Echoes In The Force

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Synopsis: Mara’s nightmares worsen as the Force skews her beliefs as to what is real or not. It surges her power and strength in the Force. She must decide if she will allow energy of the Force drive her ambition.

@SWAG_77 Star Wars RP Performance: The Abduction of Mandalorian Children

Get geeked out thinking that #Mandalorian Children were abducted for conscription by the Empire as either stormtroopers or if they were Force sensitive, they were made into something worse. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 examines if that story conflict is plausible.



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In other news… New sources of Anthrakilide identified in the mountain tops of Lothal. Huge ground veins brings new Imperial Companies like, Danthe Enterprises to assist in the development of the planet Examples of mountain top removal requires a proprietary … Continue reading


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This is Ashii Neurmanii, of HoloNet Realtime News 77. Grafitti and the illicit destruction of Imperial property out of spite by teenagers on Lothal suggests that the Rebels are brainwashing them for terrorist activities. The Loth-rats have nothing better to … Continue reading

We’re testing the efficacy of how #MaraJade can be worked into #StarWarsRebels (@SWRebel77) by #RP #StarWars

We’re testing the efficacy of how #MaraJade can be worked into #StarWarsRebels (@SWRebel77) by #RP #StarWars

We have a decent global treatment script. Great #RPers working hard. We need more help and more good RPers willing to write. We’re performing our RP on Twitter. But Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ accounts link the posts.

We have preliminary metrics that look promising.

If interested in more please message us here, on our FB page or Twitter.

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#StarWars #RP EPISODE ALERT: Extraction of the Emperor’s Hand on Coruscant



Ahsoka placed a hand on her forehead, shaking her head slightly, but a small smile rising upon her face. “You always have a plan involving blasting your way through a situation…” Ahsoka whispered, raising her head, a small smirk procuring at the side of her face.  

She looked to see Bo heading to her squad, before rushing to join her. “Did you really think I would take no for an answer?” she grinned, raising her hood, “I’m helping you.” 

She stops in front of her troops and raises her hands to a stop position. She was a fully armed former Mandalorian Death Watch Lieutenant and her former adversary Ahsoka Tano who through Mandalorian Death Watch Intelligence discovered she deserted the Jedi Order. She was not as tall a Bo-Katan was, her head tendrils reached her height, but her face did not. For a Torgrutan, Ahsoka had grown into a woman,

Bo-Katan flibs her mouth underneath her helmet and sighs. “Dinuir Je’tii dala buy’ce,” Bo commands to her squad member in the Mandalorian language. Within seconds, a Mandalorian-Torgrutan Helmet appears from a compartment on the swoop bikes and the member presents it to Ahsoka a gift. “You come with us,  you fight like a Mandalorian or you don’t come with us at all.” Bo-Katan says to her pointedly.