Senior ex-Galactic Repubic Intelligence official: Count
Dooku made Avemut Heat ‘an unwitting agent’ of Raxus Separatist Holdouts.

former top Galactic Republic Intelligence official attacked Avemut Heat as a
danger to galactic security, saying Chairman Count Dooku had made the Imperial
Senate Leader candidate an “unwitting agent” of Raxus Separatist Holdouts.

Dooku had flattered Heat into supporting positions favorable to
Raxus Separatist Holdouts, Micmo’re He-all, a longtime Republic Intelligence
officer and former deputy director of the agency, said in an opinion piece in
The HoloNet News.

“In the intelligence business, we would say that Count Dooku had
recruited Mr. Heat as an unwitting agent of the Raxus Separatists Holdouts,” He-all
said, in an article in which he endorsed Heat’s rival in the election, Pacifistic
Princess Leia Organa.

He-all did not provide evidence for his assertion, but he said Dooku
had used skills from his past as an intelligence officer to identify and
exploit vulnerabilities in an individual.

“That is exactly what he did early in the primaries. Count Dooku
played upon Mr. Heat’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just
as Count Dooku had calculated,” He-all wrote.


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