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In 2011, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 learned that most Star Wars roleplayers were not on the same page, such as Facebook and Twitter, on large platforms of social media, reading lists, or understanding about roleplay as others. Most were not a part of the Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) Roleplaying groups or Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) type of roleplaying games.

SWAG77 created the Star Wars RolePlayer University (SWRPU) with a lot of collaboration. In 2012, SWAG77 had to change because Star Wars changed into Disney Lucasfilm, and therefore, storytelling and theme emphasis became different.

ReedPop organizes and manages Star Wars Celebration, and  SWAG77 had a fan table. For our application to be accepted, Star Wars Celebration told us we could  ONLY use canon characters in our roleplay. We had to keep the timelines of the stories, and the storylines remain unchanged.

What that means is:

We could only use the Star Wars’ canon; hence, no original characters (OCs). Of course, there were no specifications between the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU) or Legends Canon and the Disney Lucasfilm Current Canon. So, of course, SWAG77 took advantage of the lack of definition of that in 2012.

Timeline means that Darth Revan cannot interact with Darth Vader and fight physically with or against him, defeating Darth Vader to be the big evil villain. That means Disney Lucasfilm wants us to maintain the timeline delineation of  Darth Revan is Knights of the Old Republic vs. Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back in our roleplays. Of course, Force Ghosts happen, but Sith is rarely Force Ghosts in Legends Canon, but in Disney Canon, who knows? It is the story that SWAG77 does to determine that. Besides, a deleted scene in Star Wars: The Clone Wars has Darth Revan speaking to the Mortis god Son.

Star Wars Celebrations demanded the SWAG77 does not change the story of Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader, and Darth Vader fights his son, Luke Skywalker, who defeats his father, but never entirely turns to the Dark Side, mainly in the movies and not the novels. SWAG77 decided that we would roleplay as close to the canon as we possibly can. Our storylines have to be plausible. That takes a lot of work. It is why many Star Wars fans hate SWAG77. The work it takes is to read the books to understand the reasoning behind the stories and plots fully. That means ALL THE BOOKS comprehends how it became the presentation in a novel, TV show, and movie. ALL THE BOOKS means Legends and Disney Canons. There cannot be a distinction. When a fan reviews Star Wars literature, which means novels, reference books, comics, gamer books, and magazines, the theme behind a particular story and characters will be realized and understood. Reviewing the literature is not just going to an annotated website and reading it. It mainly includes the books. That means a fan gets them. Most fans are not going to do that. They do not see a reason to do it.

Then there are Star Wars fans who are literary writers, but not Star Wars authors. Most authors have invested in creative writing and understanding the story development process. Literary writers train for storytelling by their creativity. SWAG77 sees that as remarkable; however, while it helps to clarify the prose written, it may not be the canon of Star Wars. It may not feel like Star Wars. Performance as roleplay is not fanfiction. Roleplay is an improvisation based on the performers agreeing to the actions in the script. It does not use literary tropes. Literary writers become frustrated because it messes with their understanding of comparative analysis, which they have legitimately invested a lot of time to do. However, to circumvent that, literary writers are very good with the screenplay’s meta-analysis that roleplay performance can do. It is a TEST to see if their stories resonate with the audience. This action is what SWAG77 has always wanted to do but has not coordinated successfully due to a misunderstanding between literary writers and what they see roleplayers do, which is not always good.

Then there are the limitations of social media. For some reason, large platform social media will change their operations on their program because — reasons. Facebook and Twitter have severe word restrictions searched by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) because of real-life issues with misinformation. Sometimes specific accounts are targeted, often after the post with an image has been places several months to a year ago. This event causes the lead account to be suspended or deplatformed deleted due to a whole misunderstanding of the intent of roleplay to provide entertainment and drama. SWAG77 has written both companies SEVERAL times. SWAG77 appealed to Disney and Lucasfilm, and while Lucasfilm is nice enough to reply, they still do not understand what roleplay is — they see it as a hobby that teenagers do. NONE of these companies see it the way SWAG77 wants the audience to see it.

