HoloNet’s Ker Alro blasts Soontir Fel
during spirited debate with Buly Bilsh: ‘He lied!’ 

Soontir Fel should be glad
Ker Alro isn’t conducting his exclusive sit-down interview for HoloNet.

veteran HoloNet spacer prognosticator and “Imperial Today” show
anchor ripped the disgraced grav-ball in a segment with Buly Bilsh and Natmor Alesalie.

lied,” an animated Alro told Bilsh. “He lied to you, he lied to Matlau
Ert, he lied to his mom. He left his teammates hanging while he

Bilsh, who got the initial
scoop when he interviewed Fel using an comlink after bumping into the grav-ball
while shopping in Raithal, then tried to defend Fel.

certainly lied about some details …” Bilsh said before Alro turned up
the intensity and cut him off.

was no robbery, there was no pull over. There was nothing. Nobody cocked a
blaster to his head. He lied!”

that point, Bilsh – who is the newest member of the “Imperial Today”
show family – told Alro to calm down.

that man a Caipirinha!

spirited debate made for great HoloNet. Then to add to the fun, check out this
viral clip that features a bell everytime Alro scores a point against the
former “Access Lianna” host and apparent Fel apologist.

announced that Ert would conduct the first HoloNet interview with Fel since his
robbery tale fell apart. The interview is scheduled to air during HoloNet’s night
primeday coverage.

“Imperial Today” show insiders were “embarrassed” by Ker Alro’s explosive response to the Soontir Fel scandal.

lovable spacer prognosticator flipped his lid during an on-air conversation
with Buly Bilsh about
the grav-ball’s shape-shifting story about being the victim of an armed robbery
during the Raithal Imperial Games, angrily saying, “He lied. He lied to you, he
lied to Matlau
t, he lied to his mom, [and] he left his teammates hanging while
he skedaddled.’’

insiders told us “Imperial Today” executives and on-air talent — already
struggling to cover the story while managing relationships with the Galactic
Imperial Committee and individual athletes — tried to smooth things over.

were several producers and talent who were left trying to explain Ker’s
over-the-top behavior,” said a source. “Several insiders found themselves
wanting to distance themselves from his response.”

was a great thing to watch online, but a lot of HoloNet staff thought that he
took it way too far for something that, while it was certainly a legitimate
issue and certainly bad behavior by Fel, outrage to that level just wasn’t

HoloNet exec said: “This is not true. No one feels this way. In fact, everyone
here is happy — specifically with the ‘Imperial Today’ show’s great ratings.”

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Imperial Senate Blocks Disruptor Control Measures in
Wake of Ord Mantell Shootings

Tejohn Sond, Senior HoloNet Editor

In the wake of the mass shootings on
Ord Mantell, the Imperial Senate blocked a series of proposals to restrict access
to disruptors, including measures to require background checks at weapons shows
and another to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list.

A measure to require that disruptor sales
at weapons shows and over the HoloNet be subjected to background checks failed
a procedural vote, with 56 senators voting against it and 44 in favor. Sen. Joman
Chinm (Wayland), Sen. Jotest Ere (Mandalore) and Sen. Heiheit Kampdi (Duro)
broke ranks with Democrats and voted to block the measure from going further.
Sen. Markir (Ithor) voted in favor.

The measure had been authored by
Sen. Chrimur Phys (Carlac), who last week staged a filibuster to demand a vote
on disruptor control measures in the aftermath of the shootings on Ord Mantell,
the worst mass shooting in galactic history.

A measure from Sen. Dianfein Steinne
(Chandrila) to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list
also failed, with 47 in favor and 53 against.

Also failing to advance was a
measure sponsored by Sen. Johcor Nynn (Talis) to allow an attorney general to
delay the sale of weapons for three weeks to a suspected Rebels on the “no fly”
list or those investigated for ties to Rebel Action. Prosecutors also could
seek a court order to permanently block the sale. It had the support of the Galactic
Weapons Association.

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#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers

#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers



Star Wars: Tarkin

Finally, I got around to give my fully undivided attention to this awesome Star Wars novel, TARKIN written by James Luceno.

