Grand Admiral Thrawn Does Have Peerage

Peerage is how titles are bestowed on to monarchs and ruling classes.

By the time Mitth’raw’nuruodo was alive there were rumors of his family circulating: how the Mitth Ruling Family’s reduced power in the Syndicure. That their new recruits are less capable as other Ruling Families, in ranking and political strength, there was something about Thrawn. He discovers his genetic heritage through his family’s art and possibly who is his family. Then, legal ramifications of his discovery as to strengthen Mitth Ruling Family’s rule and maintaining their genetic bloodlines, while introducing outsiders that can fortify the lines to never go extinction.

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The Purrgils Took Thrawn, Ezra & 7th Fleet To The Planet, Zonama Sekot

Zonama Sekot is a planet outside of the Unknown Regions nearing a different galaxy. It has a planetary consciousness or soul called SEKOT who possesses the Feorreans called a JABITHA. The planet can move by a hyperdrive installed by the Gray Jedi, Leor Haell.

In the book ROGUE PLANET by Greg Bear, a very special starship is built on a planet, Zonama Sekot. A few galactic inhabitants know about this planet’s existence, location, and unique starships. This starship is alive and connects to the best pilots by an organic ceremony that shapes the ship to the pilot. The Jedi know about the ships and decide to get one built —

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Access To Entire Fanfic: The Fancy Dress Ball and The Photograph


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In this kind of ancient photography art, they appear like a usual couple without any worries.

They turn to each other as they stare into each other’s eyes profoundly, and without further words, they start to devour one another’s with kisses. Sabine drops the photograph out of her hand while Thrawn drops his cane as their tongues entwine and their hands rub over their bodies intensely. Then, Thrawn swings Sabine up as she lands, straddling his hips. He holds her butt in place and moves her body up and down and around against his hard erect dick. His top hat could not physically stay at its position as his head twists from his make-out session with Sabine. Thrawn nearly trips over his feet to move his small steps forward to step out to the balcony holding Sabine in his arms while he kisses her neck. There were Bordeaux-colored roses bushes that emit a delicate scent that permeates the air. The aphrodisiac fragrance heightens their desires as Thrawn backs Sabine into a corner wall on the balcony. His warm breath on her neck moves his lips and tongue to kiss her earlobe, and he whispers, “I will take you right here, Sab’ika, if we don’t stop this immediately.“

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Ti faccio una promessa…Sarò il tuo piú grande rimpianto…


(Originally from Naisefireworks)

A manip of artwork. Fair Use. For fanfic ALIIT VUCON’OCIR

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Work in progress (WIP)

SWAG77 Patreon Review: Sabine Wren Supports Lil NasX and “Call me by your name, Loras…”


Sabine Wren must have agency.

Loras is the Mando’a (Mandalorian language) nickname Sabine Wren gave to Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo. He accepted it. Loras in Mando’a means “raw meat,” and the middle part of Thrawn’s name is “raw,” so Sabine saw Thrawn as meaty, and so she called him that.

Lil Nas X’s music video is “Call Me By Your Name.” Parents say Lil Nas X is peddling pedophilia because most of his fans are children. Lil Nas X’s responded–

Sabine Wren’s WordPress Character Account states her thoughts.

SWAG77 Patreon Headcanon: The Forbidden Knowledge of the Chiss Ruling Family History and the Decadent Chiss

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The SWAG77 headcanon is the Mitth Ruling Family ancestors were Decadent Chiss. Grand Admiral Thrawn, who joined the Mitth Ruling Family, was a part of the Decadent Chiss. These Chiss ancestors —

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Thrawn X Sabine Wren: A Romance To Remember


But the roleplay fanfic performance failed. SWAG77 wrote the fanfic and posted it on AO3. The adult fanfiction is a WIP on AO3 called Aliit Vucon’ocir — a romance, and as explained below, partially that may change over time.

When Thrawn appears in Star Wars Rebels, he had information on the Lothalian Rebels, their names and dossiers given to him by the Empire, and his private searches on the holonet. As a Grand Admiral, he studied it thoroughly. Then he devised a battle plan against the Rebels based on the Imperial incursions stated in the reports.

