Grand Admiral Thrawn Does Have Peerage

Peerage is how titles are bestowed on to monarchs and ruling classes.

By the time Mitth’raw’nuruodo was alive there were rumors of his family circulating: how the Mitth Ruling Family’s reduced power in the Syndicure. That their new recruits are less capable as other Ruling Families, in ranking and political strength, there was something about Thrawn. He discovers his genetic heritage through his family’s art and possibly who is his family. Then, legal ramifications of his discovery as to strengthen Mitth Ruling Family’s rule and maintaining their genetic bloodlines, while introducing outsiders that can fortify the lines to never go extinction.

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The Purrgils Took Thrawn, Ezra & 7th Fleet To The Planet, Zonama Sekot

Zonama Sekot is a planet outside of the Unknown Regions nearing a different galaxy. It has a planetary consciousness or soul called SEKOT who possesses the Feorreans called a JABITHA. The planet can move by a hyperdrive installed by the Gray Jedi, Leor Haell.

In the book ROGUE PLANET by Greg Bear, a very special starship is built on a planet, Zonama Sekot. A few galactic inhabitants know about this planet’s existence, location, and unique starships. This starship is alive and connects to the best pilots by an organic ceremony that shapes the ship to the pilot. The Jedi know about the ships and decide to get one built —

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Thrawn and The Canted Circle


In Darth Plagueis novel, a description of the elite organization of power brokers that ruled the galaxy joined this “secret society fraternity” called The Canted Circle

A member held the utmost power and regard throughout the galaxy and practically became a part of the Star Wars equivalent of the “Illuminati.” Those in the Canted Circle decided who and what goes to war, which planets will be involved, and the level of Force use allowed. Mostly Sith were a part of this group, no Jedi —

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Access To Entire Fanfic: The Fancy Dress Ball and The Photograph


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In this kind of ancient photography art, they appear like a usual couple without any worries.

They turn to each other as they stare into each other’s eyes profoundly, and without further words, they start to devour one another’s with kisses. Sabine drops the photograph out of her hand while Thrawn drops his cane as their tongues entwine and their hands rub over their bodies intensely. Then, Thrawn swings Sabine up as she lands, straddling his hips. He holds her butt in place and moves her body up and down and around against his hard erect dick. His top hat could not physically stay at its position as his head twists from his make-out session with Sabine. Thrawn nearly trips over his feet to move his small steps forward to step out to the balcony holding Sabine in his arms while he kisses her neck. There were Bordeaux-colored roses bushes that emit a delicate scent that permeates the air. The aphrodisiac fragrance heightens their desires as Thrawn backs Sabine into a corner wall on the balcony. His warm breath on her neck moves his lips and tongue to kiss her earlobe, and he whispers, “I will take you right here, Sab’ika, if we don’t stop this immediately.“

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Star Wars: Yuuzhan Vong Oogalith Masquers

Above is Legends Canon of Yuuzhan Vong Invasion Comic Series. The woman is Queen Nina Galifidrian, a shamed one Yuuzhan Vong woman in her Oogalith Masquer.


To MAKE the galaxy accept us, Yun Ne’Shel had the Master Shapers bless us with an OOGALITH MASQUER before cleansing our new home galaxy.

We aren’t colonists. We are CONQUERERS or  CONQUISTADORES… That’s a tough pill. (There’s a great irony to that  because the conquerers are a “WHAT IF” Meso-Americans CONQUERED rather than Spain?)

Having an Oogalith Masquer — slide onto a Yuuzhan  Vong was a VERY SENSUAL process. Wearing one for a VERY LONG TIME  eventually became itchy, and touch response is dulled on a Yuuzhan Vong’s skin.  There were times to let the oogalith masquer breathe–

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2020 Thrawn X Sabine Fan Art Commission by CeciliaGF.

The 2 line drawings and a WIP Sabine Wren in color.

Cecilia GF is a very good artist and professional.

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What planet did Thrawn & Ezra get dropped off on in the Unknown Regions?


Here’s an idea — Look at the map? Anything interesting? One lone planet in the Unknown Regions that changes its orbit.

From the back

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ORIGIN SPECULATION: The Chimera Mythology Links To Mount Chimaera Geology, The Garnet Gemstone, And Natural Human Chimeras.


Why is Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth’raw’nuruodo) a Chiss, Cerulean Blue, and has Red Eyes? Why would he have an affinity toward art and an artist who paints the art?

While his story is fictional, there are very real scientific concepts crafted by the author, Timothy Zahn, whose previous life was working on a doctorate in physics. He liked writing science fiction, first as a hobby and then professionally.

Numerous scientists do enjoy writing fiction because science fiction requires little repetitive proof. Real scientific research requires excessive amounts of evidence backed by the literature, several experiments, and lots of precise nitpicky evaluation and review by peers and experts. Only then can papers be published.

What is more appealing writing science fiction and fantasy is once an author from a scientific background learns the basic rules of writing, terminology, and literature, the creative aspects of happiness in life. Or rather, real science struggle, politics, and oppression can kill creative thought. It is why I write fan-fiction as a Ph.D. research scientist from molecular genetics. I find my joy crafting wild theories based on science that are complete bullshit in real science. I write better science fiction than actual science.

This piece is not a review of the subject matter. One can find the study in a general search. This piece has a total nerd level of 80%. So, it has wild speculations that might be antithetical to Star Wars and extreme premise. But, bear with me, my assumption is grabbed by Thrawn novel and TV show sources and references (which are few). It is speculation and can be false.

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Convor “Owls” at Sabine’s Practice in “Trials of the Darksaber” S03E15

Sabine Wren, the Convor Owls and the Daughter

A continuation of the “Daughter And Her Death Metas” in this blog.

In those metas, it is stated, that when Son kills the Daughter as she protects her Father of the Mortis Gods in Star Wars: The Clone Wars “The Ghosts of Mortis” S03:E17, Daughter “died”, but her Force Powers traveled across the galaxy and touched girls and women of gallantry and purity.

Sabine Wren is one of those girls…

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