SWAG77 Fanfic Prompt 6 – Friend.

Prompt 6 – Friend.

Thrawn chuckles, seeing how hot Sabine was after the droids gave her seltzer and whisky.

Sabine tastes the coolness of seltzer water and ice with the stinging flavor of the whisky as she closes her eyes to savor the taste. She hears Thrawn’s laugh and shifts her legs. “It’s your apartment, Grand Admiral, and I need to cool down.”

“Yes, of course.” He smirks and then orders the droids to close all the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

He rubs his large cerulean hand on Sabine’s knee to her thigh and separates her legs. Sabine looks at his red-in-red eyes and is open to him touching her freely. He kneels between her legs as he follows her eyes, then burrows his head into–

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