Last prayer from “The Book of Eli”

Screenplay by Gary Whitta

June 20, 2010

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Dear lord thank you for giving me strength and conviction to complete the task you entrusted to me.

Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path.

And for keeping me resolute when all around seemed lost.

Thank you for your protection and for your many signs along the way.

Thank you for the good that I may have done.

I am so sorry about the bad.

Thank you for the friend I made.

Please watch over her as you watched over me.

Thank you for finally allowing me to rest.

I am so very tired.

But I go now to my rest at peace…
…knowing that I have done right with my time on this earth.

I fought the good fight.

I finished the race.

I kept the faith.

Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

In People Magazine “Couch Surfing” Mr. Oyelowo who voices AGENT ALEXSANDR KALLUS in STAR WARS REBELS shares that Star Wars fans disappointment that he voices this ANIMATED character. The animated character appears differently than Mr. Oyelowo — ie The character is white and Mr Oyelowo is Black.

Of course that should NEVER matter. One is a very REAL PERSON, PROFESSIONAL AWARD WINNING ACTOR and the other is a fabricated animation in the mind of artists. What brought this character to life is Mr. Oyelowo’s creative voice performance. Nothing else brings any animated character than a professional voice actor’s performance. To deny his ability is to be racist and bigoted.

There is bigotry in Star Wars fandom. We saw it best with Ahmed who voiced and CG MoCAPped JAR JAR BINKS. The harassment he endured nearly caused him to commit suicide. Only until recently has he opened up to speak about it.

While it is not Disney’s or Lucasfilm’s fault at the hands of racist and bigoted fans, it has proven very difficult to quell ignorances and cognitive biases of some ugly sides of fandom.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been at the attacks by bigots since 2008. We have fended of bigots in ways at first that seems cruel, but when encountered, the sufferers begin to understand why we did what we did. From a small business standpoint, our acts are justified, because we cannot afford a large lawyer representation. Disney and Lucasfilm does not support our efforts. Their people were told lies about us and are fearful of our ire. But our ire was in place for our use until their own workers incurred utterly racist and bigoted attack for the last few years. All the while, our attacks are minimal.

We have our hate on our SENATOR YEMAJA pages.

So here is our small business auto block procedures:

Any post or comment that uses profanity without cause directed to us. We delete, sometimes report, and ban the attacker. Those attacks typically look like “what the f*ck is this sh*t” and use of hateful real life epithets like the N-word.

Massive number of posts when we have never interacted with you. Those attacks appear like more that 3-4 posts. We are not rated to deal with your stalker obsessions. We do not DM people we do not feel comfortable around.

Tag team attack. We don’t play that. Those attacks appear like @1, @2, @3-10 on a post that could be about art from a famous artist.

Telling us what to post — you don’t pay for our accounts, you don’t tell us how to post to it. Who died and made you gods? These attacks look like “you cannot say that. You can only post ____________”

Most of character accounts are in character. They will block on any attempts to learn who the MUNDANE is behind the account. These characters are stuck on social media, that is it. No more, no less. Forcing exposure is OUTING what SWAG77 is trying to do. If a user does not agree, move on, there are other accounts. We find irrational attacks, we will block. These attacks look like, “so you hate the [real life political issue today]?” to gain a confirmation of their beliefs than what we are doing — which is Star Wars.

It is our pages, our user names and involves what we are doing, and deciding to force us to admit something from long ago or unrelated to performance will get you blocked and we will move one. With that, we give you an in kind directive and you get snarky, you are ruining our ability to do business on our streams. Either you stay into the agreement or walk away. If you refuse — such as saying I can post what I want freedom of speech–we will block you. We do not go to anyone’s feeds intentionally to ruin their process, but for you to feel entitled to our posts and your not paying us, it is better for us to silence your bad behavior. What this attack looks like is the user intrudes into the conversation uninvited and speaks outside of the primary post, the user account request redirection and the attacker say “free speech, you should feel one over the other, that hasn’t been what I have expected–” the issue is it separates from the primary goal which is Star Wars online.

We do not sell your stuff. Overriding our ad links, will get you blocked. We have affiliates that we meet our business goals, like a fan table at Star Wars Celebration. When you interfere with our money, illegally, we just block since going after you legally cuts out of our budgets.

Refusal to read our blogs and not staying on topic. We are not only doing this for you. We are organized into a Star Wars fan group to portray our fandom respectfully. Just because you do not like one post is your decision. These attacks generally look like “I am going to UNLIKE this page because I hate XYZ Star Wars Established Canon Disney or otherwise” — you will be banned, your comment will be reported and/or erased. We do not care about your approach, it means you failed to read our blog notes on how we perform our MUSES and that we perform under a storyline arc. If you aren’t going to read and respect that, then we feel our accounts aren’t for your interactions.


Girl characters don’t get enough recognition and boy muns don’t get enough respect in the rp community. Sexism in this community is very real and vile. The rp community on here is very female dominated and that’s great! It’s so nice to see that but it means nothing if it becomes toxic. Female characters aren’t any less interesting, you’re just sexist. Male muns aren’t any less talented or serious (or whatever it is you make fun of them for, why do people do this?? idu) you’re just sexist. Maybe I’ve just been in the wrong circles but I’m so tired of the elitism, nothing makes you better than anyone else here.

Why we help is beyond us? Some folks are ungrateful.

But when fandom calls, we are eager to help anyway we can.

