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Potential SWAG77 Storyline In 2014

When the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 roleplay performs, we plan our performances to reflect our fan made stories and headcanons.

This storyline was the strengthen and embolden the presence of MARA JADE as a character in STAR WARS REBELS. She would be ~13 years old. We were trying develop key personality traits of a 13 year old versus the adult version.

She was to infiltrate the REBELS and destroy them. That did not happen and in the Disney Lucasfilm version, it’s totally different. As SWAG77 we are FINE with that, but at least we attempted to write a story, than complained how bad we think Star Wars is and join toxic fandom.

Some toxic fans do not care about our vision because of Dunning-Kruger effects. They think they know ALL ABOUT STAR WARS and no one knows more than them. These fans also perform in GODMOD ways which KILLS roleplay and destroys public performances. It’s worse than a TROLLS treatment, because a TROLL just disagrees; whereas a GODMODDER is in on the performance game and sells out all the secrets to the public. You can trust a TROLL to be an asshole. You can NEVER TRUST A GODMODDER!


The point of this story arc was to get ships better than the Empire’s Star Destroyers and anything else they crafted together. Of course, the Rebels would never have that technology and that is kind of the point of the story as a lead in to A New Hope. The Rebel Alliance heard stories about a new ship under construction of immense power than no one had ever seen (of course that is the Death Star) and they felt if they had better starships to fight against this “unknown entity” they would be fine against this weapon. They were wrong.

The KUATIS built the hyperdrive engines for the Imperial Star Destroyers. The Emperor sensed some malfeasance by the KUATIS, he wanted a secret way in to their very private royal family. The Sultan’s grand-daughter to the SHESH family, VIQI SHESH was having her 6 (or age appropriate) year old birthday party and top galactic celebs were to be invited. Of course the Emperor could not make it. But he sent MARA JADE to go undercover with her REBEL friends and see what the SHESH’s were doing.

Of course there back-up plans to back-up plans. Of course there are other forces at stake here to show off to the Emperor who is a sadist and enjoys conflict. He gets off on conflict. But here’s a KID’S version of a back-up plan.

Come to find out, that the “hyperfuel” itself was being ORGANICALLY SYNTHESIZED AND FULLY PROCESSED by an unknown seller from the OUTER RIM off the TINGEL ARM…

The MARA JADE team managed to steal an entire slat of hyperfuel and put it on ALDERAAN — which feeds into another headcanon we have — another reason why the Emperor destroyed Alderaan was because it was infected by the YUUZHAN VONG BIOTS!

Here our touchpoints in the roleplay that we needed to perorm and prove.

1. The Rebels are fighting to get a ship in space. But aren’t able to do it. They have to retreat.

2. Then a surprise communique invites Mara to a special birthday party for the Shesh’s on Kuat.

3. If Mara doesn’t go to the “princess party” she will be ratted out. But if Mara goes to there, she has to take Ezra and Sabine definitely and possibly Hera as her “governess”.

4. But while they’re there, they discover there are plans for a new hyperdrive engine. So they can steal it and get it to Alderaan so they can retrofit it for their own starships.

As SWAG77 we never got around to do this roleplay due to a racist performer having Dunning-Kruger and hating aspects of Star Wars.

You cannot HATE and convincingly roleplay perform Star Wars unless you are trying to be a MARY SUE or GARY STU. We find most people LIVE through their roleplay characters rather than be themselves. Our research after 10 years is a roleplayer’s sociality suffers in real life. It hurts their education, their careers and their family life. It is an unsustainable personality. It is why SWAG77 auditions, perform test cases and re-writes in the draft performances. Why SWAG77 rehearses and restricts membership only to trained people to reflect our work. It is the standard we set and we think people can reach them if they want to.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 MARA JADE campaign could not be performed after our failure to understand our primary mission.

We perform strong, accurate and authentic stories on social media to reflect the spirit and vision of all Star Wars.

Where Star Wars fans start.

Perhaps another roleplaying group can take our efforts and do better. SWAG77 doesn’t mind retcons or re-writes when we know. We just want attribution for our efforts.

The is a tiny snippet into what we really do in SWAG77.


SW SWAG77 Impetus to ReturnGeneral Admiral Thrawn into Current Canon and Promote the Interaction with Sabine Wren



On @blackgirlnerds: My #StarWarsBlues: The Campaign To Add #Thrawn to #StarWarsRebels

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) is a social media entertainment and performance fan group dedicated to providing strong, accurate, and authentic online portrayals of Star Wars characters on various social media platforms. We tell stories on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I am the owner of this group.

But, this article is about the owner, me, Dr. Gina Moore-Sanders and my campaign to include the beloved villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn in the latest Star Wars canon.

Read more


Why put a ‘blue guy with red eyes’ into #StarWarsRebels?

From the #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels campaign. 


From a casual observer: “WAIT! There are ‘blue guys with red eyes’ in Star Wars?” 

That is what supporters of the #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels will hear from Star Wars fans and non-fans alike. 

This question is about the economic relevancy of this project and that is how positive fans need to answer this question in a non-violent manner. The key is, you cannot use the Star Wars Legends (Star Wars Expanded Universe) ideology to answer this question.

What you have to use is financial costs and benefits to adding 1) An alien character that is an antagonist lead; 2) Why it would be important for a kid’s show made by Disney Lucasfilm; 3) That supports the ongoing Star Wars Rebels story arcs, timelines and continuity; and 4) The broad Star Wars story arcs, timelines and continuities; and then 5) How it would be beneficial for a minimum $400,000 per episode show with required TV ratings to make it a beneficial financial sound investment by executives….

These questions must be answered in the Pitch Bible of getting Thrawn into Star Wars Rebels and everyone must be able to answer to that fact.

If you want to WORK WITH the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) to develop these answers creatively, please contact us on SWAG77.com and we will add you to our spaces to specifically answer that question.

The information below should suffice for a good explanation.


SWAG 77 campaign – Star Wars PAC

The owner having been involved in real-life campaigns knows a thing or two about letter-writing.

It is true, no more Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Season 6 is done and Disney may show it. But the facts for shutting it down are numerous and we will never know. It does have to do with the economics and business of the situation. Just review the ratings.

Letter writing helps in that they can see what the fans want and can learn how to deliver it.

So first the addresses:



Second, you want to write them BASED off the FACTS and not off of emotion or conjecture. They will put your letter into the round file. You can write passionately, but it must be well written, concise and succinct. It must use proper grammar and exact spelling. The letter must have a beginning, a middle and an end that conveys your wants – NOT your needs – what do you want from them that they can deliver to you. Use these following articles to begin to construct your argument (debate).

How Disney Bought Lucasfilm And Its Plan For Star Wars

No Decision Yet On Reuniting ‘Star Wars’ Cast with Bob Iger


Third, there are strengths we have as fans. What we need to learn how to do, is leverage them. Letter-writing is a start. If you want to know more, join the Star Wars PAC to implement how to let our voices be heard.

We have 4 tiers of pages that we use to implement our political action and a Twitter account. We can always use your help. Thank you very much.