Thrawn planned to pull the Rebels apart piece by piece. The manner he’d do it is through overwhelming the Rebels with his military fleet — the 7th fleet.

He learned that the dossiers were incomplete and failed to delve into each Rebel’s fundamental aspects. He learned about Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, and Sabine Wren. But by the time he started his mission, Sabine had reintegrated with her Mandalorian family and people.

In Legends, Thrawn had an affinity toward Mandalorians. He had Jodo Kast’s armor and wore it to break into the Mandalorian culture in the Legends book, Tales from the Empire, the short story called Side Trip.

It is not perverted. It is like an innocent schoolboy crush that Thrawn vicariously tries to squash and cannot. Something is telling him to keep that passionate emotion for Sabine.

Thrawn has a crush on Sabine that he knows very well he should not have because Sabine is a Rebel, a human, and a Mandalorian.

Our story starts there, and upon the release of new story information, there will be modifications to the fanfic.

How can a 40-year-old man be infatuated with a ~20-year-old woman? How inconceivable is that in our society?

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The Basis SWAG77 Pursuing The Thrawn X Sabine Relationship

For this ship, what would make Grand Admiral Thrawn slightly interested in speaking to Sabine Wren that would warrant a romantic relationship? 

First, start on the THRAWN novel’s passage, which discusses Thrawn’s obsession with studying art.

Thrawn had a talent to analyze art to understand his opponent and beat them. In his analyses, he learned intimate meanings and various cultures to use to his military strategic and tactical advantage. When he encountered his foes in battle, he trounced them based on his battle plans he created from his art analysis. While studying Sabine Wren’s artwork, especially in this scene in  Star Wars Rebels “Inside Man” Season 3, Episode 10, Thrawn is confounded by Sabine’s image. He easily sees where it is going, but there is more to it. He is unsure what it is, but he knows that there is more to it than what is on the surface. A deep hidden meaning behind it, and he is unsure if Sabine creates her art subconsciously or consciously aware of the elements she has added? Then, from  Season 3, Episode 16 – Through Imperial Eyes, Thrawn acquires more of Sabine Wren’s art. He realizes it is Sabine Wren when he reports to Colonel Yularen about it. But Yularen takes the information presented less important than part of the overall story of who Fulcrum is. Or rather, Thrawn completely conceals his feelings about Sabine in this presentation openly to determine if Colonel Yularen becomes aware of his attraction. Yularen is only interested in Fulcrum. Key issues to know for this fanfic: 

  • Thrawn is sexually aroused by analyzing art. It is his creative, emotional secret of inside masturbation that he does. Deny him his art advantage, he will not like it, and he will be hurt. 
  • To defeat the Rebels in Star Wars Rebels, he personally did that, delving into the analysis to study Sabine Wren’s art and accumulate a huge collection. 
  • In “Through Imperial Eyes,” Thrawn’s mannerisms and discussion are very slight, and most observers miss it. Still, he fully describes Sabine Wren’s art through line and color and other historical references. He does not really do that with any other art. But he caresses these lines on the helmet that Sabine casually painted into a Loth-cat. His appreciation of her chosen hue in paint color and his silences on seeking revenge for painting his Noghri servant, Rukh, in similar colors. When he discusses Sabine’s art, he is aroused by it – as aroused as Chiss can be, which is rather subdued innuendos than humans. 
  • He monologues Ezra Bridger about his intent for Sabine in  SWR Season 4 Episode 15 — pardon his intent for Lothal and the Rebels. For most of Thrawn’s monologue, his voice is even, and his eyes are not expressive. Thrawn speaks most of the time cryptically when he monologues. He always has several plans in play and recalculates them when he receives new data. Assume he already knows who Ezra Bridger is full. So, he knows that Ezra is close to his team, and since Ezra and Sabine are of similar age, it is easy for Thrawn to assume they are friends. Not that Thrawn cares about that, but since Thrawn is a villain, he leverages this action. But when he tells Ezra that he has saved what he could of Sabine’s art and that she is talented or talented — to a casual observer, his statement seems like an attempt to honor Sabine by saving her art to make Ezra jealous. But, given Ezra’s irate response, there is more to this story. Diving deeper into our theory further, Ezra is trained as a Force User in the Jedi Arts. He can sense what Thrawn means in his comments, he can sense how Thrawn feels with that sleight in his eyes, and he snaps at Thrawn from the connotations of his comment. While other fans can legitimately say that Thrawn intentionally tried to piss Ezra off by his Sabine comment, Thrawn’s response is, “It is not about what I want; it is about power.” — it does not negate that Thrawn showed his emotions to Ezra regarding Sabine and that he was willing to rid his emotions of her by killing her. And while Ezra did not have it and, of course, does not want Sabine to die at all costs because he will defend her,  why the rise in Ezra’s voice if he was angry by jealousy, which seems unlikely, or by the fact that Thrawn’s emotional obsession with Sabine was overwhelming. Did Ezra sense Thrawn’s crush on Sabine, and he freaked out how the Hell could become a Grand Admiral in the Galactic Empire could have such feelings like a boyhood crush on Sabine? Did Ezra have to set Thrawn straight about his wayward feelings for Sabine? 