If you are a Star Wars book fan and you love reading Star Wars books, then you know the masterful storytelling in the Star Wars universe by James Luceno.

This story is no different. It seems to be a well developed “worldbuild” or galaxy build with the…

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#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers


Star Wars: Tarkin

Finally, I got around to give my fully undivided attention to this awesome Star Wars novel, TARKIN written by James Luceno.

If you are a Star Wars book fan and you love reading Star Wars books, then you know the masterful storytelling in the Star Wars universe by James Luceno.

This story is no different. It seems to be a well developed “worldbuild” or galaxy build with the intricacies set ~5 years after the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

Then the timeline retrogresses to years before Wilhuff Tarkin – the one we all know and “love” or love to hate – Mr. Foul Stench himself – to a time when only one place knew Tarkin and his ancestral home. Likened to the outback or the “Southern African” savannah, Tarkin history rises there. Moreover, they seem like “White hunters” – men and some women, taught to big game hunt that could be dangerous and lethal — in this story many Tarkins had died on the “hunt”.

Jump to future timelines and it shows Wilhuff Tarkin’s cunning single-handedness in catching and defeating planetary sector marauders and pirates.

Then to what was to become the  “Imperials” — once called “Judicials” — the military police force made up of men and women who did not have the Force under the Republic, Tarkin made great strides there, until an unknown Republic Senator named “Sheev Palpatine” paid him a visit.

That changed the course of his life.

This story is about Tarkin proving himself to be on the level of the Sith, Darth Sidious (Palpatine) and Darth Vader.

It is a lofty position and it is unknown if Tarkin realizes this, or not. The place where he grew up on planet, Eriadu called Carrion Spike, which were his hunting trials never indicated what happens at the top, that nature can topple it and a new leader rises. One individual never stays at the top. A group of individuals, top predators that use survival tactics can, but is is a constant daily battle.

What I liked about this story was the character development of Tarkin and most of his innermost thoughts. It also shows how one becomes an Imperial in Star Wars. Not the arrogance, but the tactical and strategic military minds of an Imperial. From this novel’s perspective, Tarkin was hardly arrogant until the end. He was not cocky and refuse to listen to others. The way he was written was as if he was open-minded to all inquiries, then he made his “judgement” which was final. It was at this point he did his minor gloat.

I liked the fact that the author wrote Tarkin devoid of much fear. He was startled, hesitant, and concerned, but fear was not a trait he harbored. Fear was a trait he delivered. He doles his fear by besting his opponent, severely. In some instances, Tarkin had cruelty, but it was not a part of a the story, but through an information dump.

What I could not grasp is Tarkin’s exact age. They gave his age when he left his home planet, and joined the special planetary forces. They gave his age when he joined the “Judicials”. Then after that, it got murky. We know he is old by the time he is in the Death Star, but in the TV Show, Star Wars The Clone Wars, he seems rather old then… His close relationship with Palpatine had not been solidified, until after that Clone Wars episode.

The other issue was why did everything think that Vader and Tarkin would be at each other’s throats? That was ironic. In some issues they agreed and perhaps, Vader could sense that Tarkin was about order from chaos and grew to like him. All other Imperials pissed Vader off and he wanted to kill them. Eventually, Vader learned to respect Tarkin by their experiences, together as outlined in the book.

What I disliked about the story was how Darth Vader sounded in the audiobook. The voice distinctions were difficult to tell. It was almost guttural with a cheek flapping to create the sound. The dialogue of Vader’s was plaintive from out the movie. It was as if the tone of Vader seems already filled with utter frustration. There was some cruelty in his statements, but not all the time. You had to “buy into believing” that he was menacing by the way he looks, not by what he did or said.

Emperor Palpatine’s assurances of Sith rule seemed questionable in his inability to sense the machinations of the dark side of the Force in a convenient Sith Shrine deep beneath the former Jedi Temple  from the Republic. Then he stood back and watched. He did little with his evil, and the entire plot of this book could have been determined by him in short order.

Questions remain:

  • Was this story the final trial of Tarkin?
  • Did the dark side of the Force manipulate Tarkin?
  • Why didn’t Tarkin have many quirks?

