By then, everyone will be a Star Wars fan, again and there will be an influx of new fans never involved in the other aspects of Star Wars, like the books, novels, games or TV shows.

Out of that, a percentage of individuals will delve into the fandom with new ideas to override established concepts and will be convincing to other newbies telling them how-tos, etc.

It will feel like us longtime fans that endured the hateful actions and comments are now being excluded. What to do?

You got 3 months to develop a viable plan to establish your angle and prepare yourself for the onslaught of bandwagon casual fans using positive fandom techniques.

We teach these tactics by joining Star Wars Actors Guild 77 with several access points and encouraging creative discussions.

We ask people to join because it is a commitment, the willingness to go beyond a website for information, the assertiveness to speak to a content creator, the fortitude to endure harsh messaging from anonymous insecure sociopaths and the openness for welcoming.

As the owner who has a doctorate in science and has taught at the university level, I have dedicated my life to improving the education of young people with research to complete projects and support the endeavors of the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars. I created the proprietary method of positive fandom as a rubric for all fans to commit to creativity and art for healing purposes. Neurologically, when minds engage creatively through artistic social action they heal into positive moods. Positive moods lead to positive outcomes as shown online.

Of course, SWAG77 under the business ARIAFYA LLC, a social media health and entertainment performance company has to develop our hypotheses. Our specific aims and goals still need study. However, our pilot studies indicate positive fandom on social media heals people and improves academic achievement by 2 grade points. We are still investigating why, but as neuroscientists we know it has to do with crossing the aspects of the creative brain to the executive functions for confidence that improves mood in willing participants.

That is what we do.


Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That’s is how we role

First world problems. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That is how the owner wants it. That’s what we do. Our motivation is to be a Business to Business service to movie production companies and publishing houses before the first cut to film or print. We can test the efficacy of a creative idea by social media performance and entertainment which is proprietary.

Our revenue, as tiny as it is is driven from sales at the moment until we can get a better deal and be remunerated appropriately. But for now, we have to sell T-shirts at Redbubble to support our creative ventures.

One idea was the “Corellian Jedi” that is a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU) and is now no longer canon. TWO YEARS ago is was canon and we created 3 lines of T-shirts sold at our store for nominal costs.

TODAY the owner received this email from the distributor, Redbubble:

Reads in part:

We have removed the following content from Redbubble in response to past complaints from The Walt Disney Company, the claimed owner or licensee of related intellectual property and in accordance with Redbubble’s IP/Publicity Rights Policy:

Corellian Jedi creed:

Corellian Jedi T-shirt Game-1

For these images:

Trust me I'm a Corellian Jedi-2-4 Trust me I'm a Corellian Jedi-1 Corellian Jedi creed-2-1

It is one thing to IMEDIATELY EXACT IP when an item is posted, but for it to be on a site for 2 years and say nothing until a big corporation who cares little about the fans is another issue. Meh, typical of Disney.

But more to the fact… Disney will be using the “Corellian Jedi” concept in an upcoming production… After this incident, there’s no doubt in our minds.

Support us:


Your #StarWars fandom includes _____________________?

This question is about you. If you feel you have to blame others to make your fandom better, it says something about you, not about the other blog that has never visited yours and does not know you exist.

My Star Wars fandom includes reading the books, writing my own Star Wars stories (fan fictions) and performing them on social media. That is what I like to do with my time.

I also enjoy reading business articles in entertainment. I also have a huge life outside of Star Wars and the fandom.

#StarWars Sensational Extrapolation Beyond What Was Said = Logic Fallacy

Everyone can (over)analyze what Mr. Simon Kinberg said, but the fact remains, there are limits to what he can and will discuss and he states it explicitly and that is all there is to it.

Any further analysis of his comments to say that the Expanded Universe (EU) is NOT ABSOLUTELY and NEVER going to be used in the future Star Wars movies, is an extrapolation and the logic fallacies of “false cause”, “slippery slope”, “loaded questions” and “appeals to emotion”. 

He said he cannot discuss content. He stated what he likes in Star Wars. Then he stated what canon is which is the 6 movies. All of those statements in context are true. To say no EU content will be an inspiration or used is to make a logic fallacy – mainly of emotion. Coercing others to agree with you is the logic fallacy of “bandwagoning” with the use of “begging the question”…

Let’s not hurt one another. We are all fans here. Our beloved Star Wars has changed. Be open to the change. Ask yourself, will this stop you from purchasing a ticket to see the movie? 

If not, then there is not much discussion on content other than keep your eyes open on new reports.

If this will stop you from seeing the movie, then well, there are other things in life – like promoting world peace perhaps  – that need assistance.


People have a hard time relating to each generation of Star Wars fans. Now there’s a whole generation of Clone Wars fans that are very fond of those characters and what they meant to them. So I look forward to seeing what they do when they get here, because they’ll get here. Hopefully I’ll still be here, but by that point I’ll be a little Yoda in the corner maybe, but I’m fine with that. I’m fine with that.

Dave Filoni of IGN