Live Action #Thrawn: Any Questions? (From 2016)

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For the dingbat haters against SWAG77:

You do not understand how the Disney Corporation and Lucasfilm Limited operate with authors who create characters and write novels and translate that to screenplays/scripts for animation, live-action, and movies. Once you do, SWAG77 will discuss. Until then, we will allow you to exist in your warped delusional world. The toxic Star Wars fandom hurts fans and blocks innocent fans from asking clarifying questions to understand your stance, and to hear your justification of your stances. You jumped the gun and created conspiracy theories that cause misinformation and defamation toward legal businesses. You coerce fans because you are narcissistic. You tell them falsities to incite them to mob unsuspecting fans. Any fan who disagrees with you is harassed, mobbed, and derided. Those attacks are the extent of your existence and reputation. Moreover, you are racist, and you attack Black women fans with typical misogynoirity, fragility, and derailment. Your life is meaningless and it is all you have in fandom. Just to exact control and abuse others for you to be on top of this fandom. For you to be the sole authority. That is the problem.

In a professional mental health provider’s opinion, you all are delusional. You have no basis for your rationalization and you hurt Mr. Timothy Zahn — your icon.

And please, don’t stop your foolishness. Have at it. SWAG77 does not care because you will get snatched for being stupid.

We only care about the story of Star Wars in media (books, games, television shows (animated or live-action), and movies, etc.). We promote information from Disney Lucasfilm and other verified media providers.

Your astroturfed attack hashtag pales in comparison to the changes we made in 2014-2016 because the SWAG77’s owner has real-life professional experience in direct action campaigns: from 1987’s Hosea Williams’ march in Forsyth County, Georgia to Amnesty International Position Against Apartheid to the Affordable Care Act. She has met the Vice President through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and participated in the direct action with voter registration.

Y’all are fighting over us of a damn movie franchise that does not help the marginalized people other than self-aggrandizement and conspicuous consumption — a fascist stance.

Below, here are SWAG77’s thoughts on your warped behavior.

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