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Senior ex-Galactic Repubic Intelligence official: Count Dooku made Avemut Heat ‘an unwitting agent’ of Raxus Separatist Holdouts. A former top Galactic Republic Intelligence official attacked Avemut Heat as a danger to galactic security, saying Chairman Count Dooku had made the … Continue reading

Our Review of #StarWars #DarthMaul Son of Dathomir #4



Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 crew as they gather for the final installment of “Star Wars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir”. We love to get your feedback, leave us a review on iTunes, or you can even get in contact more directly at

Our Review of #StarWars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Issue 3

Count Dooku and Darth Maul prepare to fight

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (@SWAG_77) Podcast as Gina and Tony read through and review the comic, Star Wars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Issue #3. Prepare for the awesome power of Darth Maul after TCW Season 5 Mandalorian Arc — or Mauldalorians. SPOILERS!


Full Screenplay Format Edition of “Kyr’tsad and The Box”

Full Screenplay Format Edition of  “Kyr’tsad and the Box”.

It was performed on Facebook in 2012, which was transcribed, and then edited for the screenplay format in 2013.

Featuring Commander Teti Viba and Lieutenant Bo-Katan and their troops as Death Watch versus the Confederacy of Independent Systems Separatist Droid Army

Death Watch

Death Watch










Separatist Droid Army

Separatist Droid Army













It was very fun to perform. It has been edited for flow and format. ENJOY!

Synopsis: KYR’TSAD (Mandalorian Death Watch) wants The Box – A cube that can train an army, quickly. Located at Count Dooku’s Palace on the planet Serenno, the Box was designed by the criminal mastermind, Moralo Eval. Can Death Watch evade the Confederacy of Independent System’s Separatist Droid Army?

The Box on the planet Serenno at Count Dooku's Palace

The Box on the planet Serenno at Count Dooku’s Palace


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hegodamask: “We allied ourselves with Sith before. Count Dooku, he betrayed us. Sith are no better than Jedi. They claim to be powerful, but we put these two back together after the Jedi gutted them.” Coolness! Source: drunkdarthplagueis

Asajj Ventress – Always In Transition

At SWAG 77,  we launched our Asajj Ventress Facebook Character page in 2011. She originally was played as a Nightsister. Ventress was born a witch from the planet Dathomir, but was given up by her mother to save the clan. She was made a slave. When her master was killed, she was handed over to a Jedi, where she began her training. Then her master died, distraught, she left them and began fighting as a warrior in barbaric competitions.
Later, she joined Count Dooku and served him as a Dark Acolyte. She fought in the Clone Wars and would become a rival of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Then Count Dooku betrayed her and she returned to her home planet, Dathomir to her Nightsisters. The leader of the clan, Mother Talzin helped her get revenge. But attempts failed causing the Nightsister clan to be wiped out by Count Dooku and General Grievous.

She found her new lease on life becoming a bounty hunter and working with others such as Dengar, Boba Fett, Latts Razzi and even Bossk.

When Darth Maul returned she aided her old rival, Master Kenobi to escape the Sith Lord.

Written by JDMaul Productions. Edited by SWAG77


SWAG 77 note:

Asajj Ventress will be a featured character at the SWAG 77 Fan Table at Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Celebration 6