#StarWarsCelebration #SWCA SWAG77 Podcast Recap

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LISTEN to the new #StarWars @SWAG_77 #Podcast on @TheCloneWars Lost Missions – The Disappeared I & II

LISTEN to the new #StarWars @SWAG_77 #Podcast on @TheCloneWars Lost Missions – The Disappeared I & II Episode 48: Disappeared Part I and II On Mixlr View On WordPress

LISTEN to the new #StarWars @SWAG_77 #Podcast on @TheCloneWars Lost Missions – The Disappeared I & II

Episode 48 of the SWAG 77 Podcast is here! Here Gina and Josh discuss the Clovis arc from Star Wars the Clone Wars, Season 6: The Lost Missions, and its numerous connections to the businessman, Hego Damask.

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#StarWars SWAG 77 #RP Performance: The Universe Regained

#StarWars SWAG 77 #RP Performance: The Universe Regained   We are planning a heavy-duty #StarWarsRebels #RP story arc performance with the characters Sabine Wren, Bo-Katan, Lorka Gedyc, Ezra Bridger and a few others. In our story, all Mandalorian children born after 21 BBY are given clan Mandala back tattoos. A Mandala tattoo in real life is a sacredContinue reading “#StarWars SWAG 77 #RP Performance: The Universe Regained”

SWAG 77 #StarWars #RP Performance with @theKenobiObi & @Bo_Katan: Truth Enlightens

Obi-Wan Kenobi is exiled on Tatooine as the Jedi protector of Luke Skywalker. He is losing his mind from the loss of the Jedi and has become a “troublemaker” for local security. Then one day he bumps into an old friend, the Mandalorian Death Watch Lieutenant, Bo-Katan. Nearly killing him, she asks him to help her to salvage a warship of the Confederacy of the Independent Systems that can be reverse-engineered for the Mandalorians to defend against intruders.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Prepares #StarWars #RP Characters With Care

This is why we ask ALL our RP members to do a THEMATIC character representations vs method character representation. A THEMATIC acting vs. METHOD acting.