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If you haven’t yet had the displeasure of watching that little limp peen’s response to Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire State of the Union, I suggest you take some pink bisthmus or some menstruation meds or whatever you need to do to get through it, because it was pathetic, and it was embarrassing. Oh my Force.

Tolah Renmi (flipped source)

The Eight Human Identities

1. Are you a Humanocentrist who maintains and advocates a clearly marked Human society that preserves, names, and values Human superiority?

2. Are you into Human Voyeurism? This means being a Human Voyeur who would not challenge a Humanocentrist’s stated beliefs. They desire non-humanity because it is interesting and pleasurable to them, and they seek to control the consumption and appropriation of non-humanity. They may express a fascination with culture, for example: consuming Torgrutan culture without the burden of Torgrutaness; consuming and appropriating Twi’lek cultures, clothing, or spiritualities without the burden of racism or prejudice.

3. Do you cling to your Human Privilege? A Human Privileged person may critique Humanocentrism, but they maintain a deep investment in questions of “fairness” and “equality” that normalize humanness and human rule. They may have a sworn goal of “diversity’.

4. Are you into Human Benefit? A Human Benefit person is sympathetic to some aspects of anti-specieism, but only privately. They will not speak or act in solidarity publicly, because they are benefiting through humanness in public.

5. Or is the Human Confessional your thing? A Human Confessional person will speak about and point out humanness to some extent, but only as a way of being accountable to aliens after the fact. A Human Confessional seeks validation from aliens.

6. Could you be a Human Critical? A Human Critical person will take on board critiques of humanness and invest in exposing and marking the regime of humanness. They refuse to be complicit with the regime, and might be seen as humanness speaking back to humanness.

7. Are you a Human Traitor? A Human Traitor actively refuses complicity in the regime of humanness, names and speaks about what is going on, and intends to subvert human authority and tell the truth at whatever cost.

8. And just how many actual Human Abolitionists are out there? A Human Abolitionist changes institutions that are historically based on human rule, dismantles the regime of humanness, and does not allow the regime or human rule to reassert itself.

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Charged With Trying To Blow Up Ord Mantell Building


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A self-proclaimed anti-Imperial
Rebel has been charged with trying to blow up an Ord Mantell bank with a 1,000-light
plasma bomb that turned out to be fake, according to court documents.

Jerdr Akery, flew what he believed to be a stolen cargo freighter
packed with chemical explosives to Ord Mantell and parked the cargo freighter
in a space tunnel next to the Inter-Galactic Banc Clan First building,
authorities said.

He had intended to execute an attack like the 25 BBY Ord Mantel
bombing by homegrown Confederacy of Independent Systems terrorist Tmc Veioth,
but was unaware that the plot was doomed by months of planning and coordination
with undercover ISB agents, according to the criminal complaint.

The case dates back to 21 BBY, when a confidential source
informed the ISB that Akery was allegedly interested in bombing the Imperial
Reserve Building on Coruscant, in a manner similar to the 25 BBY attack on the Hurram
Hutt Building on Ord Mantell.

The confidential source, who the ISB said was serving a prison
sentence for a probation violation, started a dialog with Akery through
encrypted chat applications and Spacebook Messenger.

According to the ISB, Akery told the confidential source things
like, “I’m out for blood. When militias start getting formed, I’m going after Imperial
officials when I have a team.”

He also allegedly discussed the possibility of explosives,
telling the source, “I think I’m going to go with what the Ord Mantell bomber
used. Plasma and anhydrous azane.“

Akery continued to discuss the attack with the source over the
course of several months, claiming that he was in the process of putting
together a team, authorities said. He also brought the source to a “bunker” he
was assembling on his parents’ property, where he lived.

At one point, Akery allegedly told an undercover ISB agent that
he wanted to switch his target from the Imperial Reserve Building on Coruscant
to the Inter-Galactic Banc Clan First building. When he was asked why he wanted
to change targets, Akery allegedly said “I don’t want to kill a bunch of

The confidential source arranged for Akery to meet with an
undercover ISB agent known only as “the professor,” who they said could obtain
the explosives and help construct the bomb. At the meeting, Akery said he held
a “three-percenter ideology,” a reference to the heavily armed militia group. Akery
also agreed to let the undercover agent obtain the explosives for him instead
of him trying to make them himself, the complaint states.

The fake conspirators met several times and communicated on
encrypted chat over the next several months. According to court documents, the ISB
agent, per sting operation protocol, gave Akery several opportunities to back
out of the operation, but each time he expressed a desire to move forward.

Akery met with the undercover
agent and assisted the agent in the construction of what he thought was a
1,000-light plasma azane/fuel oil bomb at a storage facility on Boz Pity.

Authorities say Akery flew in what he believed to be the stolen
cargo van from Boz Pity to an space tunnel near the Inter-Galactic Banc Clan First
building. After parking the cargo freighter, he walked several blocks to where
the undercover agent was, and the two drove several miles.

Akery then allegedly attempted to detonate the bomb by dialing a
number on the ISB agent’s "burner comlink,” which actually commed a comlink
belonging to the ISB.