The way the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has always wanted fans to see our roleplays occurred in 2009-2010. ONCE on Twitter! We decided on the roleplay script spontaneously, and we organized it where all roleplayers understood their role in the roleplay and what we wanted to accomplish. The dialogue was improvised, which is very hard to do. We had three tasks we wanted the audience to see: The conflict, the script was a love plot type, and the action was severe. Then we performed. That performance — heavenly sigh — we roleplay performed it flawlessly that looked like we just broke out (like a performance in the park mob). SWAG77 thought NO ONE was watching. That was WRONG. Many people watched this performance like a soap opera since we interacted daily and took test drives of our characters and plots. Then crushing ending caused the most extraordinary reaction. We ended the performance like a cliffhanger because we thought that no one watched the performance, then suddenly, all roleplay performers’ DMs exploded. SWAG77 quickly decided what they would do in 5 minutes. We had a choice: either play the plot where it lies or change it. It is ROLEPLAY, and the story rules are loose. Moreover, roleplay is like a soap opera and an angsty one, and drama makes the best content. SWAG77 chose to go the pure soap opera route — the DUN DUN DUN reveal. Then, our DMs exploded again for the result. Then we added a side denouement according to the Star Wars story, which is another DUN DUN DUN!

Back then, it was exhilarating, but it takes high trained roleplayers or actors who understand IMPROV and D&D-type activities or productions and the willingness to risk one’s character for respawn. However, a well-written roleplay performance script clarifies each performer’s roles and has vital tasks to accomplish without egos.

Egos are the biggest problems for Roleplay Performance. Roleplayers often think their character, usually a canon character is holy and untouchable, even when scripted. No egos. To minimize surprise, provide the deviation points that either change the outcome or converge back to the decided outcome. At any rate, SWAG77 wanted to be a resource for those who would want to test different outcomes that resonate with an audience without several rewrites and determine the best plan for their work. But egos have severely encumbered SWAG77.

Right now, several years later, SWAG77 portrays Star Wars characters like most other Star Wars fans. We also write fanfics. It looks like we are like any other fan or fan group. But we crave to roleplay perform like previously. It was our entertainment until it became overwhelming to some performers, mediocre plots with emotional dumps rather than action, and not Star Wars-related stories. Right now, SWAG77 is in stasis for far too long and almost to irrelevance. Then another group will do what we did and be successful, which depressing.

But the RP fun is forever.

Link to SWRPU Roleplay Weekly from 2009 by Averus Retruthan

Link to Star Wars Actors Guild 77 site

Link to SWAG77 Facebook and Twitter

SWAG77 Ain’t No Influencers. Right?


This post is about our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and various blogs:


We have several social media accounts because seven years ago, social media platforms lacked today’s functionality.

How many accounts? We are at 500 now. We do not use all of them. At any given moment, we are working on 50 accounts.

We have to pay extra for the functionalities that we need for the blogs because we are not coders. Functionalities such as commerce, videos, audio, and cloud services have a cost, and we use more.

We have many Facebook character pages and Twitter accounts. Each lead character has a Facebook page and Twitter. The main characters we use daily have blogs at WordPress and Tumblr.

We had a directory, but because few people used it, that Facebook page has lapsed.

Characters have packages consisting of FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr because we, SWAG77, have found the best development of stories, plots, drabbles, metas, headcanons, and fan-fictions are best with these packages. Also, these packages develop a character design that gains social media metrics and insights into what works best with this character’s portrayal and performance in public.

For Example:

For Grand Admiral Thrawn, we created a Facebook pageTwitter accountTumblr blogWordPress blog, and a Patreon tier.

SWAG77 uses the Facebook page to broadcast our story ideas, character background, and canon/non-canon concepts SWAG77 wishes to relay to the public. This account links to our Twitter account with short messages through a social media management platform.

The Twitter account reaches out to an audience that craves rapid and concise messages. The pacing of Tweets excites users. SWAG77 roleplays and performs on Twitter. To gain expand understanding, we write blogs to explain SWAG77’s stories and canon/non-canon positions. We include our videos and podcasts to open up the audiovisual concepts SWAG77 wishes to show to the public. Some content is too proprietary or too mature to display publicly on our open blogs. We created Patreon.

Patreon is for active patrons to directly influence our proprietary content, hypothesis, underlying themes, and controversial subject matter. In our performances and parody rewrites of current news events, SWAG77 encounters harsh and severe misconceptions. Often, we interact with fans who refuse to read or write Star Wars. Thus, any discussion hurts our business. While we are willing to educate fans, we have found that minimal engagement is best. Should fans want more, they can join our Patreon.

We find that fans invest emotionally in entertainment content. Some fans cannot separate between fact or fiction and live their reality vicariously. There is psychological contagion on social media that spreads rapidly where the artificial intelligence engines are incapable of discerning. SWAG77 has endured attacks on our social media accounts because we discuss and tagline promotes our controversial subject matter that can enrage some fans. We suffer the brunt of this disinformation and toxic fandom in entertainment. SWAG77 has little recourse but blocks/bans radical fans who refuse to “stay on target” with our content and messaging.

