Grand Admiral Thrawn Does Have Peerage

Peerage is how titles are bestowed on to monarchs and ruling classes.

By the time Mitth’raw’nuruodo was alive there were rumors of his family circulating: how the Mitth Ruling Family’s reduced power in the Syndicure. That their new recruits are less capable as other Ruling Families, in ranking and political strength, there was something about Thrawn. He discovers his genetic heritage through his family’s art and possibly who is his family. Then, legal ramifications of his discovery as to strengthen Mitth Ruling Family’s rule and maintaining their genetic bloodlines, while introducing outsiders that can fortify the lines to never go extinction.

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ORIGIN SPECULATION: The Chimera Mythology Links To Mount Chimaera Geology, The Garnet Gemstone, And Natural Human Chimeras.


Why is Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth’raw’nuruodo) a Chiss, Cerulean Blue, and has Red Eyes? Why would he have an affinity toward art and an artist who paints the art?

While his story is fictional, there are very real scientific concepts crafted by the author, Timothy Zahn, whose previous life was working on a doctorate in physics. He liked writing science fiction, first as a hobby and then professionally.

Numerous scientists do enjoy writing fiction because science fiction requires little repetitive proof. Real scientific research requires excessive amounts of evidence backed by the literature, several experiments, and lots of precise nitpicky evaluation and review by peers and experts. Only then can papers be published.

What is more appealing writing science fiction and fantasy is once an author from a scientific background learns the basic rules of writing, terminology, and literature, the creative aspects of happiness in life. Or rather, real science struggle, politics, and oppression can kill creative thought. It is why I write fan-fiction as a Ph.D. research scientist from molecular genetics. I find my joy crafting wild theories based on science that are complete bullshit in real science. I write better science fiction than actual science.

This piece is not a review of the subject matter. One can find the study in a general search. This piece has a total nerd level of 80%. So, it has wild speculations that might be antithetical to Star Wars and extreme premise. But, bear with me, my assumption is grabbed by Thrawn novel and TV show sources and references (which are few). It is speculation and can be false.

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My Interface With Biological Cognition Chrysalis Throne


After the Purrgil Space Whales placed the Chimaera on an unknown planet in the Unknown Region, there were two other 7th fleet star destroyers with Thrawn’s flagship. Somehow, the remaining crews found one another. Thrawn, being the highest in rank, was in charge of the crew. He had to save his crew first than to deal with Ezra Bridger’s actions directly. But something strange is afoot on this planet. Something unseen and undocumented by any civilization. The planet looks strange as if the mountaintops were removed, and the forests and jungles that grew there were alien to this planet that these plants were not native to any planet in the Chaos. 

What Thrawn deduces after he creates a scouting party, his security detail, the inventories from the starships, with available parts, is that his crew should explore the strange landscapes to see if any civilized beings had been there.

What they find is “dead” Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology along with three destroyed and buried Grysks ships. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn decides to explore the derelict ships further to find parts that can be adapted from the “dead” Grysk ships. But as far as the strange moss, fungi, and ooze that drools down and a switch from freshwater ponds to swamps where the debris lands into the ocean, the purrgil grunt, and their eyes glow as Ezra interprets what they mean. 

The Purrgil’s birthing grounds are destroyed by erosion with invasive species. They want Grand Admiral Thrawn to save them. What? Why?

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SWAG77 Patreon Headcanon: The Forbidden Knowledge of the Chiss Ruling Family History and the Decadent Chiss

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The SWAG77 headcanon is the Mitth Ruling Family ancestors were Decadent Chiss. Grand Admiral Thrawn, who joined the Mitth Ruling Family, was a part of the Decadent Chiss. These Chiss ancestors —

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SWAG77 Patreon Headcanon: Grand Admiral Thrawn Won’t Admit That He’s A Sapiosexual And He Likes Sabine Wren In Skimpy Dresses

Sabine Wren goes shopping as a sugar baby and enjoys wearing very skimpy party dresses, especially when Thrawn and her go out to the Canto Bight local scene. When she wears a dress and Thrawn guides her to a club, his hand remains on the small of her back, but eventually, Thrawn touches —

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SWAG77 Ain’t No Influencers. Right?


This post is about our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and various blogs:


We have several social media accounts because seven years ago, social media platforms lacked today’s functionality.

How many accounts? We are at 500 now. We do not use all of them. At any given moment, we are working on 50 accounts.

We have to pay extra for the functionalities that we need for the blogs because we are not coders. Functionalities such as commerce, videos, audio, and cloud services have a cost, and we use more.

We have many Facebook character pages and Twitter accounts. Each lead character has a Facebook page and Twitter. The main characters we use daily have blogs at WordPress and Tumblr.

We had a directory, but because few people used it, that Facebook page has lapsed.

Characters have packages consisting of FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr because we, SWAG77, have found the best development of stories, plots, drabbles, metas, headcanons, and fan-fictions are best with these packages. Also, these packages develop a character design that gains social media metrics and insights into what works best with this character’s portrayal and performance in public.