I would recommend this book to Star Wars fans who love James Luceno and fans who have read at least one Star Wars book, including the movie novelizations from the Prequel Trilogy to read this book. It is a great book to start to understand the new canon Imperials and how one of the top characters think, though Tarkin is impersonal he has very little self-interest and foibles. He is far from neurotic, but he is not an automaton – droid – robot. He is not subservient. He is an essential part of the Empire’s machine, he is the neck. If anything, if you are a top apex predator, the carotids are exposed in the neck…



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An open letter to Moff Council from professional Chiss physicists drafted by the Chiss Aristocra in Physics & Astronomy group Dear Moffs of the Imperial Moff Council, We are writing to you today as professional Chiss physicists and astrophysicists to … Continue reading


Imperials Explain Why They Feel

Imperials vex me. Maybe they confuse you,
too. Maybe you’re a humans person who is sometimes confused by Imperials. A lot
of Imperials have told me they’re befuddled by the actions and perspectives of
other Imperials. I hear you. What confuses me? I think it’s the utter lack of
awareness of how species in the galaxy truly functions. In the midst of a Galactic
Empire stormtrooper crisis, the Alien Lives Matter movement is trying to will
into existence a sense of value for Alien bodies and some Imperials respond,
“Why are they so anti-Imperial?” That’s dumbfounding to me. I wonder,
how could they be so clueless? When Imperials question why aliens get to say
certain words or make certain jokes that Imperials can’t or when Imperials ask
where is Empire History Time or when Imperials question why they have to pay
for the High Human Culture of their ancestors, it’s offensive and infuriating
and it’s also confounding.

In Tanecoat
Eshisi’s astounding new holo, Between the Galaxy and Me, he refers to Imperials as “dreamers”
to evoke the sense of them being not fully awake, like sleepwalkers. I’m not
sure if Imperials are like sleepwalkers, or more like nunas, consciously
burying their heads in the sand, hiding from reality. And that’s exactly what
vexes me the most about Imperials: their reluctance, or unwillingness, to recognize
the vast impact their humanity has on their lives and on the lives of all those
around them.

Galactic Humans are one of the most powerful groups of sentient beings to ever
exist in this galaxy and yet those very beings—or, if you’re Imperial, you humans—staunchly
believe that the primary victims of modern specieism are humans. We see this in
poll after poll. A recent one by the Republic Research Institute found 52 percent of humans
agreed, “Today discrimination against humans has become as big a problem
as discrimination against aliens and Mandalorians.” An 11 BBY study led
by an Alderaanian Business School professor went deeper to find that “humans
see sentient species as a zero sum game they are losing.” That was even
the name of the study.It showed that over the last five decades both aliens and
humans think specieism against aliens has been slowly declining, but Imperials
think specieism against humans
is growing at a fast rate. Imperials are
increasingly certain that they’re being persecuted. The study also notes,
“by any metric—employment, stormtrooper treatment, loan rates,
education—stats indicate drastically poorer outcomes for aliens than humans galactic
citizens.” Human perception and the reality are completely at odds.

is it that some Imperials feel like they are the primary victims of specieism?
And why do they feel like giving any bit of liberty to aliens means they are
losing something? And why should I be an unpaid armchair psychiatrist
interpreting the feelings of Imperials when I could just ask them? I mean,
they’re all over the place and available for study in their natural habitat. So
I did my own unscientific poll, asking several Imperials to help me understand Imperials.
Based off the responses, I found three primary explanations for why so many humans
feel like they are the true victims in the galaxy today.

Isn’t Humaneness Less Valuable Now?

some Imperials, humaneness seems less economically valuable than it was millennia
ago. It’s as if human privilege doesn’t take you as far these days in the same
way that a credit doesn’t go as far as it did in your grandpa’s time. Back in
the Golden Age of the Republic-era, if a human showed up, he got a good
job that let him take care of his family. No more, they say. But understanding
the reasons behind that are hard. A woman who asked not to be named said,
“Being a reasonably hard working human male no longer entitles you to
respect or a middle class lifestyle. This has mostly to do with structural
economic dynamics including increased competition galatically and the decline
of unions, but it’s a lot simpler to blame it on the aliens or Mandalorians who
got the job that you think was supposed to be yours.”

