2013 SWAG 77 Social Media Pro

SWAG 77 has been recognized by Lucasfilm and several other entertainment genres for our work. We are finalists for Social Media Awards and attend comic conventions. We have interviewed celebrities on our Podcasts and have celebrity administrators on our social media portals. We are in constant communication with corporate social media departments and we know their professional social media expectations.

Even the SWAG 77 Owner Does the “Mando Shake” ;)

DrGina owner of SWAG 77 in her “cosplay” Bo-Katan Nite Owl Helmet and Dr.TheHub with is lightsaber. Yes. It’s suppose to be funny.  A dance to the “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.

A Cosplayer’s Art – Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due… by Ashley M. Kalfas

So before setting up a page on social media, don’t take a cosplayer’s photos and name. Stop and think of the repercussions and how it would make you feel if someone you didn’t know did that to you…

THE BEST ARC of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 – Shadow Conspiracy

This is where the fun begins! Unleash your inner fandom!

Scruffy Rebel has been initiated in “Sigma Tau Alpha Rho Omega Alpha Rho Sigma”

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Wedge Antilles is from where? CONTROVERSY #StarWars & Low hanging fruit!

Today, Sunday, November 25, 2012 the official Star Wars Facebook Page posted this image of the beloved character, “Wedge Antilles” played by the actor, Denis Lawson, who is also the Uncle to Ewan MacGregor who plays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars Prequels. It says that Wedge Antilles is a childhood friend of Luke Skywalker onContinue reading “Wedge Antilles is from where? CONTROVERSY #StarWars & Low hanging fruit!”

Ashley Kalfas is READY

Miss Ashley is the first professional actress to join SWAG 77. She has quite a few credits to her name:     She is: Dedicated Energetic Committed She has been an actress for 9 years and have worked in Theater  Film/TV, and Voice Overs. Also quite a bit of experience behind the camera with crew. AsContinue reading “Ashley Kalfas is READY”

Lord Bruticus is READY!

Quiet Patient Sith Joe Mignano is a hidden treasure for Star Wars fans! He is one of the fellow members of the Dark Empire – the Sith Costuming Club. He is well-meaning, well-intentioned and enjoys eating cheesecake! Who knew that Sith love cheesecake? He is a champion for Star Wars cosplay and comic conventions! HeContinue reading “Lord Bruticus is READY!”

The Wookielover1138 is ready!

Wookielover1138, aka: Jennifer Shaffer has been doing her Kessel Run Review youtube broadcast for several years. She has attended many cons, her latest that we know of was Star Wars Celebration VI She states on her website: My show is for Star Wars collectors, artists and enthusiasts. On the show I review some of theContinue reading “The Wookielover1138 is ready!”