For Example:

For Grand Admiral Thrawn, we created a Facebook pageTwitter accountTumblr blogWordPress blog, and a Patreon tier.

SWAG77 uses the Facebook page to broadcast our story ideas, character background, and canon/non-canon concepts SWAG77 wishes to relay to the public. This account links to our Twitter account with short messages through a social media management platform.

The Twitter account reaches out to an audience that craves rapid and concise messages. The pacing of Tweets excites users. SWAG77 roleplays and performs on Twitter. To gain expand understanding, we write blogs to explain SWAG77’s stories and canon/non-canon positions. We include our videos and podcasts to open up the audiovisual concepts SWAG77 wishes to show to the public. Some content is too proprietary or too mature to display publicly on our open blogs. We created Patreon.

Patreon is for active patrons to directly influence our proprietary content, hypothesis, underlying themes, and controversial subject matter. In our performances and parody rewrites of current news events, SWAG77 encounters harsh and severe misconceptions. Often, we interact with fans who refuse to read or write Star Wars. Thus, any discussion hurts our business. While we are willing to educate fans, we have found that minimal engagement is best. Should fans want more, they can join our Patreon.

We find that fans invest emotionally in entertainment content. Some fans cannot separate between fact or fiction and live their reality vicariously. There is psychological contagion on social media that spreads rapidly where the artificial intelligence engines are incapable of discerning. SWAG77 has endured attacks on our social media accounts because we discuss and tagline promotes our controversial subject matter that can enrage some fans. We suffer the brunt of this disinformation and toxic fandom in entertainment. SWAG77 has little recourse but blocks/bans radical fans who refuse to “stay on target” with our content and messaging.

SWAG77 created Patreon to open our stories to diverse points of view. We would instead show our completed work on all our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog accounts. But put our proprietary content behind a paywall for serious fan engagement with Star Wars fandom. We as a business feel safer with like-minded fans who support SWAG77 primary mission.

What does that do for our Thrawn?

It tightens the fan-fiction stories that SWAG77 wants to present publicly. The more we engage, the better our content creation. We want to show Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars the best that fandom has to offer. We know that the Disney Corporation prefers fan camaraderie rather than conflict.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a villain that author Timothy Zahn wrote novels in 1991 in the Legend’s canon. Recently, Lucasfilm reintroduced Thrawn into Disney canon with new canon literature and Star Wars Rebels TV show. In SWAG77’s opinion, Thrawn is not a villain yet in the Disney novel canon. In the Star Wars Rebels TV show, he does some questionable actions, but nothing as extensive as in the Legend’s canon books. SWAG77 reads all the books from Legend’s canon and Disney’s canon. We encourage fans to READ — and READ BOOKS, particularly Star Wars literature. Both canons write about Thrawn. There are conflicts in both canons, but we can write about them in the blogs so that fans can choose their story path and then create their own stories with a good foundation that SWAG77 provides to our Patreon members.

From Star Wars fans’ suggestions, SWAG77 adds the ideas to best portray and perform Grand Admiral Thrawn during our scripted roleplays. We will give accolades to those who helped SWAG77 develop the character and story arc.

These activities are what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) has done for thirteen years.

Grand Admiral Thrawn In A Movie Campaign By Star Wars Actors Guild 77


Use this meme as your prompt

This campaign has been in operation for a while. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 owner and members have now got it quasi organized. There are a few final goals and touchpoints we still have to meet with our stakeholders, the fans on the Thrawn In Star Wars Facebook page — given that Facebook does not decimate the owner’s use of the social media platform.

The main question we are asking of Disney as Star Wars fans is do they support and promote READING and CREATIVE WRITING?

In 2014-2015, in #GetThrawnIn, we asked of Disney as Star Wars fans is do they support ART?

Now we are working on READING and CREATIVE WRITING. We think these are things Disney is uniquely qualified to support and promote fully and reflect that in their movie entertainment.

Because to understand THRAWN or MITTH’RAW’NURUODO is to READ the literature. Literacy can be improved in the United States of America.

And the greatest expression of taking what one has read in “reading comprehension” is to creatively write their on fan-fictions.

Of course, this is not to say Disney is obligated to any of these stories, but it is the practice of writing at any age that educates and heals one’s mind as research has shown, repeatedly. Creatively writing, along with reading fiction and art, HEALS throughout all people’s lives — and is that not what Disney strives to tell their their heartfelt stories on the movie screen?

With the Baby Boomer population becoming Senior Citizens who are may have chronic conditions, to connecting with Millennials who have new technological ways to write, this campaign may be the most humanitarian one Disney could ever undertake. It connects generations, all who know who Disney is, as a movie studio and theme park destination. Then, the Post-Millennials will be young adults should this campaign project become a reality. It is SWAG77s understanding that many of the Post-Millennials are some of the most avid readers and prolific writers of their age-group.

