SWAG77 Patreon Outline WIP Thrawn X Sabine Story From 2017 – updated

  • We think Thrawn hides his intentions from “Lesser Space” because he fears destroying his people, the Chiss. Our partial basis on this blog deals with those discussions.

In so many words, the Chiss not just “Blue humans” (source: 2018 Matt Martin). People believed that Chiss were space-faring thousands of years ago and located a planet they named Csilla. At some point, the sun had less energy, and the planet froze into a popsicle. They adapted to the harsh environment and lived underground near their mantle, where it was warm. They bred to avoid outward emotions and a currency-free economy. Certain Ruling Families are responsible for each essential task on the planet. Thrawn’s Family, the Mitth, is powerful. The Chiss usually can fight them one-to-one in space. Chiss are vicious when they fight.

(This stems from animal studies of backcrossing genetics to limit genetic drift in evolution. The genomic DNA can become unstable after a series of generations. It is some of the reasons why inbreeding for humans has problems.)

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