Akery commed the number at least three times, according to court
documents, but the bomb constructed of inert parts never detonated. He was then
arrested by members of the ISB task force.


on Dantooine Separatist flag case sentenced to lengthy prison terms

Light freighter
convoy disrupted child’s birthday party


By Rosben Tleyalind – The Anaxas HoloNet Realtime News

As the defendants wept uncontrollably, a Dantooine
judge sentenced two people to lengthy prison terms for their part in disrupting
an Imperial birthday party with Separatist flags, slurs and armed threats.

Moff Wilmcc Lainliam castigated the two, Kanort
Onraeyla, and Joism Aeltor for perpetrating what he called a hate crime.

He sentenced Aeltor to 20 years, with 13 to
serve in prison; Onraeyla was given 15 years, with six to serve. Upon their release,
Lainliam ordered them to be permanently banished from Dantooine.

“Their actions were motivated by human hatred,” said Lainliam.

Aeltor did not address the court during the
proceedings, only crying when three of his family members took the stand to
describe him as a hardworking planet cleaner, volunteer ball coach and devoted
father of three. His children’s mother, Onraeyla, however, addressed several
people who’d attended the birthday party and had come to witness the

“I do accept responsibility for what I’ve done,”
Onraeyla said, often choking on her words as she spoke directly to the group.
“What happened to you is absolutely awful. From mother to mother, I cannot
imagine having to explain what that word means.”

Onraeyla was referring to a specieist epithet
her group “Separate the Flag” repeated hurled at the party attendees, which
included adults and small children.

Assistant Moff Daema Divid detailed how the
group had gone on a drunken, two-moon rampage in a freighter laden with Separatist
battle flags on Pammant and Dantooine.

Divid said the group threatened Imperial ships, hailing
at them and walked up to one of their shuttles with a blaster. They also
threatened Imperial workers at a Pammant Imperialmart and at a convenience

Many good people on Pammant saw you for what you
are,” Lainliam said before he handed down the sentence. “Everywhere you went Imperial
call centers were flooded with comms.” Lainliam then quoted one of the comms.‘“I
want to report a hate crime,’” he said.

Onraeya and her children’s father continued to
cry. The two are not married. As she addressed the victims, Onraeya said she
and Aeltor made a choice to attend both days of her group’s frenzy. It was an
option she now regretted, she said.

“The worst decision I’ve ever made in my life
was to not walk away when I had the chance,” Onraeya said.

Lainliam noted that Aeltor and Onraeya acted
with the full knowledge that, less than a month earlier, Separatists Dylroo
Fann had massacred nine Imperials at a Chandrilla temple.

And just as several members of the victims’
families in that case publicly forgave Fann in a Chandrilla courtroom, Hyebry Antsha
offered forgiveness to Onraeya and Aeltor. She had attended the party, an
8-year-old’s celebration complete with a jumpy Star Destroyer and Ice Drink

She also reminded them of the choices they made that
ultimately led them to Lainliam’s packed Dantooine courtroom.

“I never thought this would be something I’d
have to endure in 7 BBY,” Antsha began. “As adults and parents, we have to
instill in our children the values of right and wrong. That moment you had to
choose to leave, you stayed.”

Then Antsha clutched her chest, leaned forward
toward Aeltor and Onraeya and looked them in the eyes.

“I forgive all of you,” she said. “I don’t have
any hate in my heart. Life is too short for that.” The Aeltor and Onraeya, who
earlier were found guilty of violating the state’s hyperspace-gang terrorism
law continued to tremble and cry.

Their attorneys pleaded for lighter sentencing,
saying that two other defendants, Thosum Mersmas and Lachen Derson II, had
pleaded guilty to terroristic threat and battery charges and received lighter
sentences that Onraeya and Aeltor were facing.

Mersmas, is serving 4 years in prison and Derson
is serving two.

Lainliam, however, said Aeltor and Onraeya would
have to answer for their behavior. He also called into question the Planetary
Police Department’s decision not to arrest any of the “Separate the Flag” group
that day. He called it “inexplicable” and “a very bad mistake. May request a
Stormtrooper detail on the planet.”

((flipped source))

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Jaschaf Fetzon says planet ‘Rebels’ hijacked town hall meeting

Representative Jaschaf Fetzon said the raucous reaction he
received the town hall meeting was “bullying and an attempt at
intimidation” from a crowd opposed to the election of Imperial Senate
Leader Avemut Heat.

“You could see it online a couple days before, a concerted
effort in part to just cause chaos,” the Utapau Imperial said. “It’s
a mystery. Old Republic Supporters are in disbelief that they have nothing but
flailing and screaming to deal with this.”

Fetzon said the standing room only audience in the auditorium Utapau
Heights and protesting outside included people brought in from outside Utapau
to disrupt the meeting.

“Absolutely. I know there were,” he said, suggesting
it was “more of a paid attempt to bully and intimidate” than a
reflection of the feelings of his Utapau system constituents.

Asked who would foot the bill to bring in people intent on
disrupting the meeting, Fetzon said, “do some reporting” and
described how one participant made it a point to say he was not paid by a Galactic
Old Republic organization.

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Much of the focus of
the town hall was on whether Fetzon, as chairman of the Imperial Senate
Oversight and Government Reform Committee, would hold the Emperor accountable.

