One With The Force Ceremony by #StarWars Sorority


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ICYMI: “One With The Force” Ceremony by #StarWars Sorority under SWAG77 for #CarrieFisher and #DebbieReynolds.

Only the strongest and brightest of Kyber Crystals come from stars, and we enjoyed one in Carrie Fisher as our Princess Leia and General Leia Organa in 5 Star Wars movies.  This broadcast honors her life with a musical tribute at the end.

Due to circumstances, Ms. Deborah Reynolds was honored.

It is a solemn and reverent broadcast.

Star Wars Sorority is a fan led program of Star Wars fans under the Star Wars Actors Guild 77.

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Topics include Star Wars, fandom, women, and diversity.

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Friends! How Many Of Us Have Them.

Friends! How Many Of Us Have Them.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is the best in social media entertainment and performance. We are a fan organization and a business. We believe that social media communicates excellent ideas. Ideas can be conveyed creatively. By the way, we tell stories on social media.

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Questions: Who would win: Galactic Empire versus Grand Army of the Republic? Military equipment only? Not personnel.

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