Positive #StarWars Fandom – PSWF: What is it and why?


Positive Star Wars Fandom keeps our minds creative and open to the trust of content creators, professionals and fans who adore Star Wars as much as others in the care to know they will present their best. We have to have hope. We have to have faith in the corporation, the company, and the content creators that their carefully measured words in their interviews are to surprise us with gifts that showcase their talent. As fans, we should make every effort to enrich our moviegoing experience by enjoying the content, peaceably with some popcorn, and absorb the exhilaration and enthrallment of the show with that “wow factor” we entrusted with the content creators. Then have the assurance to exit the movie geeked out so much we re-enter the ticket line, or just to wanna break the law and get the high end bootlegs…

Just kidding! 😉

It’s show business!

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Lore Action Division uses the psychological basis of happiness and wellness to incorporate motivational learning and appreciative inquiry to coach positive Star Wars fandom to people who just love Star Wars or are new to this exciting universe of possibilities. That is our official scientific rationale and designation for our creation of positive Star Wars fandom for fans.

What fans will achieve should they use positive Star Wars fandom:

  • Engender good feelings as demonstrated by attendance to official Star Wars events and other events highlighting Star Wars activities.

  • Generate measurable excitement (also know as virality) through social media engagement on the official and fan based Star Wars websites

  • Encouragement through posts, podcasts, discussions, shared art and creativity with the corporation, the company, and the community of fans

Positive Star Wars Fandom is about fun and vibrancy as a wellspring of knowledge that drives the healthy neurological processes of creativity through the support of creative endeavors.

The Disney executives are limited by what they can say because of non-disclosure agreements, legalities, and the fact that they are in the business for profit to recoup their costs. Projects are managed tightly to ensure all considerations for the betterment of the franchise.

We, as fans can choose to use positive Star Wars fandom and still be deferential to the corporation with the joy and the vibrancy felt at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015.

As fans, that is our charge. As fans, that is our commitment. As fans, we choose to take on that responsibility despite our grievances, disagreements, and differences of opinion.

As fans, our ultimate goal is to enjoy Star Wars and to take that piece we cherish, and to give it away to others through a shared experience in the Force, forever.


May the Force be with you, always.


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