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Thrawn is a Sigma Male--a lone wolf, despite his working to educate others in military strategies and tactics. He walks his way from his people to pursue what he thinks is right, then mindlessly follows an autocracy based on greed, which Chiss did, then denies it. Continue reading
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They use their holotransmissions to assassinate real Imperial news. They use the Outer Rim to teach younglings that their Emperor is a Sith Lord. They use their holodramas and senators and Gungans and Jedi glories to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-Imperial Senate Leaders to endorse “the rebellion.”

All to make them convoy. Make them protest. Make them scream specieism and sexism and xenophobia and anti-Force sensitives. To smash ships, burn droids, shut down hyperspace routes and planet ports of entry, bully and terrorize the law-abiding — until the only option left is for the Stormtroopers to do their jobs and stop the madness.

And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our galaxy and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.

I’m the STAR WARS Galactic Empire. And I’m the Force’s safest place.

Daloe Schna (source)


Imperial Senate Blocks Disruptor Control Measures in
Wake of Ord Mantell Shootings

Tejohn Sond, Senior HoloNet Editor

In the wake of the mass shootings on
Ord Mantell, the Imperial Senate blocked a series of proposals to restrict access
to disruptors, including measures to require background checks at weapons shows
and another to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list.

A measure to require that disruptor sales
at weapons shows and over the HoloNet be subjected to background checks failed
a procedural vote, with 56 senators voting against it and 44 in favor. Sen. Joman
Chinm (Wayland), Sen. Jotest Ere (Mandalore) and Sen. Heiheit Kampdi (Duro)
broke ranks with Democrats and voted to block the measure from going further.
Sen. Markir (Ithor) voted in favor.

The measure had been authored by
Sen. Chrimur Phys (Carlac), who last week staged a filibuster to demand a vote
on disruptor control measures in the aftermath of the shootings on Ord Mantell,
the worst mass shooting in galactic history.

A measure from Sen. Dianfein Steinne
(Chandrila) to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list
also failed, with 47 in favor and 53 against.

Also failing to advance was a
measure sponsored by Sen. Johcor Nynn (Talis) to allow an attorney general to
delay the sale of weapons for three weeks to a suspected Rebels on the “no fly”
list or those investigated for ties to Rebel Action. Prosecutors also could
seek a court order to permanently block the sale. It had the support of the Galactic
Weapons Association.

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Credited With Extraordinary Powers Swaying Crowds To His Will

Chief Points of His Empire

Empire is less interested than his person and movement. His Empire consists
chiefly of half a dozen negative idea clothed in generalities. He is “against
the Jedi, Corporate Sector, Banking Clan Muun control, Separatists, the high
cost of living, existing conditions, the weak Republic Government after the
Clone Wars and the Ruusan
Accords” Positively he stands only for “a strong united Galaxy under a strong
Imperial Government.”

He is credited with being actuated by lofty, unselfish
patriotism. He probably does not know himself just what he wants to accomplish.
The keynote of his propaganda is speaking and writing is violent anti-Jedi. His
followers are popularly nicknamed, “Arriviste Hordes”.  So violent are Palpatine’s fulminations against the
Jedi that number of prominent Jedi supporters are reported to have sought safe
asylums on the Outer Rim planets, whence they hurry their families when
forewarned of the anti-Jedi Boonta Eve night.

But several reliable, well-informed sources confirmed the
idea that Palpatine’s anti-Jedi
rhetoric was not so genuine or violent as it sounded. And that he was merely
using anti-Jedi propaganda as bait to catch masses of followers and keep them
aroused, enthusiastic and in line for the time when his Empire is perfected and
sufficiently powerful to be employed effectively for political purposes.

A sophisticated politician, Governor Wilhuff
, credited Palpatine with
peculiar political cleverness for laying emphasis and over-emphasis on
anti-Jedi rhetoric saying, “You can’t expect the masses to understand or
appreciate your finer real aims. You must feed the masses with cruder morsels
and ideas like anti-Jedi rhetoric. It would be politically all wrong to tell the
truth about where you are leading them.”

