SWAG77 Fan Art Attribution Addendum: Our Use Of Deepfake Technology

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Addendum to our guide:

New technology: Synthetic Media (Deepfake Technology)

SWAG77 purchased programs that are capable of modifying one image to another to a whole new created image that is further modified to fit the imagery of the fanfiction stories we write in a show and tell. We use Synthetic Media or Deepfake Technology.

While we commission fan artists for complex images, which can become costly for us, we have purchased these programs for rapid creation and high output for more stories we wish to relay to fans.

Some websites require age confirmation and consent to use images of real-life people.

Per their rules and regulations, SWAG77 wants to abide by the rules set forth.

We do not understand how a website will enforce the use of freely available images from search engines that are not stock photos or in commercial magazines. Moreover, there is no mention of the use of algorithms in the creation of synthetic media and its modifications.

SWAG77 supports the rules and regulations set forth by the company of which its content is held.

Our policy now is that an original fair use unblurred facial image creates new media by our synthetic media programs. Artificial intelligence that synthetic media uses, modifies the original image markedly to become a new creation. We think that our use of these programs is the definition of creative art. Since the new image is not of a living person but an interpretation made by artificial intelligence, we think that consent is irrelevant since we created this fictional character and all images.

The original fair use unblurred facial image we show publicly is blurred by image modification technology, including our content that is kept on exclusive sites.

As of November 1, 2021:

SWAG77, its parent company, Ariafya LLC, and all subsidiaries that use this synthetic media technology will list the use of said programs that created a new image from image manipulations and modifications.

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