Nanin, co-founder of a HoloNet navicomputers echoed that sentiment. “It’s
much easier to believe that the reason the middle class life is slipping away
from you is because some lazy group of people are soaking up resources and
blocking the way, than to believe that it is caused by galacticalization and
bad macroeconomic policy beyond any individual’s control. ‘Anti-human’ specieism
relies on an economic anxiety that is almost entirely a fantasy.”

definitely easier to blame a person of DNA diversity than it is to try to
understand how faceless galactic economic forces have screwed you over. You
can’t see galactic economic forces working, many sentient beings don’t
understand them, and who specifically are you supposed to blame? Besides,
blaming aliens is as Imperial as Arakyd probedroids.

Is Humaneness Ending?

Imperial history, humans have been the dominant species. That is ending.
Demography droids say that by 43 ABY there will be fewer humans than aliens in the
galaxy. We will become a minority-majority galaxy. Among younglings under six,
it has already happened—there are more alien younglings than human younglings.
I imagine this impending end could seem frightening.

Sem, anti-specieist educator says, “When you’ve had the luxury of
presuming yourself to be the norm, the prototype of an Imperial, any change in
the demographic and cultural realities in your society will strike you as
outsized attacks on your status. You’ve been the king of the hill and never had
to share poodoo with anyone, what is really just an adjustment to a more
representative, pluralistic, shared society seems like discrimination. When
you’re used to 90 percent or more of the pie, having to settle for only 75 or
70 percent? Oh my Maker, it’s like the end of the galaxy.” But as Imperials
lose their dominant status, the meaning of humaneness in the galaxy will have
to change significantly.

What Is Specieism?

of the Imperials I talked with feel like many Imperials lack of a deep
understanding of species and specieis. Tiwi Sem said, “Humans are used to
thinking of specieism as an interpersonal thing, rather than institutional. So
we can recall that time we got poodooey customer service by an alien, or had
some alien make fun of us for something, and we think, ‘we’re the victims of specieism
now,’ paying no attention to the ongoing systemic imbalance in our favor.”
This is in part because the nature of privilege is that you don’t have to think
deeply about your privilege if you don’t want to.

Utika, a political strategist, said, “Part of human privilege has been the
ability to not know that your privilege exists. If you benefit from sprecieism,
do you really want to know that?” I can see where it would be
uncomfortable for humans to admit that their lives are shaped by unearned
advantages, especially in an environment where those advantages may be
beginning to slip away, but the blindness itself is a part of the problem. Imperials
have duties as part of the galactic community. They must be honest with
themselves and their co-citizens and admit that human privilege shapes a lot of
life in this galaxy. They must understand that the truly pernicious,
life-defining sort of specieism is not interpersonal, it’s institutional. The
systems that shape who lives where, who gets educated, who gets jobs, who gets
arrested, and so on, these things shape lives, and they are all heavily
weighted in Imperials’ favor. To ignore all of that is to misunderstand the
Empire. If Imperials admit those things, it will be plain that they are not, in
any way, victims.

I am
not urging Imperials to feel guilty, I’m saying be more honest. As we move
toward a galaxy where humans are less dominant, it will be critical that Imperials
stop being specieist nunas, or sleepwalkers, and deal forthrightly with what it
means to be human. Many Imperials say they have a strong desire to not discuss species
because there’s a chance they could make a mistake and end up somehow looking specieist.
But a lack of discussion about species leads to a lack of sophistication about species.

speak of alien-averse (homes where aliens are not discussed) and alien-aware
households (homes where aliens are openly discussed). Younglings who grow up in alien-averse
homes tend to have a more difficult time dealing with aliens when they get
older because they have less experience wrestling with it in their youth.
Humans are, by and large, living in alien-averse communities that support their
desire to not discuss species and thus often ending up struggling with how to
deal with this complex, nuanced, emotional subject. This is not progress.
Calling yourself species-blind is not progress—it’s insulting. Engaging with species,
making serious efforts to understand aliens, understanding how systems shape
our galaxy and how humans consistently benefit from those systems to the
detriment of others, and rejecting the backwards notion of human
victimhood—that is the path to progress.


