The Mandalorian & The Darksaber

Whatever Din Djarin did or did not do, can he still be Mandalore or Mand’alor of the Mandalorians? The king of Mandalore.

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SWAG77 Patreon Fanfic: Discoveries: Chapter 1 The Duchess and Chapter 2 It’s Handled

This story is about how Sabine Wren got kicked out of the Imperial Mandalorian Academy after she built the Duchess — Arc Pulse Generator. Then six years later, Grand Admiral Thrawn makes a discovery he had to avenge.

The irony of this all when art imitates real life: If you take the Permelian trade route, a new holobillboard may catch your eye. It’s a pro-choice holobillboard in response to what the organizers call an anti-choice campaign they say targeted specific planets this spring. NightsisterReach is behind them. The first debuted on Primeday andContinue reading