SWAG77 MEMBER ACCOLADE: Ty’gen Doughtryss Gets Kudos From Tarik Heitmann

Tarik Heitman gave SWAG77 Member Ty’gen Doughtryss kudos for the following image

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SWAG 77 Accolades

“I have to say going Swag77 was the best choice ever how? In game I play called Star Wars the old republic I play a level 16 imperial agent I’d used to have a hard time in cutscenes choice options (every choice you make in a cutscene in the game will effect your story line) now that I’d joined I’m able to make imperial like choices for an example Terming the execution of a prisoner or enemy. Same effect goes for my Jedi republic story line. I’m going to recommend SWAG77 to a friend of mine who is also into Star Wars”

by AGS

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