So — If GEORGE LUCAS SHARED YOUR FAN ART WITHOUT ASKING OR GIVING YOU CREDIT — will you curse him out like you have cursed SWAG77 out, too?


So – why are you creating fan art? For a Disney Lucasfilm contract? You think Disney Lucasfilm will pick up your work on social media and extol your virtues to make you famous? REALLY?

SWAG77 discusses your logic fallacy in this post.

Our problem is that you are selective to whom you direct your hate and ire. It’s not about missing tags to fan art. It’s about you not know who the person is sharing your fan art, and you think so little of them, not realizing that fandom is a lot bigger than you think. You do not know who other fans know. And if they post your art, most of the fans are doing it because they LIKE it. It is another way of marketing it.

That is NOT the way Lucasfilm reviews art. They do complete background checks throughout the internet — or they pay a third party to do it, and their lawyers review it. That still does not mean that artist will get a Disney Lucasfilm art contract. Lucasfilm hires a lot of artists that are professional and have huge portfolios. That means Lucasfilm can hire in-house. Why would they go outside to find any artist when they have artists coming to them? (The same for fan-fictions, and fan-films).

That is what you hateful misconstrue. It is not about SWAG77; it’s about you thinking we are shit bad people, in your opinion. You are judgy against us before you know anything about us. That kind of judgmental ideology is fascist in your warped delusional mind and lousy attitude toward us. Why deal with you? Especially when you need to grow up. And do not brandish the fact you fantasize that you have a Lucasfilm contract because if you did, you would have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) where you cannot discuss your activities with the company. No, anyone coming to this website and any of our social media nodes belittle us is hypocritical. And SWAG77 will perceive it as racist, anti-Black, and sexist for attacking a Black Woman-owned LLC.

Let us make this clear to fans: the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 will do our best to credit fan artists to our social media nodes. WE are about supporting fandom as best as we can. In case we forget, and we sometimes do because we have thousands of ongoing projects and activities, if an artist asks us nicely and respectfully, we will add the correct information, as outlined. If we see art on any social media as shared, then you require a DCMA to demand it to be removed. But, make sure you know that WE ARE SHARING IN GOOD FAITH — accusing a Black person of stealing is fucked up, and it is stereotypical racism. Any negative comments from re-blogs, comments, or posts that are hateful, SWAG77 will pursue legal recourse. Try Jesus. Not us.

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