The Dream

I had a dream that Star Wars RPers, fanfic writers and fan artists would come together under one banner to effect change on a large corporation to build creative content we felt proud of like we did when we first saw Star Wars. I thought it would be good and just for the fandom andContinue reading “The Dream”

I’m Your Boogie Board Not Your Lightsaber

Let’s Boogie Board for #SurferThrawn #Thrawn #StarWars

SWAG77 Patreon Thrawn X Sabine Meta: Movie Kisses History

How do movies capture a kiss throughout the ages? Do you remember your first kiss? Was it filmed? Before 1926, no movie from a major Motion Picture Studio had a deepened kiss in its movies. At this time, movies were still silent.

Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

To a point, fan confusion on unifying truths in Star Wars cannot be created solely by a corporation. It’s beyond that. But we fans serve our rule to come together.

Fan Art and Fanfics Will Not Get You A Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars Contract

Only about Star Wars and nothing else. Fans should write their fanfics and create their fan art because they like to be creative, not hoping or expecting anything from Disney Lucasfilm.

Why Is SWAG77 Strict On Joining

Why Is SWAG77 Strict In Joining There are over 500 pages on Facebook that belong to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), many of them harmonized with other sites to share the latest Star Wars information and perspectives on any given topic. Then there are performances. When Facebook decides to change its code, itContinue reading “Why Is SWAG77 Strict On Joining”