Yes. The SWAG77 which this account is a part of did block as a business because they took it as a threat to the business of Thrawn being in Star Wars. 

See in October, 2014 we were mercilessly attacked by troll haters who say they love Star Wars but believe they are fans. Disney Lucasfilm had not experienced the hatred, but they were informed and shown it in our certified return-receipt letters. Their lawyers know what is going on. Then in 2015, Disney Lucasfilm members specifically were attacked by these “fans”, severely. It made Lucasfilm reticent to reach out to fans given the decisions they had to make due to budgetary reorganization reasons more than story direction. We have been told our methods and actions made it easy for justifications.

We are not into art thievery with malicious intent. We are not children under 18 years old trying to be obstinate.  We aren’t interested to ruling over the Star Wars fandom on Tumblr for some megalomaniac ego-stroking deal. Despite the lies told about us, we are not here for those things. 

We are here to be fans of Star Wars through Grand Admiral Thrawn. We prefer to assist fans who want to exchange with us seriously. When we started, there were only 2-3 blogs devoted to Thrawn. As we kept posting away, Thrawn’s excitement was built and even then, hateful “fans” bashed our work not noticing the social media posts, many we have here changed over time. We informed Freddie Prinze Jr. of Thrawn before he knew about Thrawn. By April, 2015, he was prepared to have a conversation showing the kind of actor Prinze is – an excellent one. 

And while Disney Lucasfilm could not speak to us specifically, they accepted our silly comments on classical art, classical music and “Get Chiss’d Up” art while many hater “fans” condemned us here on Tumblr. 

When we fight back viciously, to a new fan it may look like it is us being too harsh, but it is because that attacker has targeted us and our account to get Tumblr to shut us down after our tireless work by several admins worldwide.  We thank fans that reblog us, and use our fan art we specifically commissioned, we are grateful. But hater “fans” get no respect or love from us and they know who they are. Admonishing our steps is hate on a simple mistake made that was rectified immediately when identified. But because the type of fans these people are, they destroy reputations with lies that invade social media to ruin a platform that was programmed for the creative exchange of ideas – the mission statement of Tumblr. The hater fans are not interested in uplifting Star Wars fandom. No. In fact, they’re only interested in their self-aggrandizement. 

You can choose to be led by these asinine people but they aren’t a part of Disney Lucasfilm. Whereas, we are… 

Go through our blogs for proof.


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