SWAG77 Main Programs

SWAG77 Main Programs

On @blackgirlnerds: My #StarWarsBlues: The Campaign To Add #Thrawn to #StarWarsRebels The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) is a social media entertainment and performance fan group dedicated to providing strong, accurate, and authentic online portrayals of Star Wars characters on various social media platforms. We tell stories on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. IContinue reading

Why put a ‘blue guy with red eyes’ into #StarWarsRebels? From the #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels campaign.  From a casual observer: “WAIT! There are ‘blue guys with red eyes’ in Star Wars?”  That is what supporters of the #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels will hear from Star Wars fans and non-fans alike.  This question is about the economic relevancy of this projectContinue reading

SWAG 77 campaign – Star Wars PAC

The owner having been involved in real-life campaigns knows a thing or two about letter-writing. It is true, no more Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Season 6 is done and Disney may show it. But the facts for shutting it down are numerous and we will never know. It does have to do with theContinue reading “SWAG 77 campaign – Star Wars PAC”