I don’t think these fools get it, you ain’t getting into the Star Wars game if you don’t understand the rules of it and you’re not playing it…



I’ve been in the Star Wars game for 7 years. 2 Celebrations. Several podcasts. A few Youtubes. 4 letters to Lucasfilm, with responses. And one successful campaign to get Thrawn in re-canonized.

There are laments online about how Black characters are being disparaged in Star Wars. 

Let me let your in on a Star Wars game secret: It’s because you all PLAY the game wrong. You’re not doing the kinds of things it takes to get the character you love ready. There’s no PREP, no love. 

When Billy Dee Williams signs autographs, you need to be there talking to him appreciatively.

When there are art shows, you need to submit an art piece.

You need to be writing

You need to be in the game. I hardly see anyone in that game and I’ve asked. No Black person helps Star Wars Actors Guild 77 out except my husband. I have all kind of other people willing to help me and make it happen, but I get kicked out of Black groups because I’m too extra.

Shit, I’m 50 years old, you think I want to put up with foolishness.

Now you can sit here and lament about how 3 top Black women writers, producers at Lucasfilm haven’t make a way for any Black people in Star Wars, and I can tell you, you all aren’t giving them the help they need. You all aren’t showing up.

Hell, I doubt you’d show up if the police beat them down and killed them… Not saying that should happen, don’t fucking take my comments out of context and misrepresent me.

But I need receipts of your actions. Put your money where your fucking mouth is and step up…

Do not leave us to the way side because massa wants you today.

All this to say is, I’m considering that my next campaign will be a highlighting of all the African American – looking characters in Star Wars. I will not do it alone.

I find that I’m alone in this venture, I’m not doing it. You’ve got 2 weeks to decide.

^^^For real.

We’ve ran campaigns before. We’re not doing it if there is no support for them. Back up on social media, when we are attacked. Back up with fan art and the willingness to do fan art for us when we ask, nicely, not price gouging us. Free willingness to help us, not greediness and sliminess. Doing the work as required. There is writing to be done. Youtubes to be made. It all has to be collaborative as one unified voice, together and inclusive. 

It cannot be: look at me, look at me. I’m top 10 model or arrogance. It has to be well thought-out, well planned, organized. 

Like basically, I need to see John Boyega gifs tomorrow from the entire movie if you’re serious.

I need to see the youtubes. 

I need to see the AO3s, no smut, no porn, just Finn as the character…

I need the art by tomorrow. No smut, no porn.

If you are serious, you would do this.

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