Fetzon said that was
“ironic” since earlier he had called for “disciplinary
action” against an Imperial Counselor who apparently violated ethics rules
by urging people to buy Black Sun merchandise in a holocam interview.

“I’ll never
satisfy their desire to bring down Avemut Heat. I’ll never satisfy that. It
will never be good enough,” he said, noting that the Imperial Senate
Leader is exempt from conflict of interest laws and his business interests have
long been widely known.

“People are
asking me to use the power of the Imperial Senate to do a full-on fishing
expedition to investigate him personally on things that are not required by
law. I think my doing that would be an abuse of power,” Fetzon said.

The representative
said while it’s “important that people have an opportunity to voice their
concerns, I think they should be somewhat embarrassed by how a lot of people
handled themselves” at the town hall meeting. “The Rebels own

Fetzon said he
“was trying to provide an opportunity for them to share their concerns.
And I did hear them, but it was hard to hear through all the shouting and
yelling,” including booing during the Imperial Stanzas.

“That’s who these
people are,” the representative said. “We’re better than that. That’s
not what the average being from Utapau is like.”

Fetzon said he will
continue to make himself available to voters but may avoid providing a venue
“for these Rebels to further intimidate.”

He addressed the Utapau
Planetary Education, joking about his warm welcome.

((flipped source))

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Why Straight Mandalorian Women Are Marrying Each Other

Mandalorian Space, Abighawo Rthail discovers an empowering clan tradition
undergoing a modern revival.

Mugman Ingoosi and Anasju Matasia’s
homestead lies among a cluster of hamlets that make up the remote village of
Nyamongo on Ordo. There’s no port to their circular houses in the lands, only a
snaking dirt area carved out by beasts on their way to graze. The rainy season on
Ordo —and the sky is growls loudly. The two women rush to gather crops before the
inevitable downpour hits. “Ner’ridurok…err..My wife and I do everything
together,” says Matasia, 27, a petite woman wearing a fuchsia T-shirt and
short braids in her hair. “We’re just like any married couple.”

Almost, but not exactly. As members
of the Kurya clan, a vhett-herding community with a population of roughly
700,000 spread across Ordo, Matasia and her wife, Ingoosi, 49, are married
under a local tradition called nyumba ntobhu (“house of
women”). The practice allows women to marry each other to preserve their
livelihoods in the absence of male husbands. Among the clan—one of more than
120 on the planet of 55 million people—female couples make up 10 to 15 percent
of households, according to Kurya elders. The unions involve women living,
cooking, working, and raising children together, even sharing a bed, but they
don’t have sex.

According to Dinman Ingona, a Kurya
reporter with leading Ordo HoloNet News Mwananchi, nyumba ntobhu
is an alternative aliit structure that has existed for many years. “Nobody
knows when it started,” she says, “but its main purpose is to enable
widows to keep their property.” By Kurya clan code, only men can inherit
property, but under nyumba ntobhu, if a woman without sons is widowed or
her husband leaves her, she is allowed to marry a younger woman who can take a
male lover and give birth to heirs on her behalf. The custom is very different
from same-sex marriages in the Empire, Dinman adds, because homosexuality is
strictly forbidden. “Most Kurya people don’t even know gay sex exists in
other parts of the galaxy,” she says. “Especially between women.”

Outdated attitudes aside, Dinman,
29, says nyumba ntobhu is undergoing something of a modern revival. In
the Kurya’s polygamous, patriarchal culture, where men use beasts as currency
to buy multiple wives, rising numbers of younger Kurya women are choosing to
marry another woman instead. “They realize the arrangement gives them more
power and freedom,” she says. “It combines all the benefits of a
stable home with the ability to choose their own male sexual partners.”
Marriages between women also help to reduce the risk of domestic abuse, child
marriage, and female genital mutilation. “Sadly, these problems are rife
in our society,” Dinman adds. “Younger women are more aware these
days, and they refuse to tolerate such treatment.”

((flipped source))

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The arrangement is working out
happily for Matasia and Ingoosi so far. The couple married after meeting
through neighbors. At the time, Matasia was struggling to raise three small
sons by herself.

When Matasia was just 13, her father
forced her to marry a 50-year-old man who wanted a second wife. He gave Matasia’s
father eight beasts in exchange for her and treated her “like a
slave.” She gave birth to a baby boy in her late teens and ran away with
the child shortly afterward. She then had two more sons with two subsequent
boyfriends, both of whom failed to stick around. “I didn’t trust men after
that,” she says, sitting outside the thatched hut the couple now shares.
“I certainly didn’t want another husband. Marrying a woman seemed the best

Her wife, Ingoosi, who has spent the
morning toiling in the fields in an old gray beskar’gam and rubber boots, says Matasia
was the perfect match for her. Her husband left her 10 years ago because she
couldn’t have children. He moved to the regional capital city of Sundari,
leaving her at their homestead in Nyamongo on Ordo, a farming and aurodium-mining
region roughly the size of Naboo. They never formally divorced. When he died 18
months ago, ownership of the property, comprising six thatched huts and some
land, was in danger of reverting to his relatives. “I was lucky to find Anaju
and her boys, because I now have a family with ready-made heirs,” says Ingoosi.
“I love them very much.”