SWAG77 created Patreon to open our stories to diverse points of view. We would instead show our completed work on all our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog accounts. But put our proprietary content behind a paywall for serious fan engagement with Star Wars fandom. We as a business feel safer with like-minded fans who support SWAG77 primary mission.

What does that do for our Thrawn?

It tightens the fan-fiction stories that SWAG77 wants to present publicly. The more we engage, the better our content creation. We want to show Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars the best that fandom has to offer. We know that the Disney Corporation prefers fan camaraderie rather than conflict.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a villain that author Timothy Zahn wrote novels in 1991 in the Legend’s canon. Recently, Lucasfilm reintroduced Thrawn into Disney canon with new canon literature and Star Wars Rebels TV show. In SWAG77’s opinion, Thrawn is not a villain yet in the Disney novel canon. In the Star Wars Rebels TV show, he does some questionable actions, but nothing as extensive as in the Legend’s canon books. SWAG77 reads all the books from Legend’s canon and Disney’s canon. We encourage fans to READ — and READ BOOKS, particularly Star Wars literature. Both canons write about Thrawn. There are conflicts in both canons, but we can write about them in the blogs so that fans can choose their story path and then create their own stories with a good foundation that SWAG77 provides to our Patreon members.

From Star Wars fans’ suggestions, SWAG77 adds the ideas to best portray and perform Grand Admiral Thrawn during our scripted roleplays. We will give accolades to those who helped SWAG77 develop the character and story arc.

These activities are what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) has done for thirteen years.

Movie Kisses History on SWAG77’s Patreon ThrawnTier


Flesh And The Devil” still. Star Wars fanfic Thrawn x Sabine fan art

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it filmed? Before 1926, no movie from a major Motion Picture Studio had a deepened kiss in its movies. At this time, movies were still silent. Though not the first kiss filmed, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s “Flesh and the Devil” starring Greta Garbo and John Gilbert made history in filming the first kiss by a major motion picture studio in 1926. (historical source for story)

20141214-ESSAY-slide-X4KY-master1050 (1)

The movie story, “Flesh and the Devil” is about two boyhood friends that became soldiers together for Germany. One of them as a young man, met a Countess (Greta Garbo) and they fell in love. The Countess did not share she was married to an old Count, and when he found out, both of the boyhood friend soldiers were sent to the frontlines to die. The friend returned and developed a relationship with the Countess, then the original soldier returned and that rekindled their relationship. The Count died at that time.

Watch the first filmed kiss by MGM in “Flesh and the Devil”:

Watch the facial expressions and how they sneak off to light a cigarette which was forbidden at the time. Watch the flickering of the light and subtle body language indicating a romantic interlude. How they are tucked away, alone in the rose brambles off a veranda while there is dancing and music playing. See who follows whom. Who is younger? Who is older? At the intimate moment, they share a lifetime breathed away with a kiss. Notice the grays and how it is offset by the highlights and the shadows.

The scene works without a soundtrack in black and white filming and film, because of the small minute facial expressions and movements with small cuts and edits. Back then, shots could not be easily edited after cut, but somehow the production crew was able to do it.

In totality, SWAG77 builds their headcanons for fan-fiction in this manner. If we had the time and software to go frame-by-frame, we would. We want to watch the entire movie “Flesh and the Devil”. If we had the chance, we would like to read the original script. Unfortunately, in this time of social media, we do not. However, it is remarkable to see this iconic still image and brief video are timeless in its portrayal.

Out fanfic: ALIIT VUCON’OCIR uses The Flesh And The Devil images to build our story for Grand Admiral Thrawn and Countess Sabine Wren (visit specific fan blog and become a patreon)

Our similar fan art images are shown by Panda Capuccino:

Sabine’s in purple

Original Fan Art

First Published is 2017

Click on link with purchase may give an infinitesimal %remuneration to SWAG77

Minister Of Planet: Mandalorian Teen Arrested At Anti-Terrorist Policies by ImperialSecurity Bureau Agent


Minister Of Planet
Where Mandalorian Teen Was Wrongly Arrested Is Anti-Mandalorian Imperial
Security Bureau Agent

her supporters, Lothalian Minister Maketh Tua is a tough-as-nails Minister
who’s not afraid to take on Mandalorians.

her critics, Tua is a fear-monger who stokes the flames of Mandophobia.

both Tua’s fans and foes can surely find a talking point in the incident where Imperial
Stormtroopers arrested 14-year-old Sabine Wren for bringing a homemade chronometer
to school that they thought looked like a “Mandalorian detonator

first made headlines for challenging the Mandalorian Code, when she wrote a Spacebook
post vowing to look into a “Mandalorian law court” that was said to
have been set up by an Lothalian Mandalorian Academy.

