Imperial Senate Blocks Disruptor Control Measures in
Wake of Ord Mantell Shootings

Tejohn Sond, Senior HoloNet Editor

In the wake of the mass shootings on
Ord Mantell, the Imperial Senate blocked a series of proposals to restrict access
to disruptors, including measures to require background checks at weapons shows
and another to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list.

A measure to require that disruptor sales
at weapons shows and over the HoloNet be subjected to background checks failed
a procedural vote, with 56 senators voting against it and 44 in favor. Sen. Joman
Chinm (Wayland), Sen. Jotest Ere (Mandalore) and Sen. Heiheit Kampdi (Duro)
broke ranks with Democrats and voted to block the measure from going further.
Sen. Markir (Ithor) voted in favor.

The measure had been authored by
Sen. Chrimur Phys (Carlac), who last week staged a filibuster to demand a vote
on disruptor control measures in the aftermath of the shootings on Ord Mantell,
the worst mass shooting in galactic history.

A measure from Sen. Dianfein Steinne
(Chandrila) to block weapons sales to suspected Rebels on the “no fly” list
also failed, with 47 in favor and 53 against.

Also failing to advance was a
measure sponsored by Sen. Johcor Nynn (Talis) to allow an attorney general to
delay the sale of weapons for three weeks to a suspected Rebels on the “no fly”
list or those investigated for ties to Rebel Action. Prosecutors also could
seek a court order to permanently block the sale. It had the support of the Galactic
Weapons Association.

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