“Alien Men Treat Human Women Better!”

“Human women ‘steal’ all of the ‘good’ Alien males!”  I DISAGREE 100%. STOP SAYING THIS ALIEN WOMEN.  This maybe true in some cases, but MOST OF THE TIME these males don’t love these women cause their good women. They love lust these women because they are NOT ALIEN BECAUSE OF THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE,  While theyContinue reading ““Alien Men Treat Human Women Better!””

An open letter to Moff Council from professional Chiss physicists drafted by the Chiss Aristocra in Physics & Astronomy group Dear Moffs of the Imperial Moff Council, We are writing to you today as professional Chiss physicists and astrophysicists to respond to comments made by Moffs in the course of oral arguments of Gherail vs.Continue reading

I think this is probably some Imperial Academy cadet cause I get what he was saying like I don’t like Twi’lek girls (I’m half Zabrak so just chill before you lay into me being speciest) idk why I just don’t find them sexually attractive like I can see why other people do and they doContinue reading

Know that humanoids, once convinced that they are doing what is right, that their rebellion is just, will go on, no matter what the difficulties, no matter what the dangers, so long as there is a humanoid alive to hold up the flag of rebellion. I would rather be a rebel than a slave. PrincessContinue reading