I am working to better understand how this ‘court’ will function and whom will
be subject to its decisions, please know that if it is determined that there
are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight
with every fiber of my being against this action,” she wrote.

the “Mandalorian law court” wasn’t actually headquartered in Lothal,
which abuts Kalevala, nor did it have anything to do with the former Old Republic
Center on Lothal. A note on the holopage of Kalevala Mandalorian Tribunal,
which settle civil disputes between Mandalorians for a fee, aimed to
disambiguate the two.

speculation has led members of the local community to wonder if the former Old
Republic Center on Lothal is facilitating ‘Mandalorian Courts’ at the Academy”
the Mandalorian Tribunal’s website read. “The management of the former Old
Republic Center on Lothal categorically declares that no such court operates on
the center’s premises. No other academy in the area operates such courts.
However, the Tribunal that operates in the Mandalorian space, independent of
the academies, to address a genuine need within our community for intra-community

Tua threw her support behind a bill that would forbid Imperial judges from
using Mandalorian law in their rulings. The bill’s author, Senator Gall Trayvis,
had said the bill would solve the “problem” of the Tribunal in Lothal,
according to the Lothalian News.

made the Imperial media rounds to talk about the “Imperial laws for Imperial
courts” effort, giving interviews to Becrux Nolayt and Alton Kastle. She
spoke to Plido Acamar, the founder of the anti-Mandalorian think tank Center
for Security Policy, on his HoloNet radio show. Conspiracy theory site WND ran
a piece on Tua under the headline “Moff Takes Stand Against Mandalorian Academy

also capitalized on the newfound attention with a Spacebook fundraising plea.

events have put me under attack and I need your help now! Stand with me to help
me fight for Imperial values and the Conventions,” she wrote.

criticism of her support for Trayvis’ bill, Tua turned to the editorial pages
of The Mandalorian HoloNet News to further propagate what she saw as a
non-controversial message.

me, this is about making sure people, especially women, understand our planet
guarantees certain rights and liberties, and those should not be
surrendered,” she wrote in The Mandalorian HoloNet News. “It is
baffling to comprehend the amount of controversy generated by my support as Minister
of Lothal for a law that simply asks judges to uphold Imperial fundamental convention
rights when deciding a case that involves a conflicting Mandalorian law.”

was The Mandalorian HoloNet News’ editorial board that chastised Tua for
traveling to speak to Imperial Security Bureau activists instead of focusing on
the needs of the community she represents.

focus on Lothal’s growth earned her our recommendation. But we also urged her
to build ‘cooperation and unity,’” the editorial read. “She’s failed
at that part of the job. An important part of Lothal’s population is Mandalorians
and the planet is home to a major academy.”

could spend her time more productively by reaching out the local Mandalorian
supporter community instead of catering to Imperial Security Bureau voters who
feed on fear about Mandalorians and relish shots at the press,” the
editorial continued.

Tua had spent a long time speaking out against Mandalorian law, she did not
mention Wren’s background in a Spacebook post reacting to her arrest.

do not fault the Imperial Academy or the Stormtroopers for looking into what
they saw as a potential threat,” she wrote. “They have procedures to
run when a possible threat or criminal act is discovered. They follow these
procedures in the sole interest of protecting our children and Imperial
personnel…I hope this incident does not serve as a deterrent against our Stormtroopers
and Imperial personnel from maintaining the safety and security of our Imperial

went on to write that she hoped the incident wouldn’t discourage Wren or other cadets
from pursuing their passion for building.

charges were ultimately filed against Wren, who has since been invited to visit
the Imperial Coruscant Center, the Imperial Security Bureau, the Raithal
Academy on Raithal and Spacebook’s headquarters.


SWR SWAG77 Script for Thrawn Speaks to Sabine about Art




Another fan fiction based off of a roleplay performance we did in January 2015. There is a long post production process that we have to get our ideas off the ground due to limited writers (an abilities).

This is a story about a painting of both cultural significance and a sordid past. Essentially, it’s an evil painting created by JAYNOR OF BITH for RUGESS NOME. There is an underlying meaning to this painting though it seems like nothing.

