Lah is the new spokeswoman for Imperial Galactic Senate Leader aspirant, Avemut
Heat. Lah is best known as an activist for the Environmentalist Action and an
ardent supporter of Senator Tec Ruzd. Before the appointment, Lah was on
Senator Tec Ruzd’s camp. Senator Ruzd is also eyeing the Imperial’s nomination
slot. According to HoloPolitico, Heat’s move is an
attempt at keeping his lead and preventing Ruzd from beating him to the senate
leader nomination.

In his
statement, as reported by the HoloHill, Heat hailed Lah as an asset. He
added that her addition to the team would be instrumental towards increasing
his team’s influence in the galaxy. He particularly pointed out her deep understanding
of the changes needed on Coruscant. Besides, Heat stated that the need to
approach the upcoming election with competence required input from someone of Yemaja
Lah’s caliber.

On its
part, the HoloPolitico, an online news site, highlighted Lah’s
confidence in working with Avemut Heat, terming the new working relationship as
“a perfect one.” Yemaja also gave a comparison of her vocal nature with that of
her new boss. She observed that despite Heat’s failure in scoring political
points, he had a strength in stating issues as they were. Heat, in her view,
does not shy away from speaking his mind on any matter that interests him. She
said she shared a similar quality with Heat; the ability to be herself.

some people have been caught unawares by Heat’s shift of allegiance from Ruzd
to Heat. Lah played a vocal role when Ruzd was running for a senatorial seat in
4 BBY. During her interview with the HoloPolitico, Lah stated that she
preferred to carry out political activism as a party supporter rather than
being an insider. She further pointed out that Heat appealed to her as
befitting the senate leadership position; the best successor since Senator
Sheev Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor during the Old Republic. For that
reason, she showed her willingness to work for Lah.

In her
view, Lah admitted that Ruzd would be the ideal galactic senate leader
candidate after the incumbent’s term ends. However, she felt that Heat would
make the better senate leader as compared to Ruzd. Both Imperials and former
Republic politicians would either find the transition soft or hard. Further, Lah
mentioned the fact that whomever Avemut Heat handpicks to join his team finds
it difficult to reject the offer. As a matter of fact, by refusing to work for Heat,
anyone doing so would be out of their mind.

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