OOC-The Paris, France and other terrorist attacks & the comments about Syrian refugees by idiots is too raw for me to flip and I might be too offended by the asinine nature of it

It’s too hard when so many people are hurting. BS cups done. Pissed off privileged bigots mad at a football team protesting done. Mass killing of people and a war zone refugees, with idiots gatekeeping…I’m not that warped. But the Empire would kill them.

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We flip news articles from real life and we “Star Wars-Dizing” them. Because we have standard Star Wars names for celebrities (and the infamous), we want to do the “flip”. SUBMIT HERE Our timeline, continuity and canon are during Star Wars Rebels. RealtimeNews is Star Wars Legends canon, at the moment, and this “faux news”Continue reading “ooc – Want us to “StarWars-dized” an official RL news story? Submit one to us!”

swrpu: senatoryemaja: islesanctuary: Six years ago, when I started RP, I created 3 OC’s (original characters) because I felt there were no Black women that were glamorous and high-born. All of them were ruffians and followed too many tropes. The characters I created were extravagant, classy and beautiful. It bordered some Mary Sueism, but IContinue reading