THRAWN has discovered this underlying meaning and wants the painting. But because it’s priceless, it will fetch large sums of money on the Black Market if it were stolen. Currently, the painting is up for auction on Lothal. So the Rebels, needing money decide to enlist the support of LANDO CALRISSIAN (tw) to steal the painting to sell on the Black Market. The Rebels that best knows about painting is SABINE WREN (fb)(tw)(g+)( sabinewren77).

This excerpt is the beginning of the performance. Tell us what you think? Honest opinion. What can we improve?


I cleaned up for this? Oh…

Yes. Enjoy the art, my fair bird. U may never see some of these again. Take a
look at this one.

That’s no Jaynor painting. That’s holographic arts. I didn’t know this was a
multimedia show.

Try not to make eye contact with the snooty people here, okay? Of course, not
just one piece is up for sale at an auction. How about this painting?

A reprint of “DANCING ON WATER” by the Mon Calamari Opera? A bit
grown up…What are the Imperials into these days?

Someone up there has a heart for history I suppose or trophies of destruction? I
can’t call it. I hear they recently scoured a dying planet for art and culture
before completely destroying it.

Imperials. You could say that again!


SABINE WREN balks and
then downs a glass of champagne.

Thirsty eh?

You’re making me nervous. Let’s separate and as my body guard, you’re in charge
of those invites.

Alright, why don’t I blend in with the other Imperials to see if I can find
where they’re either hiding this Jaynor of Bith painting.


she grabs another champagne flute and is tipsy and clumsy


The “VISAGE PRESAGE” a rather curious name. Say, is that girl familiar to you?

Vaguely familiar, but I can’t place her sir.

Lyste, check her invitation. But she does looks familiar

Excuse me miss. May I see your invitation?

Uh huh. My bodyguard has it. He’s that Stormtrooper over there…

Stay here, Miss, while I inquire of him. Excuse me TROOPER, I must view this
woman’s invitation


SABINE WREN stumbles to the painting ‘VISAGE PRESAGE’
painting when it dawns on her that this is JAYNOR OF BITH masterpiece



SABINE WREN backs up and bumps into THRAWN as her
drink splashes

Uh…So…Agh…my Lord…Admiral…Sir…

It’s quite alright. Are you enjoying the auction?


Flimsies are shuffled around between LANDO CALRISSIAN as a STORMTROOPER
and YOGAR LYSTE and his men return to SABINE WREN and THRAWN

Oh yes, sir. It is right here. She is PRINCESS SELEN YASOR daughterof the

You will have to come with me until I can verify this invitation

Who’s the blue face?

How rude TROOPER! ADMIRAL I am the PRINCESS YASOR SELEN and I would be having a
good time if your henchmen would UNHAND ME!

It’s alright, Lieutenant. I’ll be with her…



Sir, you’re a CHISS…err…Imperial Admiral and you like art…err…do you like art?

Of course I am. Who would dare impersonate an Imperial officer? And I do enjoy
art quite a bit. Though, very few truly understand art. For instance, what do
you think of this piece, the “VISAGE PRESAGE”?

This piece? Odd direction by JAYNOR…I mean the colors are odd for what he
usually does and the pattern and design and lighting are awkward for his usual

I believe JAYNOR created this piece in his younger days. Its patterns are odd,
but they do mean something. What do you think the piece means?

It means patterns to a place far off?

THRAWN takes a deep breath to explain

Tell us what you think

SWR SWAG77 RP Performance Story About Empire Day


“Hello, I’m Alton Kastle and I’m live right here for a glorious Empire Day. All should go well. We will roll out Lothal’s new shipyard.”

“Despite what you think from last year’s Empire Day, expectations are high that there will not be another terrorist occurrence by the Insurgents.”

Searches the Imperial Academy students to interview. “Excuse me. Miss? Miss? What is your name?” The holodroid mic thrusts into the face of a small redheaded girl of 13 years of age. She appears excited and angry from high security due to last year’s attack. “Miss, do you feel safe with the Empire?”

She quickly shoved the droid’s mic away from her. “Get that hunk of junk out of my face!” She saw some of the other girls laughing and went to hang out and laugh with them.

They stood there watching the parade and taking holo selfies together to put on Instaholo.

“That’s 50,000 Imperial Credits, cadet!” He straightens himself up and looks around to find if there are any stormtroopers nearby. He mumbles to himself. “Things change… Not in my day, Academy graduates were eager to speak.”

