#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers

#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers Star Wars: Tarkin Finally, I got around to give my fully undivided attention to this awesome Star Wars novel, TARKIN written by James Luceno. If you are a Star Wars book fan and you love reading Star Wars books, then you know the masterful storytelling in the Star WarsContinue reading “#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers”

#StarWars: TARKIN novel review – minimal spoilers

This story is about Tarkin proving himself to be on the level of the Sith, Darth Sidious (Palpatine) and Darth Vader.

It is a lofty position and it is unknown if Tarkin realizes this, or not. The place where he grew up on planet, Eriadu called Carrion Spike, which were his hunting trials never indicated what happens at the top, that nature can topple it and a new leader rises. One individual never stays at the top. A group of individuals, top predators that use survival tactics can, but is is a constant daily battle.

An open letter to Moff Council from professional Chiss physicists drafted by the Chiss Aristocra in Physics & Astronomy group Dear Moffs of the Imperial Moff Council, We are writing to you today as professional Chiss physicists and astrophysicists to respond to comments made by Moffs in the course of oral arguments of Gherail vs.Continue reading