The irony is, Sabine stands strong of her own volition and can defend herself. Then, Sabine’s curious case with Minister Hydan tells her that Thrawn has acquired a large collection of her work. Sarcastically, Sabine replies how flattered she is and blows off Hydan’s creepy excitement.  Thrawn is the least of Sabine’s worries. How to get out of Hydan’s clutches are her concerns. But, if an Imperial Advisor to the Emperor has suspicions that one in the high command has an infatuation with one of the Rebels, Hydan is obligated to probe for more information. Are they communicating with one another secretly? Can he use this secret tryst information if it exists? The Empire is notorious for that kind of rabble. Perhaps Hydan realizes Thrawn is trying to contact the Mandalorians for some Chiss-Mando “alliance” and decides to have his Death Troopers beat it out of Sabine. Hydan does not understand that Sabine wants nothing to do with the Empire after her stint at the Mandalorian Imperial Academy. In my fanfiction, the Empire and the Emperor have other plans for Sabine, and she does not know it yet. Sabine’s mother, Ursa Wren, is a Countess of Mandalore. While Mandalorians do not care about royal titles, they give leadership over the Mandalorian space’s planets. Ursa Wren decides to abdicate in this fanfic, and her daughter, Sabine, will be the Countess (unwritten headcanon). Eventually, Sabine Wren will become the Countess of Mandalore on Krownest. A mighty position in Mandalorian royalty.  When Sabine learned how to use the Darksaber and broke her emotional barrier to fully giving herself to the ways of the Force (not saying he has it, but she could be a carrier), she had 3 men kneel to her to serve her and her leadership.

The only people who care about royal titles in Star Wars are the core planets, called Elder Houses. Emperor Palpatine cares a lot about these royal bloodlines to a weak fault. Of course, he knows all the sectors of the known galaxy and Mandalorian space. Mandalorian space is close to The Unknown Regions, where the Chiss live and where Thrawn is from. This means that when the Emperor gives his order to take over The Unknown Regions, he will need powerful warrior houses with battle forces to take over the region. To do that, he could use brute force and take it over. But that’s a battle he’s not willing to fight. Inciting the Chiss to be against the Empire is not a smart idea. Chiss can outsmart Sith. Besides, having brilliant tacticians and strategists in the Empire is a better idea. How to take over quietly without anyone suspecting much Sith intrusion is to conveniently set up a Force Bond and willfully influence the relationship between Thrawn X Sabine. The wiles and wills between the two would be formidable. He would have two types of powerful warriors at the Empire’s disposal:  Chiss and Mandalorians. A good combination to fight the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, perhaps?

Conclusions: Thrawn got off on Sabine’s paintings while developing military strategies and tactics to defeat the Lothalial Rebels; he inadvertently obsessed over her art and fell in love with her art and her. Has Thrawn ever really met a cute young woman artist who loves art more than he does? It would seem that would turn him on, and by our post, a few fans agree.

Of course, in the way these stories work out, Thrawn never meets Sabine, and both of them move on, and never the twain shall ever meet. No big deal. This is fanfic, and all of it is fictional in the writer’s mind, and none of it is canon or wannabe canon or anything like that. It is an adult mature porn fetish. But once Thrawn meets Sabine Wren, they will be unable to keep their hands off each other, which is fun for this page and group and social media. Imagine Thrawn explaining the colors that Sabine graffiti-ed in his room to Imperials? Or how the hell all his Chimaera emblems got painted on the hull of his ships. Let’s not talk about the TIE Defender Project.

