THE MANDALORIAN: Thoughts and Speculations

After watching THE MANDALORIAN on Disney Plus several times, here are a few thoughts and speculations. There will only be minor line and observation spoilers

We think the main villain in this season is Werner Herzog’s character — some sort of former Imperial Officer bigwig dedicated to some freak nasty stuff.

The Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) — knows he is a Mandalorian, trained as a Mandalorian and knows he was a part of a “youngling specialness” called FOUNDLING –what that means exactly is probably a part of the show’s subplot.

But it’s the scene that The Mandalorian (he has a name I will not reveal) meets Werner Herzog’s character.

Being in the Star Wars fandom intensively for 12+ years, and having watched Mr. Dave Filoni’s director style with appreciation and having spoken to him on occasion, it’s good to predict and speculate what might be going on.

I have been wrong, but this speculation is loose, but is too fun to not imagine.

Filoni loves the Clones from the STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS (award winning). But after OT ROTJ, what happened to the clones? Did they get too old and die? What?

So, then, how were the clones really made? Why humans versus other alien species? It was considered in the Legends novel, DARTH PLAGUEIS.

I say the Legends novel because of this image:



In order for Baby Yoda–as it is called, Werner Herzog’s character enunciates that the “asset” is 50 years old. (Lucas hides what Yoda’s species is). It may or may not be a Yoda clone. But I think that would be lazy writing. Because, as I recall, Yoda is always saying he is the “last of his species”. Anyone in biology knows it is unwise to say that.

But how does a Yoda species have babies? Like GREMLINS? Do not get them wet at night after midnight? Who knows?

No matter the species reproduction, the baby would have had to be born sometime in 40+ BBY — nearly the same time as ANAKIN SKYWALKER.

If ANAKIN is a “chosen” one, if Darth Plagueis made him with Darth Sidious, then why would they not do this with other species and manipulate the Force in babies? Sidious has always had a bizarre obsession with younglings.

This plot idea fits the show, The Mandalorian. In fact the few snippets of The Mandalorian’s childhood, he may be one of the “Chosen Ones” over time and cared for adoptived by the Mandalorians who tend to adopt orphans and rear them as Mandalorian.

It also explains this “static fetal bank” idea that Sith would do, notoriously, storing “superior Chosen ones” (worked out by Vader before he learned of Luke) and a group of “good guys” like Rebels freed these “frozen embryos”.


(You know where I’m going with this)

And that is how we got REY.

The Mandalorian–at least part of the first season may be about that concept. Why?


Babies are born innocent. Babies have the Force if they are going to be Force users. Star Wars has always been about the children first. Dave Filoni’s primary production training has always been about children’s programming. Finally, what happens when there has been a huge loss of Force sensitives (Jedi Purge), how does the Force bring back balance to replenish it? Does the Force influence non-users to rise to the cause for these Force users?

Interesting. Perhaps for fanfic writing.

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