

  • More fan engagement
  • More fan excitement for the literature, television show or movie
  • More professional actors and crew positive responses to our performances
  • More fan respect for the creative process and content.

We also see less confusion before a performance because the script is written collectively by our group. We complete our post-production edits with professionalism.

Do you do anything else besides Star Wars? If so, what is it?

Yes, under our subsidiary company, ISCA – Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists, we formally portrayed characters on the television show, Scandal; the cartoon Legends of Korra; interaction with DC Comics Superman and Batman through our General Zod account; and Posthumous Celebrity accounts, such as Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, and Josephine Baker. Currently, we are only participating in the Dune fandom with a Chani Atreides character on Twitter.

What are some examples of your work?

Peruse our performance productions on our website.

There are three main story themes we pursue:

  • The Star Wars Legends characters, the  Yuuzhan Vong, years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion entitled – “STAR WARS Rising Force, Rebellious Seed”. Basic plot is how a padawan Force user accepts the faith of the Yuuzhan Vong who save her life, and she contributes to their integration into the known Star Wars galaxy. This piece is about diverse women of color representation that was lacking in Star Wars stories, until 2013.
  • The Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels Mandalorian Women entitled – “Trudge the Same Mud”. Basic plot is how Mandalorian warrior women serve as Mandalorian combat military personnel and veterans. This piece is about diverse women representation who are combat fighters and veterans and their relationships that are lacking in Star Wars stories.
  • Star Wars Lore and Social Action Accounts: On most of our active accounts, character and general accounts, we discuss Star Wars Lore. Accounts dedicated to lore and social action where we petition Disney Lucasfilm to include ideas and current productions. It might be a “fan service,” however, SWAG77’s perspective is to discuss the viability of our projects through the use our proprietary system of “positive fandom™” that encourages and promotes positive actions, talents and crafts on social media. Our main social media sites for Lore and Social Action include:

How do I contact you for more information?

Feel free to contact us:



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