SWAG77 Patreon Fan Art Commission: 2020 Thrawn X Sabine by CeciliaGF.

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The basis of this fan art is from our fan-fiction is when Thrawn takes Sabine before the Imperials — ANTE MERIDIAN Continue reading ...
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SWAG77 Patreon Fan Art: He had no idea it felt like this…

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Slightly new view of what we are aiming for the Thrawn X Sabine ship. Fan art by Panda Capuccino Grand Admiral Thrawn is a Dominant, something that most Imperial women would not do. The Chiss do not believe in corporal punishment for any reason. Thrawn does not believe in it, either. But, humans find incredible satisfaction-- Want more? Become...
This content is available exclusively to members of StarWarsActorsGuild77's Patreon at "Thrawn.movie + ThrawnXS..." or higher tier at the time this content was posted, or having at least $30.00 pledged in total.

So — If GEORGE LUCAS SHARED YOUR FAN ART WITHOUT ASKING OR GIVING YOU CREDIT — will you curse him out like you have cursed SWAG77 out, too?


So – why are you creating fan art? For a Disney Lucasfilm contract? You think Disney Lucasfilm will pick up your work on social media and extol your virtues to make you famous? REALLY?

SWAG77 discusses your logic fallacy in this post.

Our problem is that you are selective to whom you direct your hate and ire. It’s not about missing tags to fan art. It’s about you not know who the person is sharing your fan art, and you think so little of them, not realizing that fandom is a lot bigger than you think. You do not know who other fans know. And if they post your art, most of the fans are doing it because they LIKE it. It is another way of marketing it.

That is NOT the way Lucasfilm reviews art. They do complete background checks throughout the internet — or they pay a third party to do it, and their lawyers review it. That still does not mean that artist will get a Disney Lucasfilm art contract. Lucasfilm hires a lot of artists that are professional and have huge portfolios. That means Lucasfilm can hire in-house. Why would they go outside to find any artist when they have artists coming to them? (The same for fan-fictions, and fan-films).

That is what you hateful misconstrue. It is not about SWAG77; it’s about you thinking we are shit bad people, in your opinion. You are judgy against us before you know anything about us. That kind of judgmental ideology is fascist in your warped delusional mind and lousy attitude toward us. Why deal with you? Especially when you need to grow up. And do not brandish the fact you fantasize that you have a Lucasfilm contract because if you did, you would have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) where you cannot discuss your activities with the company. No, anyone coming to this website and any of our social media nodes belittle us is hypocritical. And SWAG77 will perceive it as racist, anti-Black, and sexist for attacking a Black Woman-owned LLC.

Let us make this clear to fans: the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 will do our best to credit fan artists to our social media nodes. WE are about supporting fandom as best as we can. In case we forget, and we sometimes do because we have thousands of ongoing projects and activities, if an artist asks us nicely and respectfully, we will add the correct information, as outlined. If we see art on any social media as shared, then you require a DCMA to demand it to be removed. But, make sure you know that WE ARE SHARING IN GOOD FAITH — accusing a Black person of stealing is fucked up, and it is stereotypical racism. Any negative comments from re-blogs, comments, or posts that are hateful, SWAG77 will pursue legal recourse. Try Jesus. Not us.

SWAG77 Fanfic: HoloNet Realtime News Report with Saawariya -Across The Stars



“Art Lovers Caught!” — Alien Grand Admiral Adds An Imperial Academy Deserter Now Rebel To His Art Collection.

The two caught canoodling between the paints aboard a Star Destroyer on an alleged interrogation witnessed by Imperial Loyalty Officers — Let’s listen in on the news conference:

“…there were, uh, suspicious paint stains on [static] uniform,”  Imperial Loyalty Officer Sinjir Rath Velus. 

“The colors aren’t under any Imperial regulations.”

“Neither was the position!Another Imperial Loyalty Officer under Sinjir Rath Velus.

Does this incident spell the end for the Grand Admiral and all aliens that serve the Empire? A representative, Commodore Natasi Daala of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin’s office, sent a holocommunique in part:

“All our human officers are held to a higher standard. That holoimage is a ruse by the insurgent Rebel forces to taint a good man’s name.”  

Baron Valen Rudor supports interspecies marriage equality from a different perspective, a bill currently being debated in the Imperial Senate.

“I knew Sabine Wren at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, and I remember her being expelled. I always wondered who her patron was. Now I know. The Admiral is a good man. This is all a misunderstanding, and he plans to reclaim wayward Imperial members targeted by the Rebel wild conspiracy theories that Lord Vader and their HoloNet disinformation slaughtered the Jedi.”

The Imperial Military states that perhaps it is a misguided effort by the Admiral to reclaim Imperial traitors and return them to justice. Still, we need to understand how Thrawn’s alien culture views his sexual accusation to determine the best course of action against Mandalorian and Rebel.

Ashii Neurami — HoloNet Realtime News

More news at 6. 

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Aliit Vucon’ocir – The Thrawn X Sabine Fanfic

A passionate kiss that mimics the 1924 silent film, “Forbidden Paradise” (source).

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) fanfic for THRAWN X SABINE called:

Aliit Vucon’ocir

Grand Admiral Thrawn falls in love with Sabine Wren‘s art, and then falls in love with her. Through a series of unplanned events, Thrawn realizes he must protect Sabine. It is the “lady and the knight” trope.

The fanfic is a work in progress (WIP)


thrawbine commission-1

Fan Art by Elithien


Original template of “Forbidden Paradise” from 1924. Pola Negri and Rod LaRocque

Fan art on Tumblr

Some people’s blogs, like ALL OF MINE feed into Facebook, Twitter and Google+

That means exposure of your art to a reach of 50K+ people. 

When you act salty toward me about not putting your full name, date, serial number, credit card, etc. because I may have obtained the image from other sources, then that means to me in business that I will cut your ENTIRE LINE OFF from access to ANY of my blogs. Basically, your art is unshareable and unworthy in my mind.  It’s worthless. Maybe I might pin it. Most likely not.

I don’t deserve POOR TREATMENT from artists who are crazy when I’m returning a marketing reach of 50K+ exposure. You want to make money, but your art on watermark and society 6 or deviant and go from there.  That is the way it is. 

Trust: we love SOME fan art

But we need more conceptualization.

When you ONLY draw what you’ve seen it shows you’ve not read and you’re not well read.

This is why EU fans are angry, because ALL their art was from a book cover and a description of maybe what a character looks like. No games. No nothing. Just a book description and not a good one at that.

Like a tkun… Or a coufee…. Or a vua tumor? Or a qang qahsa?

Heck, what do Umbarans look like naked?

Or ThyChani?

Or Baby Chiss to Old Chiss?

This is what frustrates SWEU fans with new fans. When we’ve read over 200 books we know the Star Wars outline. Fans that rolled around prequels, still don’t have NJOE, FOTJ and LOTJ background.

So please, when you bash blogs about posting your FAN ART, consider JAINA SOLO and your laserbrain sithspawn ideas.