#GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels #SWEU – Let’s do it!

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST: #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels This idea is partially based off of the “CALL TO ACTION” episode in Star Wars Rebels that had GRAND MOFF TARKIN in it. It was an extraordinary episode, but still bittersweet to Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) fans. Despite what you think of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, the factContinue reading “#GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels #SWEU – Let’s do it!”

We call him, Dr. Phil LaMarr – it takes a doctorate for what he does #StarWars #StarWarsRebels

Tonight we’re going to play a pre-recorded interview with Phil LaMarr in cooperation with Geek Talk podcast:

Phil LaMarr has voiced so many characters from animation, cartoons, commercials and onward.

He is most notable Star Wars, the Clone Wars as Jedi Master Kit Fisto, and Senator Bail Organa who is also in the new Star Wars Rebels.

Lord Bruticus is READY!

Quiet Patient Sith Joe Mignano is a hidden treasure for Star Wars fans! He is one of the fellow members of the Dark Empire – the Sith Costuming Club. He is well-meaning, well-intentioned and enjoys eating cheesecake! Who knew that Sith love cheesecake? He is a champion for Star Wars cosplay and comic conventions! HeContinue reading “Lord Bruticus is READY!”