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I had a dream that Star Wars RPers, fanfic writers and fan artists would come together under one banner to effect change on a large corporation to build creative content we felt proud of like we did when we first saw Star Wars. I thought it would be good and just for the fandom and everyone. And that we could use Social Media platforms as a tool to express our ideas. But I was wrong, so very, very wrong. I made mistakes not understanding fans and their needs and wants. I’m a scientist, the personable stuff is excised from me. I did know how to write. My grammar sucks. And social media is getting overwhelming that I do not understand how to program for it or how to use it, anymore. I needed to monetize what I do for deliverables because most fans need tangibles than knowledge and experiences. I had to teach myself about salesmanship, one of my weakest abilities and I did not understand it and I still do not understand it. Sales and marketing are way over my head. And the dream is lost and I’m getting old. To get out of ruts, I write fanfics, headcanons and metas. I feel some are sensitive proprietary information and if I’m going to get harassed about them, then those fans should pay me. It is why I have Patreon. I am not a big corporation. I’m a tiny business. I have to hear fan rage and blame because another creative behemoth does not care. They can afford not to listen to fans. I am so small, I am trampled by enraged fans daily and for some fans, I...
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Sabine Wren Bunny by The Little Rabbit Tree


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We commissioned a Sabine Wren Bunny from The Little Rabbit Tree! Cutie Sab’ika is NOT cuddle-proof. You will want the cute vod with you. But be careful her paint nozzle right at you if you are an Imperial di’kut! That’s … Continue reading

Hey, I’m a @StarWars fan, and I will do what my heart tells me to do to be a fan.


Details on Twitter are here.

Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

In People Magazine “Couch Surfing” Mr. Oyelowo who voices AGENT ALEXSANDR KALLUS in STAR WARS REBELS shares that Star Wars fans disappointment that he voices this ANIMATED character. The animated character appears differently than Mr. Oyelowo — ie The character is white and Mr Oyelowo is Black.

Of course that should NEVER matter. One is a very REAL PERSON, PROFESSIONAL AWARD WINNING ACTOR and the other is a fabricated animation in the mind of artists. What brought this character to life is Mr. Oyelowo’s creative voice performance. Nothing else brings any animated character than a professional voice actor’s performance. To deny his ability is to be racist and bigoted.

There is bigotry in Star Wars fandom. We saw it best with Ahmed who voiced and CG MoCAPped JAR JAR BINKS. The harassment he endured nearly caused him to commit suicide. Only until recently has he opened up to speak about it.

While it is not Disney’s or Lucasfilm’s fault at the hands of racist and bigoted fans, it has proven very difficult to quell ignorances and cognitive biases of some ugly sides of fandom.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been at the attacks by bigots since 2008. We have fended of bigots in ways at first that seems cruel, but when encountered, the sufferers begin to understand why we did what we did. From a small business standpoint, our acts are justified, because we cannot afford a large lawyer representation. Disney and Lucasfilm does not support our efforts. Their people were told lies about us and are fearful of our ire. But our ire was in place for our use until their own workers incurred utterly racist and bigoted attack for the last few years. All the while, our attacks are minimal.

We have our hate on our SENATOR YEMAJA pages.

So here is our small business auto block procedures:

Any post or comment that uses profanity without cause directed to us. We delete, sometimes report, and ban the attacker. Those attacks typically look like “what the f*ck is this sh*t” and use of hateful real life epithets like the N-word.

Massive number of posts when we have never interacted with you. Those attacks appear like more that 3-4 posts. We are not rated to deal with your stalker obsessions. We do not DM people we do not feel comfortable around.

Tag team attack. We don’t play that. Those attacks appear like @1, @2, @3-10 on a post that could be about art from a famous artist.

Telling us what to post — you don’t pay for our accounts, you don’t tell us how to post to it. Who died and made you gods? These attacks look like “you cannot say that. You can only post ____________”

Most of character accounts are in character. They will block on any attempts to learn who the MUNDANE is behind the account. These characters are stuck on social media, that is it. No more, no less. Forcing exposure is OUTING what SWAG77 is trying to do. If a user does not agree, move on, there are other accounts. We find irrational attacks, we will block. These attacks look like, “so you hate the [real life political issue today]?” to gain a confirmation of their beliefs than what we are doing — which is Star Wars.

It is our pages, our user names and involves what we are doing, and deciding to force us to admit something from long ago or unrelated to performance will get you blocked and we will move one. With that, we give you an in kind directive and you get snarky, you are ruining our ability to do business on our streams. Either you stay into the agreement or walk away. If you refuse — such as saying I can post what I want freedom of speech–we will block you. We do not go to anyone’s feeds intentionally to ruin their process, but for you to feel entitled to our posts and your not paying us, it is better for us to silence your bad behavior. What this attack looks like is the user intrudes into the conversation uninvited and speaks outside of the primary post, the user account request redirection and the attacker say “free speech, you should feel one over the other, that hasn’t been what I have expected–” the issue is it separates from the primary goal which is Star Wars online.

We do not sell your stuff. Overriding our ad links, will get you blocked. We have affiliates that we meet our business goals, like a fan table at Star Wars Celebration. When you interfere with our money, illegally, we just block since going after you legally cuts out of our budgets.

Refusal to read our blogs and not staying on topic. We are not only doing this for you. We are organized into a Star Wars fan group to portray our fandom respectfully. Just because you do not like one post is your decision. These attacks generally look like “I am going to UNLIKE this page because I hate XYZ Star Wars Established Canon Disney or otherwise” — you will be banned, your comment will be reported and/or erased. We do not care about your approach, it means you failed to read our blog notes on how we perform our MUSES and that we perform under a storyline arc. If you aren’t going to read and respect that, then we feel our accounts aren’t for your interactions.