He leaves them as he glares at them and straightens his hair for another broadcast. “And we have what is called a ‘peaceful protest’ by the Lothal residents. They dress in meager attire and appear like hooligans, not the cleanliness of the Empire and what it brings to them.” The droids take images of dilapidated abodes and grim protestors. “Some say they are Insurgent sympathizers and they aid, abet and condone violence.”

The droid mic starts to interview the protesters who are angry and no one understands them. Alton Kastle rolls his eyes looking for some protocol droid that can speak alien languages. He rakes his head back and the tightened jaw on his face shows his disdain. “Where are Imperials when you need them? I hate interviewing aliens!”


“Woah check that out.” She heard one of the other girls say. Mara turned and saw the protesters. She heard many of the academy students talking smack and agitating the protesters. But she wanted to fit in so she joined them. “QUIT TRYING TO MAKE THE EMPIRE LOOK BAD! YOUR NOTHING BUT REBEL SYMPATHIZERS!”

Alton Kastle interviews an elderly Rodian female whose begging eyes wanted to tell the Empire to stop, but she was long-winded and stuttered. Kastle’s eyes rolled because she was an annoyance, when he saw the crowd surge and sway him almost losing his footing. He stumbles a bit preparing to sneer at them. “You break my holocom, as an Imperial citizen, I will sue you.” But that “you” he spoke to were another group of kids with their heads covered in defaced stormtrooper helmets with various markings. The sweat from their fisted hands ready for Empire day and not in a good way.

Kastle looks around carefully worried the tidal surge of the nasty mash of human and alien bodies would ruin his tidy Imperial uniform. His eyes darted to find a familiar face. It was the kids that last smarted off at him. He waved in desperation hoping they would come to his aid. “I hope this time, they can see, there are always two sides in the Empire. Ours and the wrong side.”

Mara noticed that the academy students started running at the younger crowd to fight them. Bottles and droid parts started flying as the riot started. Mara knew that if she fought the academy students Vader would suspect something. So she did the only thing she knew how to do. She ran with the students and got involved with fighting.

Her mind raced as she got in a fist fight with a around 16 year old boy. Her Jedi reflexes helped her dodge his swings and her combat training gave her the upper hand. She suppressed the urge to use the force on the teen to get him to back off. Suddenly she felt something hit her back and she fell forward as a teen tackled her from behind. They rolled around in the street beating on each other.

His eyes widened as he say two camps of young people start flying across the street and banging sound of pipes and fists on skin. He dodged the duracrete thrown across at him attempting to wade through the scuffle not realizing every move he made was on holocam. “Wait! Wait! I’m in a melee. It looks like children of the Rebel Insurgents have ganged up on the…peaceful protesters–” A meliroon fruit crate rams into him as he body propels into a wall. He feels the freshly graffiti spray paint that soils his neat tidy Imperial uniform in colors of orange, red, blue and purple. Shocked by his appearance he sees the droid keeping up with him dodging the rocks being thrown. “If there any Stormtrooper units, please! Come to my aid! NOW!”

That is when he felt the hairs on his neck stand as the compression of the wind shifted and sonic boom sounds thrown him perpendicular to where he was into a seedy dive. He shakes his head from utter confusion as various flammable lights ignite the night sky. He searches for him holocam droid who huddles next to him as if it were in fear, and the microphone live. “It appears…” He coughs. “Citizens, it appears…I’m sad to say this…the Rebels have attacked us again on Empire Day.” His voice solemn, but his rage narrows his eyes when he walks towards the old Rodian female and throws a punch to her face. “REBEL SCUM!”


Mara through off the teenager that had pinned her to the ground and was thrown back from the blast. She couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Beautiful Sabine. As always.” She took a quick holo of the explosion and posted it to Instaholo so she could see her work in case she missed it.

In her distracted state she didn’t realize a pack of rebels had surrounded her. She knew she couldn’t use the Force to push them away so she tried to battle her way out of the pileup that resulted from their attack.

He sees TIE fighters screech overhead along with other ships filled with the power and might of Empire. “Finally. It’s time to stop this–” He dodges thrown debris as he looks at his gloved fist hot with melted blood from the few Rebels he hit.

Then his holocam droid films the Imperial Academy students fighting with the Rebel Insurgent thug rioters. That same redhead girl has several rioters fighting against her as she beats each one with punches that only can be warrior trained. Perplexed he studies her moves, ones he has never seen before. When a squad of stormtroopers arrive he walks over take her out of that fight but has to stand back. “Cadet! Cadet! The Empire has you. Can you tell us what happened?” The holocam films her as its spotlight flickers.