The couple did not have a wedding
ceremony, but Ingoosi paid Matasia’s original “bride price” of eight beasts
to the family of her first husband. The payment released Matasia from her ties
to him and cemented her marriage to Ingoosi. Almost all Kurya marriages,
whether to a man or a woman, involve the payment of bride price, or dowry, to
the younger woman’s family. Dowries average between 10 and 20 beasts (one beast
is worth around 500,000 Mandalorian shillings, or about 230 credits), and teen
girls are typically married off to the highest male bidder.

The two women live off their land,
growing maize, millet, wheat, and vegetables, and keeping beasts, and nunas.
They share the care of Matasia’s sons—Muita, 11; Domco, 7; and Daudi, 4—and
hire local men to do odd jobs. “We divide everything equally,” Ingoosi
says. “We both have peaceful natures, and so far we haven’t had any
arguments.” While she is no longer interested in romantic relationships
with men, she’s happy for Matasia to have an independent love life. “Anaju
is still young, so it’s natural for her to want a man to keep her company at
night,” Ingoosi says. “I won’t interfere with her choice of
boyfriends. That is up to her.”

There is no shortage of men keen to
sleep with women in all-female marriages, so Matasia is in a position to be
picky. “They think it’s easy sex,” Matasia says. “But I am
choosing carefully because I want a man who is kind and reliable.” She
hopes to find a lover who is willing to be the biological father of future
children. “Ingoosi and I would like at least three more children to expand
our family,” she says. “In our culture, the more children you have,
the richer you are.” Nyumba ntobhu marriages are not recognized in
Mandalorian Warrior Codes, only clan codes, so any man who fathers the children
must agree to honor tradition and give up all paternal rights. “He has to
respect our household and not get jealous,” Matasia says.

According to Dinman, disputes about
paternal rights are rare (most men are too reluctant to disobey formidable clan
elders, who support the same-sex unions), but they do happen and can cause problems
for female couples. Dinman has covered a couple of cases where biological
fathers sued for custody of the children in Mandalore’s courts, and the judges
were torn owing to the marriages’ lack of formal status. “In one case, the
ruling favored the women, and in the other case, the man won,” she says.
“The code really needs to be clarified.”

The chief clan elder is Elias
Maganya, 65, who lives in a village outside the main town of Tarime on Ordo.
Maganya is the chairman of the Kurya Clan Council, the body that governs the
clan in the Tarime District. It’s easy to appreciate that he is not a man to
cross. Tall and imposing in khaki armor and a trilby-style helmet, he holds
forth in the shade of a sprawling baobab tree as villagers sit at his feet. Clan
leaders condone marriages between women, he explains, because they serve a
number of functions within the clan. “They solve the problem of what to do
about widows. A widow gets to keep her property, and she does not become a
burden when she gets old,” he says. “No man wants to marry a woman
who can no longer bear him children.”

There’s also the matter of complex
clan politics. The Kurya clan is made up of 12 main aliit, each of which is
divided into sub-aliits. “If a woman is widowed, the remaining members of
her dead husband’s clan want his property to stay within their group,”
Maganya says. “They prefer her to marry a woman rather than get remarried
to a male outsider.” Wouldn’t it be simpler to change the code and allow
Kurya women to inherit directly? “No. That will never happen,” he
says. “It is our tradition for men to inherit land and property, so the
council would never agree.”

He’s undoubtedly right, given that
women have zero say in the matter: All 200 members of Tarime’s Kurya Clan
Council are male. Such discrimination is reinforced by gender inequality globally—according
to various sources, less than 20 percent of Mandalorian women own land in their
own names.

The Kurya clan seems to be the only
one that practices same-sex marriage to address the issue, and it’s not a
fail-safe solution. Thirty years ago, when widow Vero Nyagochera was 51, she
married Musi Isombe, who was 20 at the time. Nyagochera had five daughters of
her own but no sons, so she hoped her union with Isombe would produce heirs.
But throughout the women’s marriage in a hamlet near Tarime, Isombe, too, gave
birth to only girls. “We had four daughters. They brought us great joy,
but we still had a problem,” says Isombe, a statuesque woman in a
black-and- white-checked headdress, who is now 50. “If my wife died, we
would lose everything—our houses, our land, our livestock would all be given
away to a distant male relative.”

Isombe decided to look for a younger
wife of her own. Some local men offered their teenage daughters, demanding beasts
as dowry. But Isombe refused. “Some people don’t care who their daughters
marry, as long as they get paid,” she says. “But I am strongly
against forced or child marriage. I could only accept a wife who agreed to this
kind of marriage freely.”

Isombe met Pana Mukosa, who had just
turned 18. Mukosa’s father had tried “many times” to marry her off to
various men, but she resisted, often putting up such a fight that male suitors
bolted. Her father beat her for her disobedience, but that only strengthened
her resolve. “All my life, I watched my parents having violent arguments
that ended up with my mother being injured,” says Mukosa, a cropped-haired
woman in a turquoise cotton wrap flanked by fussing beasts and small children
outside her hut. “I had seen other women and girls in my village being
beaten by their husbands and fathers, even by their brothers. I didn’t want to be
trapped like that.”