It would be the only comedic relief to Thrawn from his ultra straight-laced life. Is this relationship long-lasting? No. But I have written all of it yet. Just too much other writing I have to do. It is far from complete. 

[Above cover fan art created by Elithein as commissioned by the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Thrawn X Sabine crackship.  We call it “Forbidden Paradise” after the 1924 silent movie of the same name]

A work in progress (WIP).

Fanfic: A scene from “Aliit Vucon’ocir”


“Ni chaab gar,” Sabine blurts in Mando’a.

He unclasps her cheek and pulls away as his eyes hold their brightness. He turns his head to watch the new construction high-rises on the outskirts of Canto Bight city’s central city as his landspeeder winds around the road. Her words – ‘I fear you’ — ruminates through his mind. In confusion, he regains his thoughts as he lifts his hand underneath his chin. Until now, his interactions with spies have been them knowing the right time to do what their mission plan was to do with him. He figured their actions they would take immediate and their plan to take advantage of him intimately. It did not matter if they were Chiss spies, human or otherwise. Their spy plan and mission were predictable.

Sabine Wren entered his vehicle without resistance and took his advances and innuendos readily, like a spy. He rationally could remove her vehicle and detain her to the brig aboard his ship, the Chimaera.

And, he is a sapiosexual, after all. His attraction to this young woman and her knowledge of art is strong. Perhaps he should try to understand. She is human, and she is rather young for his usual tastes. He prefers close to his age and a few years older, like his Chiss Admiral Ar’alani…but that was another time, and he moved on.

Sabine is inside his landspeeder now. She is wearing a very sexy formal dress with a tight bodice lifting her bosom that begs for an intimate invitation. At his rank and ability, what he wants no longer matters, and he is not going to risk his illustrious career to seduce an unwilling girl, especially a young woman unsure and uncomfortable with him and his wiles. But, to be sure, she must be in his custody, or she will be shot on sight for being a Rebel Mandalorian in Canto Bight.

Thrawn narrows his brow, careful with his words. “The Rebels must not have thought this spy mission through if they sent you to deal with me, Sab’ika.”

Sabine sat silent for a moment to ponder his words. Then, her voice wavers as she clears her throat. “I like art, Sir. I am an artist. Where else would I see Ho’oipoipo art?”

Thrawn savors her comment to a slight grin, then chuckles. “What do you know about erotic art, Sab’ika?”

“What do you know, Grand Admiral?” Sabine bites her lip and crosses her legs in a sweeping motion toward him exposing her garter and hosiery.

Thrawn does not answer the question but his eyes drawn to her hips as he recognizes the high end lingerie he has only seen on Zeltros. Very few women wear garter belts and hosiery, anymore. And that turns him on Sabine did as he salivates. Then he felt his cock get hard. He stares at Sabine’s movements and thought, “she must know she has thoroughly beguiled me?”

Mitth’raw’nuruodo is a Sigma Male.

A sigma male is a man within the socio-sexual hierarchy who chooses to live his life outside of society’s normal social dominance hierarchy structures. Sigma males share many traits in common with the alpha archetype. However, their tendency to walk outside of traditional social dominance hierarchies sets them apart and makes them different. (source)

Mitth’raw’nuruodo, or Thrawn, who became a grand admiral in the Galactic Empire, left his home system, Chiss Ascendancy, to pursue his life in “lesser space” humans. 

Humans have a range of emotions and display it outwardly; whereas, Chiss Ascendancy social behavior restrains emotions. Thrawn had some difficulty in that for a Chiss, but displaying emotions appears normal in humans. It became an issue for him when he learned that humans classify each other by prowess and libido. Thrawn thought that subjective classification silly. He never outwardly says it for concern of him being an alien serving in high command in the Empire.

Then, Thrawn was labeled as a Sigma Male. He did not appreciate that. It limits him. It automatically assigns him to behavior he does not have or is incapable of doing. It was not in his character to express a haughty, arrogant emotion for humans to create a  basis of who he was, rather than interacting with them for an individual to decide. It also reminded him of some individuals in the Chiss Ascendancy who accused him of using his emotions to make decisions rather than prudent and efficient.

