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So don’t forget that in the Legends Wookieepedia entry for the DEATH STAR…


The Death Star has “shop and parks.”

Picture this: Krennic figuring those out in his architecture plan. He’ll probably plan for a super-sized mall with snacks and cafe and theme parks and roller coasters.

Talk to Robot Chicken about it… They might do that.

It also had a putting green. We know. Death Star Putt Putt. The Emperor used thermal detonator golf balls.

Whew that was an awesome #StarWarsCelebration!

So proud of the SWAG77 booth. Death Star Putt-Putt was the best.

Jedi Meditation not so much…. Too much excitement.

A dozen #KissAChiss T-shirts won and worn by #StarWars #Chiss fans was exciting. We started playing for candy. Made Thrawn cosplayer friends. Keeping in contact with one of them makes it exciting.

Let’s keep this going. Had to get the words out. Pics to follow!

Death Star Putt-Putt LOVE FOLLOWS/LIKES you need #StarWarsCelebration #SWCO


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