Podcast: John Jackson Miller: Author Of “Star Wars: A New Dawn”


LISTEN to Our Interview with John Jackson Miller Author of “Star Wars: A New Dawn”

SWAG 77 Podcast Interview With John Jackson Miller and
His 2014 Bestseller Novel: Star Wars: A NEW DAWN
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SW SWAG77 Impetus to ReturnGeneral Admiral Thrawn into Current Canon and Promote the Interaction with Sabine Wren


Star Wars Rebels – Partial Basis for Grand Admiral Thrawn Campaign


[sic] “Her and Grand Admiral Thrawn would have a lot to talk about…”

In 2014, Lucasfilm Star Wars released the images of the Star Wars Rebels characters. That issue incidentally marked the hate groups in Star Wars fandom and their cyberbullying harassment of mainly female characters, one being SABINE WREN who is an artist.

The development of her artistry over the last two seasons has been less and less.

Season 3, we have not seen her actually PAINT as much as she use to. There is a reason. A “new” beloved character was introduced.



The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 started the #GetThrawnIn Campaign in 2015 due to the cyberbulling for appreciating Disney Star Wars, but we also started the campaign, because of the above official Star Wars Rebels Facebook Page conversation with other fans (source) in 2014…

SWAG77 hereby announces our PROOF that fans positively interacted with Disney Lucasfilm to assist in the planning of the story arc of Star Wars Rebels… It does coalesce with other posted social media.

SWAG77 #GetThrawnIn campaign helped guide respectful discussions with corporate entity. SWAG77 knows Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars likes how we portray their character on mainstream social media outlets. SWAG77’s careful considerations to their process and folding it into our full creative expression, and SWAG77 involves ourselves in their fan activities at Star Wars Celebration in 2012, 2015 and hopefully, 2017.

For 2017, we hope to make a new influence, that is positive, creative and fun with professionalism.


Star Wars Rebels, Season 3 – Star Wars Rebels



I podcasted this on September 22, 2014 with my co-host of Geek Talk 01. This is what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 does. Since, there is no universal fandom in Star Wars, I am doing my own thang on Tumblr.  I’m fine with that because I believe in my work and I am passionate about it.

Sure there is plenty room of improvement and I’m working toward those business goals. With all the projects in the pipeline, my ideas of positive Star Wars fandom process starts with social media brands, such as Tumblr.

The goal of SWAG 77 on Tumblr was to write, read fan fictions, get excited about Star Wars products, and pre-emptively perform some storylines. Ihe goal was to write and sort out our characters. Never thought anyone would read them. There has been a Star Wars Actors Guild 77 presence since 2010. Our writing intensity did not increase until 2012 and continued to present day. 

Perhaps @support by Tumblr was not meant to be. This latest harassment with tons of profanity slung between Star Wars fans is undesired. I can apologize for my actions, but I do not trust this platform with information I meant to share with the Star Wars fandom.

I feel that ways since 1977 since I saw Star Wars in the movie theater at 9 years old.