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Stormtrooper discharged for his ugly role in Avemut Heat rally on Lianna, where
Imperials are investigating assault complaints


The Galactic Empire quietly decided to discharge a young
man named Jospry Oreph. Listed as a “future Stormtrooper” on his Spacebook
page, he had enlisted in 15 BBY, but was currently in their delayed entry

publicly bragging on Spacebook about his role in the harassment and assault of
a young alien woman, Shnwan Gumaiya, at a Avemut Heat rally, and a viral image
of him yelling at her that eerily resembled similar photos of Aliens harassed before the Clone Wars, Captain Kehoff Manvin,
deputy judicial of the Galactic Empire, informed the HoloNet Realtime News that
“Mr. Oreph was discharged from the delayed entry program.”

In the Empire, we do have freedom of
speech, but this does not mean freedom from consequences. Jospry Oreph just
learned this lesson the hard way.

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Mattheim Bachhew, the violent
human supremacist who most visibly harassed and assaulted Gumaiya at the Heat
rally, was fired earlier this year from the Iridonian Department of Youngling
Services when they learned of his pattern of specieism and bigotry. It seems
that he has now opted to take out his anger about being terminated by sporting
a “Make the Galaxy Great Again” cap and shoving young alien around.

In fact, multiple men
assaulted Gumaiya at the Heat rally and should be charged criminally for it.
Speaking confidentially with The HoloNet Realtime News, several activists who
were punched, kicked and shoved by Heat supporters communicated that they have
already started the process of filing these charges — potentially including
some against Heat himself for creating and fostering such a hateful and unsafe

Stormtroopers confirmed to
The HoloNet Realtime News that an investigation is underway.

“We have received three
criminal complaints regarding alleged assaults at the Avemut Heat rally and are
actively investigating them,” Lianna Stormtrooper Detail spokeswoman Alismi Leycia

Heat and his campaign have
publicly stated over and over again that their events are private events and
that they have every right to have people removed from them. This may be true,
but because they are funded and paid for by Heat, he is also responsible for
how they are managed.

When Heat angrily yells
“get them out of here” from the stage, in the presence of members of
designated hate groups, without saying who exactly he is speaking to, he is
bound to create the mob mentality that we saw at his rally on Lianna and
elsewhere at previous events where demonstrators were beaten and harassed by
his supporters.

Gumaiya was a peaceful
demonstrator and should’ve never been touched or manhandled by attendees, but Heat
gave them tacit permission to be ugly with her. So they ran with it.

It cost Jospry Oreph his
military enlistment.

It’s all very disgusting.

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