The Mandalorian & The Darksaber

Whatever Din Djarin did or did not do, can he still be Mandalore or Mand’alor of the Mandalorians? The king of Mandalore.

CLARITY: #GrandAdmiralThrawn in #StarWarsRebels & the cyberharassment

Here from anons They are pissy about this spontaneous RP based over an image by Aimo. Some artists are psychotic about people searching google to for images and roleplaying off it on Facebook or Twitter and then posting results on Tumblr. Guess that’s how some “fans” think on Tumblr. That’s a dick move btw. Don’t wantContinue reading “CLARITY: #GrandAdmiralThrawn in #StarWarsRebels & the cyberharassment”

#StarWars #FanFiction by SWAG77: Best Course of Flight (WIP)

#StarWars #FanFiction by SWAG77: Best Course of Flight (WIP) BEST COURSE IN FLIGHT (WIP) Performed in December 15, 2013. Bo-Katan is pregnant by Obi-Wan Kenobi. They are going to have a daughter. The child can already be sensed in the Force and will be a powerful Force user. They need to decide what to do withContinue reading “#StarWars #FanFiction by SWAG77: Best Course of Flight (WIP)”

#StarWars #FanFiction by SWAG77: Best Course of Flight (WIP)

Bo-Katan does wants her daughter to be raised like a Mandalorian and proud of her culture and heritage. However, Obi-Wan thinks it will be unsafe because his daughter is so strong in the Force.

What will they do?

Juloff Exclusive Report: Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic & Deadly

realtimenews77: Juloff here. War Correspondent Embedded To Interview Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic and Deadly. A part of Death Watch and serves under its leader, Pre Viszla. We are here to find out more on this mystery woman with my hired Zygerrian Arms at an undisclosed location. Realtime News Bo-Katan Exclusive [View the story “#StarWars Hol0Net @RealtimeNews77 Exclusive:Continue reading “Juloff Exclusive Report: Lieutenant Bo-Katan. Confident, Sardonic & Deadly”

Most WIP @SWAG_77 Fan Fictions Are On @Scribd.

We have several Star Wars Fan Fictions on Scribd that we don’t broadcast because they are all works in progress. A lot of writing has to be done on them to tell an accurate and interesting story. We have not had time because we’ve been working on Star Wars Celebration Anaheim for 6 months willContinue reading “Most WIP @SWAG_77 Fan Fictions Are On @Scribd.”