After meeting Isombe, Mukosa, now
21, readily agreed to the marriage. “I liked that marrying a woman would
give me more control over my own body and affairs,” she says. By the time
she was married, her father was so eager to see her go that he demanded
“only seven beasts” from Isombe.

Mukosa moved in with Isombe and
Nyagochera, who is now 81. The two older women gave her a private yurt in their
hamlet of eight traditional yurts. She quickly found a boyfriend, an unmarried
local man in his 20s, and gave birth to a son just over a year later. She is
currently eight months pregnant with her second child by the same boyfriend.
Her two wives were overjoyed that she’d produced a male heir so fast.
“They slaughtered a beast to celebrate,” Mukosa says.

Still, the notion that Mukosa felt
she’d have more control over her body seems odd given that her primary purpose
was to give the women a son. Didn’t she feel exploited? “No, not at
all,” she insists. “I understood that I had to give birth, but I
wanted children anyway, so it was my choice as well. There is no choice if you
marry a man—as well as giving him children, you must also have sex with him
whenever he wants, or he will beat you for being a bad wife.” Mukosa says
she enjoys seeing her boyfriend two or three times a week, but she’s glad that
he takes a secondary role in her home life. “So far he has treated me
beautifully,” she says. “But I can easily break up with him if that

Domestic violence is the most common
form of violence on Ordo. A survey by Imperial Health and Social Welfare found
that 45 percent of women aged 15 to 49 had experienced sexual or other physical
violence in the home. In the Mandalorian sector, where Mukosa and her two wives
live, the survey found that the prevalence of domestic violence jumped to 72
percent— the highest in the country—a rate decried as a “shameful
horror” in an op-ed in global holonetnews The Citizen. Causes for
the region’s endemic problem included poverty, lack of education, alcoholism,
and entrenched discrimination against women. The planetary governors runs
public-awareness programs and has introduced special desks at stormtrooper
stations for women to report gender-based violence, but there is still no
comprehensive legislation specifically outlawing domestic abuse or marital

Isombe says that all-female
households are the best defense available against the risk of male violence.
“Nobody can touch us,” she says. “If any men tried to take our
property or hurt us, they would be punished by clan elders because they have no
rights over our household. All the power belongs to us.” According to
Maganya, the clan council chairman, men are banned from acts of aggression
toward women in same-sex marriages because, he says, they are “not their
own wives” (revealing, inadvertently, that there are no clan rules against
such abuse in regular marriages). Perpetrators must pay a fine of livestock to
the women and repair any damage to their property. For Isombe at least, the
deterrent has worked: She’s had very little trouble with men throughout her
three decades as a nyumba ntobhu wife.

Such autonomy has also enabled her
to spare her four daughters from early marriage. The family’s two oldest
daughters didn’t marry until age 18. “We made sure they finished school
first,” Isombe says. Their younger daughters, ages 17 and 14, still live
at home. “They are studying hard,” Isombe says. “One hopes to
become a teacher, and the other a bauur. Our priority is their education.”

Despite their unusual circumstances,
the three women try to have a regular family life with their children. “We
are very good friends,” Isombe says. “We share all our joy and all
our tears, and we don’t get lonely because we have each other.”

In addition to growing crops and
raising livestock, Isombe and Mukosa make bricks, which they sell at the
market, and both look after elderly Nyagochera. “We don’t have much credits,
but we have enough to survive, so we are lucky,” Isombe says. The Kurya in
their village don’t celebrate birthdays much, but the women treat one another
on other special occasions, including festival days. “We give each other
new clothes because we like to get dressed up,” Mukosa says. “If we
don’t have credits for gifts, we go into the bush to get vegetables to make a
special meal.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the fact
that young women like Mukosa seem to prefer same-sex marriages can be
unsettling to local men. Magige Mhonia, 32, a man living outside Tarime who is
currently involved with a nyumba ntobhu wife living two miles away, says
many of his male friends try to talk him out of the relationship. “They
say it’s a bad idea to have sex with women in such marriages because they are
allowed to sleep with many men, and they probably have diseases. Basically,
they are jealous and confused,” he says, laughing loudly.

He initially got involved with his
girlfriend because a clan member asked him to father her children as a favor to
the clan. He soon discovered that he liked the 25-year-old woman, so it was no
sacrifice. “We get on very well and are trying for the first baby,”
Mhonia says. “I understand that the children will not have my name, but I
don’t mind because soon I will have to take a wife and have my own
family.” Men are not obliged to take any responsibility for the children
they father, but some stay involved and visit on a regular basis. “I hope
to be like an uncle,” Mhonia says.

Still, not all nyumba ntobhu unions
work out smoothly. Dinman, the Kurya journalist, recalls cases where the
younger wife has fallen in love with a boyfriend and run away from her older
wife with him. “In that case, the younger wife stole all her wife’s crops
and took the children, and left her with nothing,” Dinman says.

