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Where The Social Media Ecosystem Of Fandom Comes Alive!

Our Mission is to portray Star Wars characters on social media as entertainment with strong, accurate, and authentic performances, and by the way, we tell fanfiction stories and run campaigns.

Our goal is to create the social media ecosystem with fandom becomes alive through fanfiction, fan art, roleplay, podcasts, headcanons, metas. We do that through our capital and social action campaigns.

Sabine W. NFT Collage

We read and research the Star Wars literature and dailies every day, we write several articles of fiction, we code social media for operations and commerce, and we rehearse and improvise (ad lib) live performances. Social media requires funding and SWAG77 wants to support the arts and roleplay performance actors’ efforts.

We are social media fan-led LLC. Our Linktree NAV coordinates.

Our programme is for all fans willing to work hard for their fandom to ensure we maintain and contribute to the robust nature of the Star Wars fandom community ecosystem.

SWAG77 is unaffiliated, unofficial and unsponsored by Disney Corporation, Lucasfilm Ltd, Marvel, and Penguin Random House Del Rey Star Wars. Its characters and all associated items are the intellectual property of Disney Corporations, Lucasfilm©, Lucasfilm Ltd., Marvel, and Penguin Random House. All rights reserved.

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SWAG77 participates in NaNoWriMo November.