Senior ex-Galactic Repubic Intelligence official: Count Dooku made Avemut Heat ‘an unwitting agent’ of Raxus Separatist Holdouts. A former top Galactic Republic Intelligence official attacked Avemut Heat as a danger to galactic security, saying Chairman Count Dooku had made the Imperial Senate Leader candidate an “unwitting agent” of Raxus Separatist Holdouts. Dooku had flattered HeatContinue reading

Our Review of #StarWars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Issue 3

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (@SWAG_77) Podcast as Gina and Tony read through and review the comic, Star Wars Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Issue #3. Prepare for the awesome power of Darth Maul after TCW Season 5 Mandalorian Arc — or Mauldalorians. SPOILERS! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: http://kiwi6.com/file/hncfmrts55

Full Screenplay Format Edition of “Kyr’tsad and The Box”

KYR’TSAD (Mandalorian Death Watch) wants The Box – A cube that can train an army, quickly. It is located at Count Dooku’s Palace on the planet Serenno and designed by the criminal mastermind, Moralo Eval. Can Death Watch evade the Confederacy of Independent System’s Separatist Droid Army?

Asajj Ventress – Always In Transition

At SWAG 77,  we launched our Asajj Ventress Facebook Character page in 2011. She originally was played as a Nightsister. Ventress was born a witch from the planet Dathomir, but was given up by her mother to save the clan. She was made a slave. When her master was killed, she was handed over to a Jedi, where sheContinue reading “Asajj Ventress – Always In Transition”