THE MANDALORIAN: Thoughts and Speculations

After watching THE MANDALORIAN on Disney Plus several times, here are a few thoughts and speculations. There will only be minor line and observation spoilers

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In 2012, SWAG77 investigated the idea of the Corellian Jedi as a story Disney Lucasfilm could pursue. We created a Facebook Page, but no other social media nodes:

The above picture is Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon, son of Keiran Halcyon. Nejaa has a son, who was not Force sensitive, but his grandson, was named “Corran Horn” who is a famous Star Wars Legends character in several books.

Darth Vader did kill the Corellian Jedi, but he did not identify all their children of the Force.

What is key here is roughly 1000 years earlier, the Corellian Jedi came to the main Jedi Council Coruscant to tell them the turn to the Dark Side. That is when the Corellian Jedi Thame Cerulian rejoined the Jedi Order on Coruscant and studied the ways of the Force to understand why there was this turn to the Dark Side. Master Cerulian trained Count Dooku as a child.

In scant paperwork, we wrote metas and headcanons to make this idea work for RP, it did not in our hands.

Since there is a new Darth Vader comic out, where he’s “Force Holding” the baby of Jedi Master Eeth Koth, it seems like one of the lost metas we had written 3-4 years ago proves to be true. It took a generation of Jedi to come to the realization that the Dark Side would overtake the galaxy, so in and of themselves, they secretively pursued an outreach to their futures and families.


Not everyone can separate their strong tie for self-sovereignty and autonomy. Most individuals feel strong about having a family of their own. It may be written in their DNA.

But the Jedi are to refrain of those desires through meditation and supplication. Always flowing with the Force…

It is different for Jedi – breeding, such as HAVING SEXUAL REPRODUCTION AND bearing the children (for mothers) and siring children (for fathers) detracts from what it means to be a Jedi in the Jedi Order.

You can’t be selfless to your own child, you must protect them as their parent. You cannot just WATCH while your family you love are harmed, you must fight for them, even in your own death.

There is also a problem of who you are having sex with, that boss-employee, or mentor-mentee is always rife with unethical problematic power positions. Yes, it happens, but it is still inappropriate in a democratic ethical society because there is always the question of consent, i.e. was it made without any clouded behavior from the Dark Side of the Force.

Relationships divide emotions always. So of course the Dark Side of the Force will use that to put a wedge between lovers, especially in a power dynamic.

The question really becomes: Are there any pair-bonds that are allowable for Light Sided Force users?


By hating the Emperor and trying to rebel, Jedi are only increasing the severity of his policies against them. If Jedi throughout the galaxy try to instill into the mind of the Emperor and the Empire recognition of the ideals for which the Force stands, and if Jedi appeal to the Imperial sense of justice and the Imperial Galactic conscience, I am sure the problem will be solved more effectively and early otherwise. I assert, the rebellion against the Empire is not an effective means of meeting the evil. Rebellions are simply war without firepower, and war in any form is not the way to right the wrongs being inflicted on the Jedi and the Rebels.

Hencad Burryy (source)


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Generally, we do not show these kinds of accolades because we think Star Wars fans should like us based on the work we actively do, today. In 2011, the famous Star Wars author, Timothy Zahn has liked a hallmark SWAG77 Original Character, Auset Lah. Character sheet biographyStory arc - The ForetellingWe felt that if anyone were to say anything negative about what we do, it would be him. So far, we have received any gross critiques. We decided to remove the blog on Tumblr....
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Jedi Targeted The Emperor of the Galaxy During The Clone Wars. During the 4th year of the Clone Wars, before Knightfall, the Jedi targeted the Emperor on his homeworld on Naboo. When Rebels claim they do not seek violence because … Continue reading



During a town hall meeting in
Imperial senatorial candidate Avemut Heat was asked about Emperor Sheev
Palpatine being a Jedi.

A man
asked, “We have a problem in this galaxy, it’s called Jedi. We know our current
Emperor is one. you know he’s not even an Human.”

said, “We need the question, but anyway.”

man continued, “We have Jedi Academies brewing where they want to kill us.
That’s my question, when can we get rid of it?”

answered, “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. A lot of
people are saying that, a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out
there. We’re going to look at that and a lot of other things.”

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Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That’s is how we role

First world problems. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That is how the owner wants it. That’s what we do. Our motivation is to be a Business to Business service to movie production companies and publishing houses before the first cut to film or print. We can test the efficacy of a creative idea by social media performance and entertainment which is proprietary.

Our revenue, as tiny as it is is driven from sales at the moment until we can get a better deal and be remunerated appropriately. But for now, we have to sell T-shirts at Redbubble to support our creative ventures.

One idea was the “Corellian Jedi” that is a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU) and is now no longer canon. TWO YEARS ago is was canon and we created 3 lines of T-shirts sold at our store for nominal costs.

TODAY the owner received this email from the distributor, Redbubble:

Reads in part:

We have removed the following content from Redbubble in response to past complaints from The Walt Disney Company, the claimed owner or licensee of related intellectual property and in accordance with Redbubble’s IP/Publicity Rights Policy:

Corellian Jedi creed:

Corellian Jedi T-shirt Game-1

For these images:

Trust me I'm a Corellian Jedi-2-4 Trust me I'm a Corellian Jedi-1 Corellian Jedi creed-2-1

It is one thing to IMEDIATELY EXACT IP when an item is posted, but for it to be on a site for 2 years and say nothing until a big corporation who cares little about the fans is another issue. Meh, typical of Disney.

But more to the fact… Disney will be using the “Corellian Jedi” concept in an upcoming production… After this incident, there’s no doubt in our minds.

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Whew that was an awesome #StarWarsCelebration!

So proud of the SWAG77 booth. Death Star Putt-Putt was the best.

Jedi Meditation not so much…. Too much excitement.

A dozen #KissAChiss T-shirts won and worn by #StarWars #Chiss fans was exciting. We started playing for candy. Made Thrawn cosplayer friends. Keeping in contact with one of them makes it exciting.

Let’s keep this going. Had to get the words out. Pics to follow!