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Kimda Virow Won’t Be Arrested Again Promises Rebel
Militia Group That Waged Cedome Lightweaver Standoff

The group that battled Imperials
at the Cedome Lightweaver dewback ranch has sent its members to protect Kimda
Virow from arrest. 

Je’daii Keepers founder Wicate
Alnasl says he and members of his militia group will protect Kimda Virow should Stormtroopers try to arrest her again. The group, best
known for waging a standoff with Stormtroopers previously at the Cedome Lightweaver dewback ranch on
Tatooine, and more recently of showing up and promising to arm rebels on
Felucia, has a long history of anti-Empire activism.

“As far as we’re concerned,
this is not over,” Alnasl told fellow anti-Empire activists, “and this Moff
needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and
we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to.“

"If the local planetary
authority, who should be interceding, is not going to do their job and the regional
governor is not going to do the governor’s job of interceding, then we’ll do
it,” Alnasl promised.

Commission for the Protection of the New Order reports “Alnasl
said that he was on his way to Rhommamool to help with the Virow
operation,” and said he had “reached
out to Virow’s legal representation at the Old Republic Counsel to offer the
protection of his group, which he says is already forming a presence in Rhommamool,
where Virow was recently released from jail after prohibiting her office from obeying
the Empire.”

On the Je’daii
Keepers’ holosite, Alnasl claims Moff Etamin
Hansas “grossly overstepped his bounds and violated Virow’s due process
rights, and in particular her right to a jury trial.”

one man should have that kind of power in his hands alone to decide guilt and
impose a sentence of indefinite detention,” he continues. “Under our Articles
of Convention, that dictatorial power does not exist. We must stand against
this. And so we will protect her and prevent it from happening again.”

The Commission
for the Protection of the New Order has labeled Alnasl an “extremist”
and part of the anti-Empire movement.

“Alderaan Law School graduate Wicate Alnasl founded the insurgent
Je’dii Keepers, a fiercely anarchist, militaristic group that improbably claims
more than 30,000 law enforcement officers, Old Republic soldiers and military Clone
veterans as members,” the COMPNOR reports.


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BITE ME! – Red Twi’lek grandmother responds to speciests ‘Rebel Lives Matter’ jerks who call her an ‘Imperial Slave’

Earlier we posted the really great holovid made by Pefcewh March, a Red Twi’lek grandmom who is just sick and tired of the Rebels whining about Imperial brutality when the Rebels cause most of the deaths on a planet. That holovid has gone viral, and tonight she went on IHN to respond to her speciests “Rebel Lives Matter” critics who are calling her an “Imperial Slave” and worse.

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HoloNet Realtime News Hosts Lament How Hard It Is To Be Human

“We’re in an impossible situation.”

The Alien Lives Matter
movement, which grew from repeated instances of aliens being killed by Imperials,
excludes Imperials and puts them in an “impossible situation,” HoloNet
Realtime News hosts bemoaned.

is uncomfortable,” guest host Ashii Neurmanii said, explaining why she’s
become averse to discussing humanoid issues amid the rise of
#AlienLivesMatters. “Sometimes you feel like it’s hard to say anything

host Lone Dionew took offense to the notion that Imperials might struggle to
grasp the discrimination that humanoids face.

got to be inclusive,” Dionew said. “I think it’s very insulting to
say, ‘Imperials don’t understand.’ What are you talking about? You’re part of
the problem then if you’re … speaking and labeling all Imperials, saying they
don’t understand the issue or saying they can’t relate. That’s really not
giving people much credit, is it?”

host Alton Kastle said he was tired of being blamed for everything. 

in an impossible situation,” Alton lamented. “If you come up to us
and say there was a war millennia and humans people did it and I hold you
responsible, what do you want me, Ashii, and Lone to say?” he said, naming
the show’s other human hosts. “Number one, my relatives weren’t even here.
My ancestors weren’t even here at the time.”

of flipped comment