A fan artist created a great image of a lead character in Star Wars. We just felt that a few people at Lucasfilm should know about it and see it. So we shared it with our one contact with no promises.

Let’s hope the fan artist appreciates it. It’s the best thing to do in fandom. At least to us.


Hello, Dr. G- speaking. Owner of Star Wars Actors Guild 77 under Ariafya LLC. The history of our tiny fan group is listed on should you be interested. There is no need to prove more of it here.

Since our last cyberharassment attack by hateful individuals on Tumblr that fail to support Star Wars fandom and lie about other fans, I will share my thoughts as a Black woman who is engrossed in the Star Wars fandom and has minor support from Lucasfilm. 

To my haters, if I cannot garner your support for my cause, then I will ask you to pay, because your hate costs my health and my life on social media to fend off lies you perpetuate indiscriminately against me because you have no psychological filter or barrier to just scroll through and move on or block: 

Because of my level of education and my experiences, my going rate to read through your discordance and decipher your logic requires my professional expertise as a healthcare provider. I choose not to employ that under SWAG77, but it seems I have to do that now. I think I am owed that much and deserve that much to help you through your online social media emotional crisis.

My real life experience is entrenched in social justice for over 30 years. I’ve marched with Hosea Williams and Ralph Abernathy against the Klu Klux Klan in Georgia. I’ve spoken to Andrew Young and always to Christine Farris, sister of Martin Luther King, Jr. I have had conversations with several Nobel Laureates because of my scientific interests like the first person to show that there are organelles in cells, George Palade, and the first persons to prove that heart-liver transplants correct for Heredity Familial Hyperlipidemia, Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein. I’ve met Jonas Salk before he died. My grandfather was president of Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida, Dr. Richard V. Moore who use to work closely with Mary McLeod Bethune and met the Roosevelts…I come from that world and I made a heavy choice in 2008 to walk away from all of it, because why should I have to keep proving my worth to those who fail to do their appropriate search, study, research and reading? 

In 1988, my Amnesty International college group at Spelman put forth a decree at a national meeting to end Apartheid in South Africa. I helped write that proposal and I almost bled to death due to a health issue.

In 1992, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada in the area of town that rioted due to the Rodney King verdicts in the Los Angeles Riots. The City turned off the water and power in that community. I never told my parents because at that time, I was an adult.

I found another way to make change, through awareness programs and I chose health. But, I finished my degree and I moved to Texas, where I suffered a seizure in 2003. I came face to face with what healthcare duping was. I vowed to end that process in 2009 through supporting Obamacare. In 2004 through 2006, I had support of my local Seattle Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation with health care awareness initiatives. I had Pfizer and Swedish Hospital for support. I walked away from that due to health and career changes.

My career shows that in cardiac and pancreatic beta islet cells, DNA damage is similar to that in cancer cells. Since these cells do not divide, what do they do? I could not get funding under President Bush’s administration.

My other research says that regulators of G-protein coupled signalers (RGS proteins) that are along the blood vessels, can change cardiac output to adjust for blood pressures in mice. A scientist in my lab that had these animals for 2 years and no data got jealous of me and decided it was better to disparage me than to answer the key question why. My data was stolen as it was presented publicly without my advanced knowledge. Rather than incur the bigoted hate that I’d suffer, I walked away.

So I have no problem in walking away when foolishness starts because my health and disabilities are a major issue to me, but what I won’t do is quit when I create something forged from my own hands, because some fools think it is fair to hurt a Black woman like Zimmerman killing Trayvon in brutality. What will happen is I will move the Universe to shift in my favor. To some people, that hurts. But that is why.

Since I was small, I’ve loved Star Wars as a fan. My first book I purchased was Alan Dean Foster’s, “Splinter in the Mind’s Eye”. I’ve read several Star Wars books that are mostly Legends now. “NON CANON” as some fools would say, That is foolish, because ANY REAL CREATIVE INTELLIGENT PERSON DEVELOPS IDEAS FROM MANY SOURCES! It’s has always been a tidbit from one story, and addition of a trope here, and use of the literature elsewhere to create and fashion proper stories. Which is WHAT STAR WARS ACTORS GUILD 77 DOES. Then we perform them, which has slacked, I must admit to that, due to dealing with my parents being sick and me being sick. Life has not given us fairness lately. Sorry for that. I’ll try treat asshole fans who are selfish better.

But if you are the kind of Star Wars fan that wants to take a kernel of an idea and build through several pathways with a fair critique by professionals and perform it as a market focus group test, then SWAG77 can do that. Contact us at 

Otherwise, it’s just hearsay and conjecture.

We are about the business of telling stories creatively on social media… What are you about? Your own aggrandizement and narcissism? I’m tired of that. Block me and my business because we are serious.


Dear #StarWars Fan Police: Overpolicing Star Wars Fandom Brutality,

Fans express their fandom uniquely.  It is a personal choice. There is no one way to pursue fandom. Being a fan is about camaraderie and fun. It is about freedom of expression and exchange of ideas so that we all revel in delight. Fans come at different levels. Some just want to bask in the sunlight, and glide along the waves. Some fans want to dive deep into the ocean of the Star Wars milieu. Some fans want doctorates of literature, filmmaking, pop culture iconography in Star Wars. Some fans have Ph.D.’s in Star Wars.

But whatever one’s fandom, it is not lumping an entire group of fans into a pile and debasing or trolling them to hurt them.