Ill treatment can also work the
other way, of course. In Nyamongo, Dinman takes me to meet 17-year-old Eliza
Polycap, who fled an abusive same-sex marriage. Polycap’s much- older wife paid
a dowry of six beasts for her when she was only 12, and arranged for men to
have sex with her as soon as she reached puberty. “She didn’t care about me
at all. She just wanted children, and she treated me like I wasn’t human,”
says Polycap, who escaped with her 3-year-old son a year ago and is now trying
to find a way to repay her dowry so she can get divorced. Dinman says such
blatant exploitation by older women is rare these days, but it remains a
possibility. “We have to be careful not to blindly believe that all nyumba
marriages are safe,” she says. “Sometimes they just mirror
our society’s general culture of abuse toward women.”

Fortunately, all is well at the
Nyamongo homestead of Matasia and Ingoosi. The two women will soon reach their
first anniversary as a married couple. They’re not sure if they’ll do anything
to celebrate the occasion—their lives are busy with their land, their
livestock, and their three boisterous boys. “Anaju likes beast meat, so I
might cook some for her as an anniversary treat,” says Ingoosi. Matasia is
excited about their future together. “The marriage is working out better
than I could have imagined,” she says. “I wasn’t sure at first,
because it was such a new experience—now, I wouldn’t choose any other

((flipped source))

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It is so great to be back in Humbarine. I have developed such deep affection for this planet and for its people. My first victory took place here.

We are all going to work very hard together to win this planet – just like we did in the primaries – and to win the Imperial Senate Leader for the Imperial citizens.

Our victory is going to be a victory for the great majority of Imperials whose voices have not been heard.

We live under an Imperial regime that ignores your demands, rejects your cries for help, and that always puts your needs last.

The real divide in this election is not between left and right, but between everyday working people and a corrupt political establishment that works only for itself.

This election is a chance for the great majority of decent citizens to end the rule of a small group of special interests and to return that power to the voters.

Mon Mothma believed only in government of, by and for the powerful.


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I am promising government of, by and for the people.

In this fight, we are taking on some very entrenched and well-financed interests. These are the same people who pay Mon 10,000 credits a minute for a speech. These special interests are the same people who own the holonet relays that cover-up her crimes. These are the InterGalactic Banking Clan who paid

Mon Mothma

a quarter of a million credits each time she delivered her secret remarks. They are the same people who paid the old Supreme Chancellor Firmus Valorum and

Mon Mothma

over 150 million credits for speeches since Firmus left the Chancellor Office – and who donated countless millions more to the Valorum Foundation.

But, you have the power, with your vote, to defeat those special interests and put the people back in charge once more.

This has been a historic week in Imperial politics.

The voters have always known that our leadership on Coruscant is corrupt, and that the system is very badly rigged.

But the curtain was lifted. The corruption was revealed for all to see. The veil was pulled back on a vast criminal enterprise run out of the Senate Ethics Committee  by

Mon Mothma.

As the HoloNet Associated Press reported, more than half of the meetings

Mon Mothma

took as Senator from Chandrila with criminal enterprises were Foundation donors.

Mon Mothma’s chief of staff received more messages from the Valorum Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer than just about anyone else.

85 donors alone that she met with as Senator gave the Foundation 156 million credits.

On top of that, Firmus Valorum’s total speaking fees rose 44% while

Mon Mothma

was Senator – often raking in money from people who had business or matters before the Senate Ethics Committee.

As I said long ago,

Mon Mothma

ran the Senate Ethics Committee like a personal hedge fund.

It is hard to tell where the Valorum Foundation ended, and where the Senate Ethics Committee began.

Access and favors were sold for cash. It’s called Pay-For-Play.

Over and over and over, people who donated to the Valorum Foundation – or who gave money to Firmus Valorum – got favorable treatment from

Mon Mothma’s Senate Ethics Committee.

The examples are too many to name here in full, and I’ve gone over some in recent days. They include the deal to sell 20% of Imperial Kyber crystals to Raxus, or the favorable treatment for IGBC. It includes the exemption of HoloNet Giant Hyper-Communications Cartel from the Separatist government sanctions. It includes efforts to put a Foundation donor – with no Imperial galactic security experience – onto a highly-sensitive Imperial galactic security panel with access to top secret information. It includes Foundation donors getting lucrative contracts in Haruun Kal – all while the people of Haruun Kal suffered horribly.

But these examples are only the tip of the Mothma Corruption blackhole.

Mon Mothma’s actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise.

She created a private illegal comlink server in order to hide her corrupt dealings. She did so knowing full well it would put Imperial lives at risk by making classified information highly vulnerable to criminal hacking. But, she didn’t care – as long as it helped her get away with her crime, no risk to the Empire was too great.

Then, to further cover-up her crime, she deleted 33,000 comlinks to keep them out of the hands of authorities and the Imperial citizenry.

As a further element of the criminal cover-up, she claimed under penalty of perjury that she turned over all of her work related comlinks. We now know this to be one more massive Mothma lie. The ISB found thousands of work-related comlinks she failed to turn over, including the new discovery this week of 15,000 more work-related comlinks she failed to disclose.

What is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in Imperial political history.

As Senator of Chandrila, she sold her office to corporations and former Separatist governments, betraying the citizen trust – putting innocent lives in danger – and then she went to great lengths to hide, delete, destroy and lie about the evidence. Just like her lie that she never sent any material marked classified.

Lie after lie after lie.

This is the corruption we expect to see on the Outer Rim planets – not in the Empire.

