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The owner having been involved in real-life campaigns knows a thing or two about letter-writing.

It is true, no more Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Season 6 is done and Disney may show it. But the facts for shutting it down are numerous and we will never know. It does have to do with the economics and business of the situation. Just review the ratings.

Letter writing helps in that they can see what the fans want and can learn how to deliver it.

So first the addresses:



Second, you want to write them BASED off the FACTS and not off of emotion or conjecture. They will put your letter into the round file. You can write passionately, but it must be well written, concise and succinct. It must use proper grammar and exact spelling. The letter must have a beginning, a middle and an end that conveys your wants – NOT your needs – what do you want from them that they can deliver to you. Use these following articles to begin to construct your argument (debate).

How Disney Bought Lucasfilm And Its Plan For Star Wars

No Decision Yet On Reuniting ‘Star Wars’ Cast with Bob Iger


Third, there are strengths we have as fans. What we need to learn how to do, is leverage them. Letter-writing is a start. If you want to know more, join the Star Wars PAC to implement how to let our voices be heard.

We have 4 tiers of pages that we use to implement our political action and a Twitter account. We can always use your help. Thank you very much.


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