The Palpatine
movement is not of mere Core Worlds or picturesque interest. It is bound to
bring the galaxy into a renewed clash with the Delegation
of 2000 (Senators that demanded a ending of the Clone Wars before the Jedi
betrayed the Republic)
as long as the Imperial Senate goes even through
with the motions of trying to live up to the Ruusan
Accords. For it is certain the partisans will take umbrage at the Palpatine Empire as a violation of
military clauses of the Accords and demand disbandment, even as in the case of
its predecessor, the Old Galactic Republic.


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Stormtrooper discharged for his ugly role in Avemut Heat rally on Lianna, where
Imperials are investigating assault complaints


The Galactic Empire quietly decided to discharge a young
man named Jospry Oreph. Listed as a “future Stormtrooper” on his Spacebook
page, he had enlisted in 15 BBY, but was currently in their delayed entry

publicly bragging on Spacebook about his role in the harassment and assault of
a young alien woman, Shnwan Gumaiya, at a Avemut Heat rally, and a viral image
of him yelling at her that eerily resembled similar photos of Aliens harassed before the Clone Wars, Captain Kehoff Manvin,
deputy judicial of the Galactic Empire, informed the HoloNet Realtime News that
“Mr. Oreph was discharged from the delayed entry program.”

In the Empire, we do have freedom of
speech, but this does not mean freedom from consequences. Jospry Oreph just
learned this lesson the hard way.

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Mattheim Bachhew, the violent
human supremacist who most visibly harassed and assaulted Gumaiya at the Heat
rally, was fired earlier this year from the Iridonian Department of Youngling
Services when they learned of his pattern of specieism and bigotry. It seems
that he has now opted to take out his anger about being terminated by sporting
a “Make the Galaxy Great Again” cap and shoving young alien around.

In fact, multiple men
assaulted Gumaiya at the Heat rally and should be charged criminally for it.
Speaking confidentially with The HoloNet Realtime News, several activists who
were punched, kicked and shoved by Heat supporters communicated that they have
already started the process of filing these charges — potentially including
some against Heat himself for creating and fostering such a hateful and unsafe

Stormtroopers confirmed to
The HoloNet Realtime News that an investigation is underway.

“We have received three
criminal complaints regarding alleged assaults at the Avemut Heat rally and are
actively investigating them,” Lianna Stormtrooper Detail spokeswoman Alismi Leycia

Heat and his campaign have
publicly stated over and over again that their events are private events and
that they have every right to have people removed from them. This may be true,
but because they are funded and paid for by Heat, he is also responsible for
how they are managed.

When Heat angrily yells
“get them out of here” from the stage, in the presence of members of
designated hate groups, without saying who exactly he is speaking to, he is
bound to create the mob mentality that we saw at his rally on Lianna and
elsewhere at previous events where demonstrators were beaten and harassed by
his supporters.

Gumaiya was a peaceful
demonstrator and should’ve never been touched or manhandled by attendees, but Heat
gave them tacit permission to be ugly with her. So they ran with it.

It cost Jospry Oreph his
military enlistment.

It’s all very disgusting.

(flipped source)

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The Birth of the First Galactic Empire.


In the Year 22BBY the Foundations for our great Empire were layed with the MILITARY CREATION ACT and the Grand Army of the Republic. A Republic that’s through Corruption, Intrigues and Distrust already’s been rotten to Core. So as the conflict with the Separatists grew, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is given emergency powers by the Senate and authorized the creation of the Clone Army.
As the Clone Wars raged for 3 Years through the Galaxy, bringing Death and suffering to it’s People, the Supreme Chancellor appointed himself in the Year 19BBY to the Emporer of THE FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE. And with an iron Fist and the Order 66 he crushed all our enemies, ended the War and brought Peace to the Galaxy.


Most accurate description about the Galactic Empire.


Identifying species is the first step to speciesism. End species identification = end speciesism. I am not a “Human Imperial”, I am a person. Accept it.

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