Bring THRAWN in a movie is an appreciation by Star Wars and it’s fans of a character by design that supports those ideals:




The story character classification of THRAWN can be villain, but villains are seen as great people in some societies. Or for movie purposes, the screenplay can change the classification.

SWAG77 knows that THRAWN IN A MOVIE is a viable project for the Star Wars fan campaign.

We will use the hashtag: #ThrawnInAMovie

Memes with quotes from the Disney canon, first. Legends canon afterward for advanced training.

We have a dedicated creative writer’s group on ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN under SWAG77.

The SWAG77 Thrawn blog is:

The SWAG77 Thrawn Facebook Page is:

The SWAG77 Thrawn Twitter Page is: — we hope to keep it as long as we can but Twitter rules have been really cruel to us and our business.


  • USE THE #ThrawnInAMovie hashtag for all fan art you think is fitting and why
  • Get your creative writing skills together and contact us — the prompt is the image above if you can’t think of your own story.
  • The only other allowance is SAVE THE YSALAMIRI — that’s more open
  • SWAG77 promotes these stories for everyone to read.
  • Fan Art is on your own but we will use it
  • SWAG77 changes the prompt as needed

Headcanon: Reminisce & Memories



HEADCANON: As a toddler, I was born in a place like this on Csilla, equatorial region, underground, summertime. This is Felucia. (source)

Fanfic section: The Decadent Chiss and Reminiscence and Memories

Ras shakes his head as he angles to his mother, a beautiful Cerulean skinned woman with a short blue-black hair with small braided purple silk sections on the sides, and a head band that pulls the strays back. Raw’s and Ras’s father, a strong dark Cerulean skin and a strong jaw lifts Raw off the tail as his red-in-red eyes glisten to coddle Raw. “Now, Mitth’raw, you know better. Amt is only here to harvest the purple pollen for her hive, and then she and the Killiks leave. She can’t play with you all day.”

A hologram appears from a planetwide transmission from the huge grid-locked underground metropolis, Capsla.

“The Ascendancy has interpreted the threat to come from the Killik hive that threatens our species. The Killiks have shifted the position of our sun away from Csilla. There will be further expansion methane sheet ice into an ice-age climate, including the equatorial regions. We give all Decadent Chiss, twenty-four hours to evacuate before we will start our Operation Anti-Chiss Genocide. Any Chiss who harbors an Anti-Chiss, or appears to be a Joiner, will be quarantined and under Chiss biological protocols.”

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SWAG77 Chose To Pursue The Campaign To Return Grand Admiral Thrawn To Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars’ Canon In Star Wars Rebels



We want Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitt’raw’nuruodo), a Star Wars Legends (Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU)) character to be returned back into the canon of Star Wars Rebels.

REASONS: There are many reasons, here are our few:

1) It is THRAWN! He’s a badass! He’s villain, which is debatable, but that’s the kind of character fans like now.

2) We all know that the Emperor, Darth Vader and Tarkin are going to have trouble with the excellent piloting skills of Hera Syndulla, the Force use of Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, the Mandalorian prowess of Sabine Wren, and the army tactics of Zeb Orrelios.  They are all creatives rebelling against an “oppressive Empire”.

Perhaps it’s time for an “ART CRITIC” to consult for the Empire. It would be a damage assessment to eliminate these creative Rebel threats.


4) He is a boon to the Rebel fleet. He will outmaneuver them with his military prowess, genius, strategy, and tactics.

5) THRAWN is great character to have in recurring story arcs of Star Wars Rebels. He is pragmatic and he keeps the Force Users, especially the Emperor and Darth Vader at bay. 

He is like the “Vulcans of Star Trek” in Star Wars because his species, the CHISS, are logical. But there is a bit of megalomanic streak in him that drives his desire to be in the military verses a philosopher. THRAWN prefers a fight. 

He is also staving off a full blown battle until there is more intel on a hidden enemy that is only under the knowledge of the Emperor, Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), loves the Star Wars Legends or (Star Wars Expanded Universe – SWEU). We also enjoy positive Star Wars fandom to encourage new stories and creativity. Our action is to use social media constructively to show Disney Lucasfilm the efficacy of putting the fictional character into the official Lucasfilm Star Wars new canon specifically the Star Wars Rebels timeline, continuity and story arc.

We have to PITCH the idea to Disney Lucasfilm despite the current contracts.

We feel that a strong social media metrics can persuade Disney Lucasfilm to reconsider this character THRAWN and the CHISS species. Our abundant collection of data: roleplay story arcs, character sheets, financial budgets, social media campaign, voice actor work and videos MERIT a pitch. Our social transmedia campaign is our pitch bible.

We are requesting supporters to SIGNAL BOOST our posts on their social media channels with the hashtags: #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels.

It will take a year to bring this project into fruition, but this campaign is positive Star Wars fandom and we promote all Star Wars content.

Should you consider joining or helping us, here’s how >> click here.

Thank you for your consideration.