Thrawn is a Sigma Male–a lone wolf, despite his working to educate others in military strategies and tactics. He walks his way from his people to pursue what he thinks is right, then mindlessly follows an autocracy based on greed, which Chiss did, then denies it.

In this fan-fiction, the Patriarch Mitth’oora’kiord (Thooraki), who is the leader of the Mitth Ruling Family, needed Thrawn to visit his old friend (spelled frienemy), Emperor Sheev Palpatine or Darth Sidious. Thrawn should be under his tutelage to take over the Chiss Ascendancy. Whether or not Thrawn knew this, figured it out, or truly had no idea that this was to happen, Thrawn followed what his Patriarch said — or those parties who ordered him to live in lesser space among the humans.

What Thrawn learned and provided reports for the Chiss Ascendancy is of question. What secrets did he expose? Why did he request humans to help him? What were his thoughts on the Mandalorians? 

The Chiss worked with the Mandalorians before in the Sith Empire Wars. The Chiss had detailed documentation of who the Mandalorians are and their capabilities. It had been thousands of years since any Chiss interacted with a Mandalorian. When the Chiss closed their borders, forming an “iron curtain” within the Chaos of space, the communication between the Chiss governments and the Mandalorians leadership stalled, and active memory is forgotten. Mandalorians fought wars for so long, and their scions lost any memories of the Chiss. But, the Chiss might not have known all details of the Mandalorians, they did not forget. They still had their records of them, especially as fierce warriors.

That fervent battle mentality made Thrawn curious, and he started his art studies to understand them. He did not find the art difficult for him to comprehend, but he came upon a young woman’s art confounding, filled with lots of emotion and care, but remains strong in her convictions. This woman is Sabine Wren. The more he studied her art, the more he saw her as a person. Her art was personal. She uncovered herself before him with every line, with every color, with all the elements and content. She literally was fully naked in front of him because of her passion expressed in her art. Perhaps she knew she was exposing herself to an art critic like him, naked, alone, but strong with gumption. Was it intentional? Did she know this was what she was painting? The more he studied, the more he began to be pleased by it and look forward to finding more of her art for his collection. He conveys his ideas to others that Sabine is talented as an artist. He means he is turned on by it. Only a Force User could read his mind to see how he felt interpretation of Sabine’s art. He should not have obsessively collected her art to fantasize about it. 

He found himself caring for her, having never formally met her. He tried to meet her and foiled plans. He accepts it is not meant to be. But why have so much passion for her? What purpose did it serve? He knew better than that, and his goal was to learn as much as he could about lesser space and bring it back to the Chiss Ascendancy. To gain insight into the sky-walkers: Those within the Force who can manipulate actions by not touching them. But, most Mandalorians are not Force Users. In fact, they use to hunt Jedi and return them for a bounty. Sabine was a bounty hunter. That is how he knew Sabine was stronger than what other individuals dismissed about her. 

And she is an artist. She loves art as he does. Her discussions about art could be intense. She just fit. Her Mandalorian-ness, some saw as a threat. Thrawn saw it as an opportunity to recruit her for his selection of humans to fight for his cause, to take over the Chiss Ascendancy for Mitth Rule. 

What he was NOT supposed to do is fall in love with her…

Thrawn figured that Sabine is the true inheritor of the Darksaber that the Mandalorian clans honor the most. But as a youth, Sabine gave Bo-Katan Kryze the Darksaber. Something Sabine should have never done. But she did. If Sabine had it, she could raise a true Mandalorian Army to fight united for a cause. All Sabine would have to do is be advised as to how to control her allegiant military. A fight for the Queen. Who could guide her properly in military strategy and tactics? He could. He would have to persuade her to hear his advice and heed it. She needed to trust him to bring her victory. Since he was defeated by her friend Ezra Bridger, ruling all of Chiss Space would require warriors to fight for them. Since there were treaties between Chiss and Mandalorians long ago that have not ever been changed, the old warrior codes would be sealed with a union between the two species, again. 

Unifying two groups of warriors will help the galaxy fight these new enemy invaders called the Far Outsiders or the Yuuzhan Vong.