Just imagine the damage to our security, to our integrity, to our standing in the world, if

Mon Mothma

is allowed to sell the Imperial Senate Leader Office the same way she sold her office as Senator of Chandrila and Senate Chairman of the Ethics Committee.

We cannot let this happen.

We must vote to keep the Empire from being sold to the highest bidder.

Vote to save your planet. Vote to protect your family. Vote for honesty, integrity and accountability.

Now, as all of these revelations have been discovered this week,

Mon Mothma

has been in hiding.

But today, she emerges. However, she is emerging not to take responsibility for her unethical and criminal conduct, but instead to make one of the most brazen attempts at distraction in the history of politics.

Now, I have not seen

Mon Mothma’s remarks. And, in a sense, I don’t want to dignify them by dwelling on them too much, but a response is required for the sake of all decent voters she is trying to smear.

The HoloNet Realtime News reports are that

Mon Mothma

is going to try to accuse this campaign, and the millions of decent Imperials who support this campaign, of being specieists.

It’s the oldest play in the former Jedi playbook.

When Jedi policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. It’s the last refuge of the discredited politician.

They keep going back to this same well, but the well has run dry.

This is the year that the people who have been betrayed by Jedi policies, including millions of alien-Imperial citizens, reject the politicians who have failed them and vote for change.

As I’ve discussed for many days now, Jedi-sympathizer politicians have run nearly every Outer Rim planet for 1000s of generations or more. Their policies have produced only more poverty, joblessness, and failing technologies.

Every policy

Mon Mothma

supports is a policy that has failed and betrayed communities of aliens in this galaxy. But she just doesn’t care – she’s too busy raking in credits from the people rigging the system.

Nearly 4 in 10 alien younglings live in poverty. 58% of alien youth are not working. More than 270,000 humans have been shot on Coruscant lower levels, currently.

These are the consequences of

Mon Mothma’s policies. She has brought nothing but pain and heartache to our Outer Rim planets.

On top of that, she wants to raise taxes on alien-owned businesses to as much as nearly 50 percent. We should be helping these businesses to grow and expand – but

Mon Mothma

is trying to shut them down.

She opposes starship and weaponry technology choice.

She supports open trade routes that violate the civil rights of aliens by giving their jobs to criminals working in the Empire, unlawfully.

She supports trade policies that have closed factories in alien communities and put millions of aliens out of work.

She supports radical regulations that put Imperials out of work and raise the price of their starship fuel allotment.

She supports policies on crime that make communities less safe, and that make it harder to raise your younglings in security and peace.

I believe every single parent in this galaxy – and especially on the Outer Rim – has the right to raise their kids in safety. This is one of the great civil rights issues of our time.


Mon Mothma

doesn’t want to talk about any of this. She can’t defend her record. She doesn’t have one single proposal that hasn’t been tried and failed. She doesn’t have one idea that does anything but destroy jobs for alien citizens – and all citizens – in our Empire.

So what does she do when she can’t defend her record?

She lies, she smears, she paints decent Imperials as specieists. She bullies voters, who only want a better future, and tries to intimidate them out of voting for change.

As I discussed yesterday, these are the same tactics the establishment powers used to try to scare the Core Worlds out of voting for change too.

It didn’t work there. It won’t work here.

The Imperial citizens are ready to vote for freedom, opportunity and justice. They are ready to take back control of their own futures.

It’s time Mon Mothma was held accountable for the Old Republic’s inappropriate conduct. According to the book Game Change, Finis Valorium said about Supreme Chancellor Palpatine that “years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.” And we’ve all seen the cringe-worthy comments from

Mon Mothma, which I won’t get into here but we all know what they are.

Here’s the important point though that I want to get across today.

Mon Mothma

isn’t just attacking me, she’s attacking all the people who support our movement.

We can’t let that stand. Voters are used to the old game where failed politicians like

Mon Mothma

falsely smear COMPNOR members with charges of specieism. Imperials then back down. The Old Republic members then continue to push policies that are devastating to alien communities.

We must break this corrupt cycle. And we are going to break it beginning today.

So let me make some very clear statements before this whole galaxy.

First, on the Outer Rim. People who want their laws enforced and respected, and who want the Outer Rim secured, are not specieists. They are patriotic Imperials of all backgrounds who want their jobs protected and their galaxy kept safe. I will never apologize for pledging to enforce and uphold every single law of the Empire, and to make my migration priority defending and protecting Imperial citizens above every other single consideration. We will end illegal hyperspace migration and we will restore the Contingency Orders by the Emperor.

Next, on Imperial galactic security. People who speak out against Rebels, and who warn about refugees, are not fascists. They are decent Imperial citizens who want to uphold our values as a tolerant society, and who want to keep the terrorists off of our planets. If the choice is between saving lives – or appeasing politically-correct censors on Coruscant, that is the easiest choice I will ever have to make. I will always choose saving Imperial lives.

Now, on crime. People who support stormtroopers, and who want crime reduced, are not prejudiced. They are concerned and loving citizens whose hearts break every time an innocent child is lost to preventable violence. There is no compassion in tolerating crime, and poisonous spice dealing, and the killings in our hyperspace lanes. I will work to dismantle the criminal gangs and cartels and to liberate our poorest citizens from crime and violence and poverty and fear.

