@SWAG_77 Fan Table Booth 1613 Schedule of Activities at #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim*

Tentative schedule of activities that will take place each day at the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Fan Table Booth 1613 for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim*.

Jedi Meditation: The owner of SWAG 77 wants to promote a healthy lifestyle to all attendees at Celebration Anaheim. She hopes all will honor their bodies in their space while attending this fun-filled family event. Each morning, give permission to take a break from the long lines to Jedi meditate with SWAG 77 in the mornings, 30 minutes after the Exhibit Hall opens at booth 1613.


Meditate on this you will… Mornings.




SWAG77 Celebration Podcast Party

SWAG 77 Podcast Party: Friday and Saturday, LUNCH. Share your thoughts, tell us your ideas and we will upload them to social media! Moreover, several of our in character RP performers have made themselves available to answer your questions via Twitter and/or Facebook.






#KissAChiss or get a t-shirt!

#KissAChiss to #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels: Selfies with all Chiss cosplayers and they will get kisses. Each afternoon of Celebration Anaheim. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 will be present at the booth to discuss about how the Chiss, specifically Grand Admiral Thrawn, and how they should be Star Wars Rebels. We think there should be at least 1 character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe returned to canon. Read more.





Death Star Putt-Putt


Death Star Putt-Putt: Throughout the afternoon, someone must man the SWAG 77 booth 1613. One person in particular is an avid golfer who will be in a golf competition after Celebration Anaheim. Putting makes perfect. Therefore, in the SWAG 77 booth, pretend being on the Death Star and take a swing at thermal detonator…err…golf balls (wiffle balls really) off the deck…I mean…into the hole. What your handicap? Five holes-in-one, consecutively gets a prize and a drawing for the Grand Moff Giveaway, which is your planet…umm…a Star Wars DVD/Blu-Ray collection. One prize only. The Jabba Round is Sunday at 2 PM – what’s that? Stop by and see!


*Activities may change without notice.

#StarWarsRebels art by Steve Anderson at #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim. Beautiful!


Special permission was given by Steve Anderson to share this beautiful art piece with for #StarWarsRebels. (x)

The official #StarWars website has posted the posters of all the super talented artist who will be exhibiting their work at the #StarWarsCelebration in Anaheim in April.
I decided to do do something a little different this time around and hopefully the fans of the new show and Star Wars fans in general will like it. It measures 40 inches tall and features all the main characters from the new TV series  Star Wars Rebels. I fell in love with this new Disney series and tried to do something different than what I did for them back in 2013. Please head on over to the main Star Wars website via the link below to check out all the other amazing artwork by my friends.

Star Wars Art: Illustration