I don’t think these fools get it, you ain’t getting into the Star Wars game if you don’t understand the rules of it and you’re not playing it…



I’ve been in the Star Wars game for 7 years. 2 Celebrations. Several podcasts. A few Youtubes. 4 letters to Lucasfilm, with responses. And one successful campaign to get Thrawn in re-canonized.

There are laments online about how Black characters are being disparaged in Star Wars. 

Let me let your in on a Star Wars game secret: It’s because you all PLAY the game wrong. You’re not doing the kinds of things it takes to get the character you love ready. There’s no PREP, no love. 

When Billy Dee Williams signs autographs, you need to be there talking to him appreciatively.

When there are art shows, you need to submit an art piece.

You need to be writing

You need to be in the game. I hardly see anyone in that game and I’ve asked. No Black person helps Star Wars Actors Guild 77 out except my husband. I have all kind of other people willing to help me and make it happen, but I get kicked out of Black groups because I’m too extra.

Shit, I’m 50 years old, you think I want to put up with foolishness.

Now you can sit here and lament about how 3 top Black women writers, producers at Lucasfilm haven’t make a way for any Black people in Star Wars, and I can tell you, you all aren’t giving them the help they need. You all aren’t showing up.

Hell, I doubt you’d show up if the police beat them down and killed them… Not saying that should happen, don’t fucking take my comments out of context and misrepresent me.

But I need receipts of your actions. Put your money where your fucking mouth is and step up…

Do not leave us to the way side because massa wants you today.

All this to say is, I’m considering that my next campaign will be a highlighting of all the African American – looking characters in Star Wars. I will not do it alone.

I find that I’m alone in this venture, I’m not doing it. You’ve got 2 weeks to decide.

^^^For real.

We’ve ran campaigns before. We’re not doing it if there is no support for them. Back up on social media, when we are attacked. Back up with fan art and the willingness to do fan art for us when we ask, nicely, not price gouging us. Free willingness to help us, not greediness and sliminess. Doing the work as required. There is writing to be done. Youtubes to be made. It all has to be collaborative as one unified voice, together and inclusive. 

It cannot be: look at me, look at me. I’m top 10 model or arrogance. It has to be well thought-out, well planned, organized. 

Like basically, I need to see John Boyega gifs tomorrow from the entire movie if you’re serious.

I need to see the youtubes. 

I need to see the AO3s, no smut, no porn, just Finn as the character…

I need the art by tomorrow. No smut, no porn.

If you are serious, you would do this.

There were quite a few #StarWars fans that really worked hard on this campaign to get #Thrawn in #StarWarsRebels


From the Dakotas to Canada to Florida to the UK to California – several fans promote all our posts for the betterment of fandom. Thank you to them, especially during a time when the owner’s family was in peril and sick in the hospital to a time with no funds to make it happen. We all came together for something we believed: Art and Classical Music appreciation.

So when you see Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, even if you HATE what you see, remember there were several fans that SACRIFICED their time, energy, families to convince a large corporation like Disney Lucasfilm to change their minds.

Positive #StarWars Fandom – PSWF: What is it and why?

Positive #StarWars Fandom – PSWF: What is it and why?star_wars_episode_4_original-poster


Positive Star Wars Fandom is about keeping our creative minds open to trust that the Star Wars content creators who are professionals and endear Star Wars as much as the fans to present to us their best. As fans have to have hope. As fans we have to have faith in the corporation, the company, and the content creators that there is a reason to their carefully measured their words in their…

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Positive #StarWars Fandom – PSWF: What is it and why?


Positive Star Wars Fandom keeps our minds creative and open to the trust of content creators, professionals and fans who adore Star Wars as much as others in the care to know they will present their best. We have to have hope. We have to have faith in the corporation, the company, and the content creators that their carefully measured words in their interviews are to surprise us with gifts that showcase their talent. As fans, we should make every effort to enrich our moviegoing experience by enjoying the content, peaceably with some popcorn, and absorb the exhilaration and enthrallment of the show with that “wow factor” we entrusted with the content creators. Then have the assurance to exit the movie geeked out so much we re-enter the ticket line, or just to wanna break the law and get the high end bootlegs…

Just kidding! 😉

It’s show business!

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Lore Action Division uses the psychological basis of happiness and wellness to incorporate motivational learning and appreciative inquiry to coach positive Star Wars fandom to people who just love Star Wars or are new to this exciting universe of possibilities. That is our official scientific rationale and designation for our creation of positive Star Wars fandom for fans.

What fans will achieve should they use positive Star Wars fandom:

  • Engender good feelings as demonstrated by attendance to official Star Wars events and other events highlighting Star Wars activities.

  • Generate measurable excitement (also know as virality) through social media engagement on the official and fan based Star Wars websites

  • Encouragement through posts, podcasts, discussions, shared art and creativity with the corporation, the company, and the community of fans

Positive Star Wars Fandom is about fun and vibrancy as a wellspring of knowledge that drives the healthy neurological processes of creativity through the support of creative endeavors.

The Disney executives are limited by what they can say because of non-disclosure agreements, legalities, and the fact that they are in the business for profit to recoup their costs. Projects are managed tightly to ensure all considerations for the betterment of the franchise.

We, as fans can choose to use positive Star Wars fandom and still be deferential to the corporation with the joy and the vibrancy felt at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015.

As fans, that is our charge. As fans, that is our commitment. As fans, we choose to take on that responsibility despite our grievances, disagreements, and differences of opinion.

As fans, our ultimate goal is to enjoy Star Wars and to take that piece we cherish, and to give it away to others through a shared experience in the Force, forever.


May the Force be with you, always.


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