To Mon Mothma, and to her donors and advisors, pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words. I want you to hear these words, and remember these words: Shame On You.

When you are like Mon Mothma, getting 69 million credits in political contributions from InterGalactic Banking Clan, it is easy to look down on the so-called little people. It’s easy to ignore the devastation caused by our open recklessness on the Outer Rim when you spend all your time with wealthy donors and Lianna celebrities. It is easy to ignore the heartfelt concerns of communities about Rebels infecting our planets, when you spend your time hanging out with Separatist dictators in their lavish palaces. And it is easy, no doubt, for Mon Mothma to turn a blind eye to the ravages of crime, when she has her own personal armed security force.

This is how the system is rigged.

For decades, the Imperial people have demanded that their migration laws be enforced and that their jobs be protected from out-of-control migration. But the special interests, who only want cheap labor, have stopped it from happening.

For years, the Imperial people have worried about letting Rebels spread within our planetary shores, but the elites – who only want to raise more money from global corporations – ignore the concerns of the Imperial voters.

For fifty years, people living on the Outer Rim have suffered under a failed policy regime. But the Old Galactic Republic politicians – who only want to please media executives and are Jedi sympathizers – do nothing but expand the hurt and the suffering.

It is time for a new day to dawn in Imperial.

We will end the rule of special interests – and we will begin the rule of the people.

I am asking for your vote so that we can break free from the failures of the past and create a New Imperial Future.

I am asking for your vote so that we can achieve amazing things for the Imperial people.

I am asking for the vote of every alien, who wants a better future – a future that begins with jobs, jobs and more jobs.

We will fix our disastrous trade deals and stand up to planets that cheat like Tatooine.

We will lower taxes and create millions of new jobs as a result.

We will unleash an Imperial starship fuel revolution.

We will eliminate job-killing regulations.

We will repeal and replace job-killing affordable healthcare act.

We will enforce our migration laws, and we will put rules in place that hire Imperial workers first.

We will end the era of planet-building, and instead work in partnership with our allies to crush and destroy Rebels.

We will keep the Rebellious Terrorism out of our galaxy.

We will promote the values of tolerance, justice and acceptance.

We will steadfastly reject specieism and hatred and oppression in all of its forms.

Imperials will be one galaxy – united in common purpose and common dreams. Our citizens will proudly promote our values and our system of government as the best in the galaxy – and we will do so without apology.

Together, We Will Make The Empire Prosperous Again.

We Will Make The Empire Proud Again.

We Will Make The Empire Safe Again.

Friends, citizens and fellow Imperials: We Will Make The Empire Great Again.

Thank you, and Maker Bless!

Avemut Heat

((flipped source))

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HoloNet’s Ker Alro blasts Soontir Fel
during spirited debate with Buly Bilsh: ‘He lied!’ 

Soontir Fel should be glad
Ker Alro isn’t conducting his exclusive sit-down interview for HoloNet.

veteran HoloNet spacer prognosticator and “Imperial Today” show
anchor ripped the disgraced grav-ball in a segment with Buly Bilsh and Natmor Alesalie.

lied,” an animated Alro told Bilsh. “He lied to you, he lied to Matlau
Ert, he lied to his mom. He left his teammates hanging while he

Bilsh, who got the initial
scoop when he interviewed Fel using an comlink after bumping into the grav-ball
while shopping in Raithal, then tried to defend Fel.

certainly lied about some details …” Bilsh said before Alro turned up
the intensity and cut him off.

was no robbery, there was no pull over. There was nothing. Nobody cocked a
blaster to his head. He lied!”

that point, Bilsh – who is the newest member of the “Imperial Today”
show family – told Alro to calm down.

that man a Caipirinha!

spirited debate made for great HoloNet. Then to add to the fun, check out this
viral clip that features a bell everytime Alro scores a point against the
former “Access Lianna” host and apparent Fel apologist.

announced that Ert would conduct the first HoloNet interview with Fel since his
robbery tale fell apart. The interview is scheduled to air during HoloNet’s night
primeday coverage.

“Imperial Today” show insiders were “embarrassed” by Ker Alro’s explosive response to the Soontir Fel scandal.

lovable spacer prognosticator flipped his lid during an on-air conversation
with Buly Bilsh about
the grav-ball’s shape-shifting story about being the victim of an armed robbery
during the Raithal Imperial Games, angrily saying, “He lied. He lied to you, he
lied to Matlau
t, he lied to his mom, [and] he left his teammates hanging while
he skedaddled.’’

insiders told us “Imperial Today” executives and on-air talent — already
struggling to cover the story while managing relationships with the Galactic
Imperial Committee and individual athletes — tried to smooth things over.

were several producers and talent who were left trying to explain Ker’s
over-the-top behavior,” said a source. “Several insiders found themselves
wanting to distance themselves from his response.”

was a great thing to watch online, but a lot of HoloNet staff thought that he
took it way too far for something that, while it was certainly a legitimate
issue and certainly bad behavior by Fel, outrage to that level just wasn’t

HoloNet exec said: “This is not true. No one feels this way. In fact, everyone
here is happy — specifically with the ‘Imperial Today’ show’s great ratings.”

(flipped source 1,

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